Nafs Is a Battle,
But What Does This Battle Cry Mean? [Quote – 1079]

Dec 24, 2020

Battling Nafs may be, and it is, a battle that goes on every moment of our life. 

And it must go on that way.

For, Nafs requires constant vigilance.

But Islam is all about Thought, Language, Action, Niyyat, Goals and Results.

And Muslims, often, seek refuge, not in Allah, but in cliches — and shibboleths.

If the Battle is Real, then it must have a Begin Time and an End Time

And there must be a Plan of Action: a Strategy and a Set of Tactics.

And Resources must be Identified and Mobilized.

And carefully Deployed.

And the Progress of the Battle constantly and vigilantly monitored and supervised.

And Outcomes must be painstakingly agonized over and Envisaged, as they say. 

And carefully Targeted. 

For example: Hill # 47 must be taken by sundown today.

If these steps are not taken into consideration, and implemented in the order which may suit individuals and groups, the Battle Cry against Nafs may end up becoming a cliche, albeit a very nice and impressive one.

And Islam may continue to be the kind of Joke most Muslims have made it to be.

And the World of Allah will continue to get from the Bad State it is in today, to a Much Worse State, which most people cannot even imagine.


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