Nature of Islam and Things Islamic [Quote – 745]

Oct 29, 2016

Doing Islam is like a moving a mountain. 

One or two people cannot do it. Nor can even an army for that matter.

But that is the job. And some people in every age and place get chosen by the Almighty to handle this job. 

Once these people — whether it is one person, 10 or 10,000 people — realize and understand that they are the ones called upon to do the job, their shoulders must remain glued to the wheel.

Or the mountain in this case.

Until such time as the mountain moves or these individuals and people die doing it.

As for the mountain itself, it will move as and when and how Allah tells it to move. 

It happened then; and it will happen now — and always.

If Islam weren’t from the Almighty himself (Innaddeena Indallahil Islam); and if Islam weren’t so beautiful and exhilarating doing it in this world, it will be the most perfect Fool’s Errand.

But Islam is Islam and only those come to it, in any form or shape, who are called upon to do it. 

That means Islam is the ultimate Invitation Only affair in this entire Universe — Islam in all its phases and forms and formats, whether it is showing up in the Masjid on time or reading and responding to an e-mail pertaining to this work.

Wa Maa Aamana Ma’ahoo Illaa Qaleel.

Wa Maa Aktharunnaasi Wa Lawu Harasta Bi-Bu’mineen.


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