Need for New Literature

Need for New Literature 

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It —
And which One Does Not?)

Our writings were started keeping, among several other things, one distinct goal in mind: 

To make the core concepts and practices of Islam accessible to native speakers of the English language. Both Muslim and non-Muslim. In the West as well as in all other parts of the world.

Allah bless and reward Allamah Yusuf Ali for his pioneering translation of the Qur’an in English and for his superb mastery of the English language.

And Allah bless Dr. Khurshid Ahmad and others for their monumental translations in English language of important Islamic literature produced by Mowlana Maududi and others.

And Allah bless Hasanul Banna and Syed Qutb who wrote brilliantly. But that was in Arabic.

And in the meantime, every passing day cried out for authentic and original Islamic literature in English language that was conceived and anchored in Western Culture and that was written keeping in mind the native speaker of the English tongue.

And the center of gravity, as it were, was now, finally, shifting Westwards and to English language. 

And Islam was now about to claim a new home: in Western Culture and in the English tongue, within the Golden Triangle of Europe and the Americas that Allah seems to have mapped out for Islam’s new articulation and appeal in the new centuries.

And Islam has many centers of gravity. 

And Islam moves on and finds a new home every time its older home and habitat, and its more traditional adherents and claimants, are in any way compromised or atrophied.

My writings that appeared on, and elsewhere, over the past two decades were an attempt — no matter how meager, marginal or inadequate an attempt — to respond to that most pressing need of the hour.

Allah bless all those men and women — and their number is legion — who have rallied round, in one form or another, to help in the effort to take this new English literature to all those homes and hearts, in the West and elsewhere in the world, who may need it — and, frankly, which one does not?

May God Almighty accept and bless these efforts. 

And may God Almighty give his world, and give the children of Adam, whom he fashioned with his own hand — in the West as well as in all other parts of the world — the best.