Feb 6, 2011



Dr. Pasha’s Message on the Revolution in Egypt

Dr. Pasha

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The unfolding Egyptian Revolution – as of February 6, 2011 – is a new dawn of hope for humanity.

This revolution has given birth to a new free nation under God and to a brave new people in God’s calculus of Freedom and Dignity.

And it has given the world a new Egypt – free, fearless and forward-looking.

The prayers and best wishes of civilized, decent and right-thinking people everywhere – men, women and children; Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Christians and others – are with the brave and indomitable Egyptian People in their struggle for liberty, dignity and justice for themselves and for their country and society.

The Egyptian Revolution is not a demand for bread or jobs. It is not a fight for passing political and economic gains for specific groups or individuals.

This is a most blessed fight to the finish, at its most fundamental and comprehensive levels, for freedom and for the inalienable right of people everywhere to their Most Basic Human and Civil Freedoms and Dignities.

A right granted to all by their Creator and guaranteed to all by the Constitutions and Governments of Civilized Societies of the world everywhere.

The Egyptian Revolution is an elemental and existential fight for the Basic Humanity of the Egyptian People.

And of the world.

The present struggle of the Egyptian People for freedom is in the same class as the earlier struggle of Mighty Moses, may God bless him, and his people against Tyranny and Oppression by the Pharaoh and his hordes of their time.

It is clear as day that the pain, suffering and blood of the Egyptian people will not be in vain.

Nor in vain will be the cherubic smiles and heart-rending tears on the faces of all those mighty little Egyptian heroes in the Demonstrations, some of them no older than five or six years.

And the heroism, discipline, peacefulness and personal dignity of the Egyptian People throughout this struggle will be a model for all people waging similar battles for freedom and human dignity everywhere.

It strains credulity how free from hate, anger and hostility this epochal surge for a breath of fresh air of the long-oppressed Egyptian people has been to date.

No matter how much the mendacious, the mercenary and the agenda-driven in the media, or in some political circles without morality or conscience, try to dub and portray as “Clashes” the heroic and selfless self-defense of the valiant Egyptian People against attacks by the thugs and goons of the Egyptian Regime

There is not a doubt that the world will never be the same again. For, the Egyptian Revolution has liberated the oppressed people of the world everywhere from their worst enemy: Fear and Hopelessness.

For, to paraphrase the American President Franklin D. Roosevelt: The only thing humanity, and in particular an oppressed people or society, has to fear is fear itself!

There is not a doubt that the Egyptian People’s most sublime fight for freedom will be a beacon of light and inspiration for the world for centuries to come, just as the American and French revolutions of 1776 and 1789, respectively, were and in some ways continue to be.

Thirty years of Emergency Rule? Just to name one small detail in the shaping of the Egyptian Revolution.

An entire nation of 80 million people ground under the heels of Tyranny and Oppression for generation after generation after generation for 30 years by one individual and his family and cronies?

Kefayah, is the answer of the Egyptian People: ENOUGH!

And Kefayah is the answer of the Civilized World and Humanity everywhere: ENOUGH!



And so say all of us – regardless of our religion, race, class, gender or nationality!

ENOUGH for a brave and beautiful Egypt!

And ENOUGH for a brave and beautiful rest of God’s world.

No people, no nation or society, and no individual or group, should ever again be forced to live under the heel of Tyranny and Oppression anywhere for any length of time for any reason.

To borrow a simple and yet most powerful and evocative expression from our past and in particular from the determined struggle of the Jewish People against Tyranny and Oppression in Europe: NEVER AGAIN!


The Egyptian Revolution has taught the world that, when it comes to Tyranny and Oppression, from now on the common cry of humanity and civilized world everywhere should be: “NEVER AGAIN!”


That should be our motto, and that should be humanity’s new resolve, from now on.

What no one should think, however, is that the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 is somehow directed against America the way the Iranian Revolution of 1979 was. For, it is not.

Nor should it be.

Nor is it, for that matter, directed against Israel.

Nor should it be.

No genuine Cri de Coeur for Liberty is.

No universal human cry for Justice should be.

The Egyptian Revolution, AKA 2011, is, pure and simple, a revolution of the Egyptian People by the Egyptian People and for the Egyptian People.

And it is a message of Hope and Faith and a clarion call for Freedom everywhere on earth.

And it is a death-knell to Tyranny and Oppression everywhere.

This beautiful February morning, the world has woken up to the realization that today the whole world is Egypt and all Civilized Humanity is Egyptian.

God Bless the Egyptian Revolution!

God Bless Egypt!

God Bless the Egyptian People!

God Bless America!

God Bless His World!


© 2011 Syed Husain Pasha

Dr. Pasha is an educator and scholar of exceptional 
talent, training and experience. He can be reached at DrSyedPasha [at] 
AOL [dot] com or www.IslamicSolutions.Com.

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