New Pasha Hour International -- Still Live from America!

Feb 15, 2020


New Pasha Hour International -- Still Live from America!

Pasha Hour International -- Live from America: 
A Program about Islam, Muslims and the World -- 
Unlike Any!

was an international radio program, which died a more or less natural death, after being on the air for nearly 15 years.

After a great bit of agonizing and humming and hawing, and the lapse of nearly 15 months, a new version inhabits the electromagnetic spectrum with the title -- what else? --

New Pasha Hour International -- Live from America: 
A Program about Islam, Muslims and the World -- 
Unlike Any!

And here is how we do it. 

We continue to beg -- solicit? -- Muslims around the world to gather in groups, large and small, in some place that is most convenient to them; get a telephone of some kind; wait for my call.

When I call, put me on speaker on your phone and listen as I speak. And ask questions and engage in discussion as you feel the need to.

Or, alternatively, call me on my number.

Muslims always sound interested. They say what a great idea it is. But when it comes to delivering, they go AOWL -- Absent Without Leave, a military expression.

That is basically the endemic disconnect that often pervades much of Muslim promise and performance, word and action, talk and character. 

But things always happen as Allah plans and wants and wishes them to happen.

So, a new leadership in the Caribbean is trying to put new life into this dead program. Bring it back to life as it were.

It is all part of what in Islamic culture is known as Tajdid: reviving and breathing new life and vigor and vitality into seemingly dead aspects of the Deen of Islam.

And it is a place of honor and privilege that Allah gives to whom he wants to be able to zero in on some atrophied aspect of the Deen of Islam and try to give it a facelift, as it were, and brings it back to life.

And all this is done using nothing but a handful of people that you can collect, wherever you are, and wherever you can, and press into service telephone technology that, in my case at least, appears centuries old.

But the will and determination to launch this new outreach effort are old stuff with which God Almighty from the beginning of time endowed those whom he wished to honor and favor. 

And the message that we endeavor to project and share with the world is older that this entire universe and older than time itself.

And it is all encapsulated in the seven words of La Ilaha Illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah

No more than 10 syllables all.

If we can all do it everywhere, and connect the world in a network of telephone conversations, we will initiate a most beautiful intellectual, moral and educational revolution around the world before we even realize what we have done.


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