No Running from Allah!
But to Allah! [Quote - 669]

Mar 16, 2016

The simple fact of life that anyone with even the blindest eye can see, and everyone with even the meanest intelligence can understand, is that there is no running away from Allah.

But human beings are really a mixed up bunch: confused and confusing. The Qur'an has all kinds of the most intimate and amazing portraits of them. And it is instructive to read those portraits of humans in the Qur'an.

One thing human beings do, when tragedy strikes them -- and every breath we take is a tragedy waiting to happen -- is to look for a place to run. A place to hide.

Poor souls! 

What most humans do not realize is that no matter where they run, and how fast, there is no running away from Allah.

An Laa Malja-a Minallahi! 

And that Allah is what they will find at the end of their run.

Wa-Wajadallaha Indah!

So what should human beings do?  They should run, of course, but to Allah and not away from Allah.

Fa-Firroo Ilallah!

For, that is where they will find real refuge -- any refuge: with Allah.

Ilaa Ilaihi!

An Laa Malja-a Minallahi Ilaa Ilaihi!

But, at the same time, running to Allah does not mean running away from the world of Allah -- and its chores and responsibilities. 

Running to Allah means using every means in your possession -- lawful, legitimate, moral and the most wonderful and sweetest of means -- to take Allah's book and Allah's invitation to every home and heart that needs it. 

And which one does not?

And that means to every single human being that lives and breathes in any part of God' earth.

Let Muslims do that with single-minded focus and see what happens. See how God's earth rises to meet them and how Allah's world turns to embrace them.


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