Not Voting Is Voting:
Clarifying Confusion On Elections!

Not Voting Is Voting:
Clarifying Confusion On Elections!

Dr. Pasha

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When it comes to elections, Not Voting Is Voting.

For, if you are the citizen of a civilized society that operates its government through elections, and that is not a dictatorship of some kind, including the kinds of dictatorship that saturate the so-called Muslim World, and voting and elections come around, there is no place for you to run and hide.

Because it is just not your Civic Duty, but also your Islamic Obligation, to participate fully, and most sincerely, in the electoral process — and vote.

And for those who truly understand Islam and the world, it is all the same thing: Your Civic Duty is your Islam, and your Islam is your Civic Duty.

So, those of you who are still confused about Elections, Voting and the rest, you should know that Voting Is Voting, of course. 

But so is Not-Voting

That is: Not Voting Is Also Voting.

That means you vote when you vote for the candidate of your choice — whoever that candidate may be. And your vote determines and influences the outcome of that election.

And — try and understand this — you also vote when you do not vote for anyone. That is, when you abstain from voting.

That is, when you refuse to vote and sit at home.

Thus: Not Voting Is Also Voting.

So, whoever gets elected, does so because more people voted for that person than for all the other candidates in the race.

And all those who did not vote, and chose to stay home, they also contributed equally to the outcome that finally came about.

For, if they had voted, regardless of how they did, their Voting would have made a difference in the outcome, just as their Not-Voting made a difference right now, in the present situation.

Do you know what I mean?

That is why I say: Not Voting Is Also Voting?

So, if you are a Muslim, and you live in a civilized society that runs its affairs using an electoral process, and elections come around, you really have nowhere to run and hide — except maybe in the Polling Booth.