Note to a Friend [Quote – 838]

Jul 12, 2017

Dear Friend:

Have not heard from you. Hope you will work with our mutual friend —— and address whatever the issues are.

There are few people like you and fewer still like ——. The results of your cooperation thus far are clear and powerful. They have made an impact on the world.

The thing to do now is for you all to come together to make our work go forward. 

But do bear in mind Allah’s Work does not need anyone. Nor does it depend on anyone. On the other hand, it ls individuals and groups — and nations and societies — that rise and fall, live or perish, by this work.

Also, remember that coming together and working together as one solid ironclad entity (Ka-Annahum Bunyaanum Marsoos) has always been a challenge for Muslims.

Their one big hurdle in life has always been working together with discipline under good leadership. Generally, when one is there, the other goes missing. 

But when the two come together, disciplined following and good leadership, the results are nothing short of spectacular. That is what changed the world and made the world the kind of wonderful place that it is today.

All of history is a lesson in this.

Another name for it is Islam. Nothing more, nothing less.


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