Nowhere to Run! [Quote – 654]

Jan 18, 2016

Here is something we all must understand clearly: Those who come forward — and enlist in some form or fashion — at some stage, to Work for Allah, they have in a sense bought a one-way ticket.

That means they have nowhere to run — but to Allah.

All doors are now closed for them, all avenues and all exits shut, except Allah’s door. 

And if they leave their work in the middle and run, they will be caught and brought back to stand before Allah and face the consequences of their flight.

Right here in this world as well as in the next world.

For, they are fugitives from justice — Allah’s justice. Nothing can or will give them refuge.

And nothing can or will help them.

As the Qur’an says:

An Laa Malja-a Minallahi — Illaa Ilaihi (9:118).

Paraphrase of Aayat Karimah:

“There is no refuge for them — “

“Except in and with Allah!”

“No one but Allah can save them or give them refuge or offer them protection.”

And also, as the Hadith Sharif says:

Innamaa Ya’kuludh Dhi’bu Minal Ghanamil Qaasiyah.

Paraphrase of Hadith Sharif:

The wolf only devours the lone sheep — that strays from its flock.


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