Nursing a Broken Heart When Working for Allah
Addeen, Al-Istiqaamah!


Nursing a Broken Heart When Working for Allah

Addeen, Al-Istiqaamah!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time.
Trying to Take the Qur'an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And Which One Does Not?)

Allah bless and reward and help all of those who Work for his Deen, in any form or fashion, and to any degree, and in any place and situation that Allah has chosen to place them in.

Allah's Work is both hard and easy. It is easy when and as Allah makes it easy. 

In itself, nothing could be more daunting. For, you, as Workers for Allah, seek Total Transformation of the Individual as well as the Society, all at the same time.

You are working to make all Human Beings better and to make all of God's World a better place for All of God's Creation.

That is why Working for Allah could be heartbreak after heartbreak. 

Unless your heart is solidly cemented in Allah's Love and fortified by a thorough understanding of the Deen of Allah

And of the World of Allah in which Allah's Deen unfolds and manifests itself.

When you love Allah and trust him, you would know that all that happens is from him. Good as well as the seemingly Not-so-Good. All you need to do is to stay put and let things play out.

And if you know and understand the Deen of Allah, you would know that is how Allah's World is structured. 

For, Allah's Way, Islam, is a Great Big War between Truth and Falsehood. 

Qur'an calls them Haqq and Baatil respectively.

And between Right and Wrong. 

And between Justice and Injustice -- Zulm. 

And between Compassion and Cruelty.

And between Liberty and Freedom on the one hand and Tyranny and Oppression -- Zulm -- on the other hand.

And in this Great Big War, you win some and you lose some.

That is how it has always been. And that is how it shall always remain.

But you are confident in the fact that the ultimate victory will be won by TruthJustice and Compassion.

As the Qur'an says:

Jaa-al Haqqu wa Zahaqal Baatil.


Truth shall come and Falsehood shall vanish.

The important thing is not to cut and run. And not to play hide-and-seek or totally disappear from the scene. 

And not to drop out of sight for no apparent reason at all.

Maybe people do all these things because no one paid attention to them. And no one responded to their emails or letters or text messages. 

And no one said yes to them when they ran around giving out their invitations to Islam, to Truth and to Justice for All

And no one came forward to support them when they were in distress.

And no one offered to share their pain or help with the burden they felt was on their shoulders.

Or maybe they got scared. And they ran.

And they thought that in this Primordial Great Big War between Right and Wrong, between Truth and Falsehood, and between Justice and Injustice, if they stayed neutral, and if they did not appear to take sides, they and their families will be safe.

And their jobs and businesses will be secure. 

And their homes and habitats will be protected.

So, they think they have a reason to sulk and to hide.

But not really!

Because, it would seem that it is the Iman in them that has atrophied, or not taken roots in their hearts and minds in the first place.

It is their Deficient Knowledge and Understanding of the Deen for which they thought they were working.

It is their lack of Trust in Allah.

It is their weak Relationship with Allah.

It is their flawed and insufficient knowledge and understanding of what is called Human Nature and how Allah's World works in real life.

And it is their Nafs -- Self-Love and sense of Self-Importance -- asserting itself.

And it is Shaitan, the master deceiver, that has gotten hold of them. And he will keep supplying them all the attractive excuses and rationalizations they need to keep themselves away from Allah's Work. 

And to keep themselves marginalized. 

And to keep themselves out of circulation with the mainstream of their fellow Workers for Allah. Those dedicated, selfless and indomitable men and women who have dedicated themselves -- and their all -- to the Service of Allah's Deen and to the Service of Allah's Creation -- the Khalq of Allah -- in all forms and shapes.

But the door to Repentance remains open. The only choice before these people is that they must repent and return to the fold.

For, the responsibility to change the World of Allah to a Better Place for All will always remain on their shoulders. And it could never be taken away from them. 

Nor could that responsibility, no matter how challenging or daunting it may appear, be bartered for a few extra prayers and chantings and other extra "Rituals" they may consider to be holy. 

For, the Ultimate Judgment will be on how we all engaged with the World and Creation of Allah, and not on how fast or successfully we ran and hid from them.

That is why Deen is Istiqaamah

Addeen, Al-Istiqaamah.

And Islam means Staying Put and Enduring the hardships that come along the way.