On This Earth Day, 2016, A Message from the Heart! What God’s Earth Needs Is Islam – Real Islam!

Apr 24, 2016

On This Earth Day, 2016,
A Message from the Heart!

What God’s Earth Needs Is Islam – Real Islam!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It —
And which One Does Not?)

Islam is about freedom!

Islam came to give people their freedom back.

Freedom, which kings and lords, and the rich and the powerful, had taken away from them.

Freedom, in the best and most comprehensive sense of that expression.

Freedom, not for drunken brawls and debauchery at every opportunity we get. 

Freedom, not for inventing, displaying, practicing and publicizing ever-newer ways of shamelessness and wickedness and perversity in private as well as in public.

Freedom, not to resort to unrestrained greed, avarice, lust and covetousness.

Freedom, not to engage in morbid gluttony day and night.

Freedom, not to indulge in runaway wastefulness and squandering of resources.

Freedom, not for the purposes of political, economic, financial and commercial exploitation of others. 

Freedom, not for discrimination, abuse and injustice in the name of race, ethnicity, skin color, gender differences or national origin.

Freedom, not for inciting hate and prejudice on religious and what are called “sectarian” grounds.

Freedom, not to enslave, exploit and abuse the naïve and gullible masses of humanity using what the world calls “religion.”

Freedom, not for spreading lies, propaganda and half-truths, whether in face-to-face encounters or in the media of mass communication: print, electronic, digital and otherwise.

Freedom, not for inciting or perpetrating violence and mayhem on defenseless men, women, children, and the old and the infirm.

Freedom, not for polluting water whether in the ground or in the high seas and oceans.

Freedom, not for filling the very air we breathe into poison.

Freedom, not for contaminating the soil on which we walk, rest, sleep and live.

Freedom, not for indiscriminate and avaricious felling of trees and denuding of forests.

Freedom, not for filling fish with mercury.

Freedom, not for testing and stockpiling of weapons of mass destruction of every kind and magnitude.

Freedom, not for stealing land and resources from people, and then lying about it, and then inventing all kinds of excuses to wipe out those very people from the face of the earth.

Freedom, not for unleashing wave upon wave of oppression on the defenseless peoples and nations of the world, and on the weaker segments of one’s own society.

Freedom, that is not merely sloganeering and window dressing.

Freedom, that is not only for public consumption and export purposes.

Freedom, that is not limited only to the rich and the powerful, nationally or internationally.

Freedom, that is not limited only to us, and to our relatives and friends, and to “our kind,” whatever that kind may be, and denied or severely limited or modified to all others.

But freedom, genuine and comprehensive freedom, to speak the truth, without fear or favor of any kind, and to help everyone everywhere in every part of God’s big and beautiful earth, in every possible way one can.

Freedom to earn an honest living – and to help everyone else to do the same.

And freedom to work to make God’s earth a better place for all of God’s creation in every possible way.

And, above all, freedom to worship, love and serve God, without fear or hindrance, in every land and culture spread on all of God’s earth, in all kinds of ways that people choose to do in the light of their own backgrounds, traditions and wishes.

That is true freedom.

And that is the freedom that Islam came into the world to give God’s people – all people in all parts of God’s big, beautiful earth.

And today, more than ever before, God’s earth awaits the dawn of that freedom.


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