One Digestible Little Nugget at a Time:
Politics 101 = Islam 101! [Quote - 664]

Feb 22, 2016

We bring Islam to the world one tiny little digestible nugget at a time. Generally speaking, we do this by clarifying one simple concept at a time. Also, if, where and when we can, we do this by explaining one ordinary real-life occurrence at a time. 

Hear Bernie Sanders speak in his campaign rallies in the Democratic primaries. You will say it is politics, and it is. 

But you connect with his facts and arguments, and you will say: Sounds awfully like Islam. And it does.

For, Islam is, first of all, speaking the truth, not spinning circles around it.

Second, healthcare as a human right is Islam -- before it was, and more than it is, politics. 

And so is campaigning for a society that is free from corruption.

Trying to clean up a society in which big politicians are bought up and owned by big private and corporate money leading up to big corruption is what Islam came in this world to do. Read the Qur'an and you will see prophet after prophet waging the same campaign during his time.

If a 74-year-old Jew is the one God has selected to spearhead this fight in America at this time, instead of a Muslim, who should have been the one doing it, those who know Islam, and understand politics, would say: More Power to Him!

May God bless those who fight for righteousness. For, they fight in the path of God. 

And it is Islam -- pure and simple.


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