Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in America:
True Spirit of the Deen of Islam Is
Providing Honest Feedback and Advice to Others!
Hadith Sharif: Addeen Annaseehah!

Jul 16, 2019

As the Qur’an says:

Wa Bil-Aakhirati Hum Yooqinoon.


“And they have a firm and deep-rooted belief in Life Hereafter.”

And that is because much of what people say about each other is generally filtered through a complex nexus of motivations, ranging from self-interest to fear of consequences to everything else. So, a great deal of the feedback people receive from or give to other people is not always selfless, frank, unbiased or unmotivated.

But the case is, and it has to be, different when it comes to Believers

The Mu’mins, Believers that is, while as human beings, they also may possess a natural fear of displeasing powerful people, and they too, as most humans would be, may be tempted by the favors others can grant them, the Believers’ eyes are fixed on the Hereafter (Aakhirat). 

This gives the Believers the strength and ability to transcend these worldly considerations of loss and gain and focus on the true reward and punishment that are sure to come in Life Hereafter from God Almighty.

And how beautifully the Hadith captures this concept: 

Al-Mu’minu Mir-aatul Mu’min.


“A believer in relation to other believers is like a Mirror.”

If believers want to know how they are living their lives, all they need to do is to look at other believers. 

One, that will show them how they are measuring up in relation to other believers.

Two, other believers will act as a mirror and point out the good and bad aspects of their lives to them. Being believers, they will provide fair, fearless, honest and truthful feedback.

How wonderful such a society will be in which every member of the society provides automatic feedback and ongoing checks and balances to every other believer.

Five times a day, when believers show up in the Masjid for Jama’at Namaaz, Salaah, it is almost like putting their lives on public display — five times a day. It is an open invitation for public review and comment on their lives and conduct from the rest of the Jama’at: The Community of Believers.

What an amazing system of thought, speech and action! And of private and personal life as well as of life in the public sphere. 

That is why the more I try to understand this Deen, the more awed and overwhelmed I become.

Now, let us try and apply this concept to a real-life situation unfolding in the world today in relation to two of the most important public personalities and leaders of the world: American President Donald Trump, and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. 

They are both interesting people, to say the least. Each, in his own way, is also a powerful leader. At the same time, all kinds of controversies swirl around each one of them, which means to some they are good people doing good things, and to some others they are not such good people and what they are doing is problematic.

And now one is coming to America at the invitation of the other. Mr. Khan is coming to America as the guest of Mr. Trump.

What should the world do? And in particular, what should Muslims — The Believers — do? Both in America and around the world.

So, in the light of all I have said thus far, here is a simple formula for action for everybody:

If a leader like American President Donald Trump, or Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, is doing bad things, people need to tell these leaders that they should stop doing those wrong things and they should change their ways. People need to tell them that what they are doing is wrong.

And people need to do that with all the sincerity, honesty and truthfulness they can muster. And not filter and process their comments through their personal, political or other selfish and partisan agendas.

At the same time, here is something that Muslims need to understand. More than all the people in the world, it is the duty of Muslims to do so. Muslims in America; Muslims in Pakistan; and Muslims all over the world. They all have to raise their voice and make themselves heard.

If Mr. Trump or Mr. Khan is doing bad things, Muslim voices need to rise in criticism of them.

If, on the other hand, Mr. Trump or Mr. Khan is doing good things, Muslims need to tell them that too. And Muslims need to offer them support and encouragement. And they need to stand by them.

That is how I understand the implications of the Hadith Sharif

Addeen An-Naseehah!


“Deen of Islam is all about providing others frank and fearless advice.”

The Hadith Sharif continues:

We said, Naseehah for whom?

Rasulullah, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, said:

To Allah;
To Allah’s Book;
To Allah’s Rasul (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam);
To Muslim Leaders and Rulers;
And to common Muslims.

Now tell me Muslims, which part of this Hadith Sharif do you not understand.

And when you are done answering that questions, tell me if you now understand my being so totally beholden and bonded to the Hadith right from the beginning of my life.


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