Palestinian Genocide and Muslims of America

Mar 3, 2024

Palestinian Genocide and Muslims of America

February 27th 2024 – Dr. Pasha

These are difficult times to say the least. People's sanity is at risk. 

Not just People's Morality or Humanity but their very Sanity and Normality seem to have died a painful death on the killing field of Ghaza.

No human being today, after being forced to witness the Palestinian Genocide in Ghaza in living color and real time, can be considered Normal or Sane any more.

Never before has the Human Race been forced to watch helplessly its own collective Harakiri -- suicide by the most cruel means -- in Real Time -- as things unfold: step by step.

Till now, we only read about human cruelty and barbarity to fellow-humans. In books and newspaper and magazine articles.

These are all mostly second-hand accounts of what some people thought happened. But today, we have a ringside seat to what is happening: on Television and in Social Media.

Words have lost their meaning. And people their reality and identity. People have become shadows on the wall: dark and sinister and lifeless.

Muslims are an integral part of this carnage that is going on in Ghaza: 

a) Jews of Israel are dropping the bombs on babies and girls and women and the old and the infirm and blowing up hospitals and schools and refugee centers in plain sight;

b) Christians of America and Europe are supplying the lethal weapons to Israel with which to do the killings;

c) Muslims around the world supply the wealth to America and Europe to enable them to help Israel with weapons and money to wipe out an entire nation called Palestinians.

Do you think England and America could have won World War One and World War Two without Muslim Oil from Iran first and then and from a region of the world that to this day is so foolishly called the Middle East?

Middle to where? And East of what?

Where do the Muslims of America stand as all this goes down, right in front of their eyes? What are their Mosques doing?

And what do their so-called Halaqahs talk about?

Complicity of American Muslims in the Ghaza Genocide, both by their silence and by their acts, does not need to be argued in the Hague in front of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) or the International Criminal Court (ICC).

It is enough that Allah and his angels are writing down and recording everything: Naktubu Maa Qaddamoo wa Aathaarahum.

So, in our comfortable homes, offices and cars in America, and in our silent mosques and Islamic gatherings and Halaqahs, let us not be surprised when Allah's Police come looking for us: Muslims of America!

And ask: Feema Kuntum?

Meaning: Where were you when all this was happening?

It seems to me, what Muslims call Friday Sermons and what you and I may call Sunday Lectures have lost any meaning or relevance they may have had at one time.

Not that Jumu'ah will ever disappear or lose its validity and significance. Just that Muslims in America, like in so many other places in the world, would have sucked it dry of all its meaning and relevance when it comes to Jumu'ah Khutbahs and their usefulness for Muslims and others.

With consequences that are too dire to contemplate even in these dark times.


Husain Pasha

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