Pasha Hour International - Live from America! - June 14, 2011

Jun 15, 2011


  • Why are Muslims killing each other?
  • The legacy of colonisation all over the world.
  • When the world burns, what are the Muslims doing? And where is the Muslim voice? Where are the Muslim prayers?
  • Escapism by running off to holy places to find God – the case of Muslims.
  • Can turning to God and praying help? Asking God directly for help rather than go to all kinds of Intermediaries.
  • Just when we thought there were no tyrants left in the world. Concentration Camps in today's world?
  • These people are fighting for their rights and freedoms.
  • If people do not have fundamental rights and freedoms then they have nothing.
  • How people lie to distort reality – an example of the devil and two sons of Adam.
  • Ingredients of making of a tyrant haven’t changed.
  • Two types of people – ignorant ones and charlatans.
  • Tyrants use people as fodder for their own greed and lust for power.
  • Examples of recent and current dictators.
  • Great tragedy of our times: Sources of information are tainted.
  • Examples of democracy in the world and how nations are progressing.
  • Other places have democracy. Why don’t Muslim countries have the same democracy?
  • The land of the Pharaohs: Egypt - so many dictatorships continuously for over a century or more. The story of Mubarak’s own people calling for his trial and blood for all the murders he ordered of innocent protestors.
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