People of Allah vs. Other People

Jan 9, 2019


People of Allah vs. Other People

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It —
And which One Does Not?)

(Still trying to make Islam clear to the world: one concept at a time)

People of Allah — Ahlullah, you can call them if you wish. 

Nothing exotic or esoteric or mysterious or other-worldly about that expression Ahlullah. Just plain people. With one important difference. 

They are People Who Put Allah First.

In everything.

For, to do otherwise is Kufr. 

And it is Shirk


a) To put others before Allah is Kufr.

b) To put others along with Allah is Shirk.

So, Ahlullah live by Action guided by iron faith and resolve. By Iman.

They are Doers and Actors in the world in which they live, wherever they live. They are the Take-Charge Kind of People. No matter where they are.

They are thorough and incisive in analysis, determined in action.

Fa-Idhaa Azamta, 
Fa-Tawakkal Alallah!

They are seldom fooled. For, they see with Allah’s Light: 


Fa-Innahu Yanzuru Bi-Noorillah!

And they act with Allah’s Power.

As a result, when they act, it is really not they acting, but Almighty Allah that is acting.

Wa Maa Ramayita, Idh Ramayita, 
Wa Laakinnallaha Ramaa!

Few of Them can and do make a difference how this world is run. What happens to this world. 

And there are those, among them, on whose Say-So the world acts and runs. What they say happens. 

No matter what the Age is in which they live. 

Nor the Place is where they live. 

Nor the Environment and the Circumstances are that surround them.

Others — the Other People — live on Hope, waiting for Things to Happen

Waiting for Others to Act, so they can React.

They have Other Priorities in Life, than Allah.

Their Focus is Elsewhere.

Allah to them is a Fallback Option. A leisure pursuit. 

They put all kinds of things Before and Along with Allah. 

The Qur’an has an Amazing and most Realistic — and everything in the Qur’an is that and more — and Timeless list of those things that these Other People put before and along with Allah.

The Aayat Karimah begins with Family Ties — your Parents; your Children — and ends with your Businesses and your Homes and Residences.

Read on and then decide which part of this most glorious Aayat — and each and every Aayat of the Qur’an is most glorious — is not clear to you:

In Kaana
Aabaa-ukum (Your Parents)
Wa-Abnaa-ukum (Your Children)
Wa-Ikhwaanukum (Your Brothers and Sisters)
Wa-Azwaajukum (Your Husbands and Wives)
Wa-Asheeratukum (Your Families and Tribes)
Wa-Amwaaluniq-Taraftumoohaa (Your Wealth) 
Wa-Tijaaratun Takhshawuna Kasaadahaa (Your Businesses)
Wamasaakinu Tardawnahaa (Your Homes and Residences)

So, the life-support system of these Other People is built on Hope: empty, meaningless Hope that is little more than a cliche.

And on Wishes

There is an English proverb and nursery rhyme that says: 

If Wishes were Horses, Beggars would Ride.

And the Qur’an puts it even more succinctly and forcefully:

Wa Yatamatta-oo
Wa Yulhihumul Amal.


They just live;
And enjoy life;
And they are fooled by their Hopes.

They are people only in appearance. Not in substance. They are shadows and straw men and women. Empty suits as they say. Or, as they say in Texas, All Hat and No Cattle.

And in the running of this world, they are irrelevant. They have no say and no place.

No matter in what large hordes they live. And where they live and what they do. 

For, they are, as the Hadith Sharif says, nothing but straws and foam floating on floods, buffeted by winds and tossed around by waves.

Ghuthaa-un Ka-Ghuthaa-is-Sayil.

And the world of Allah happens and works, not because of them, or on account of them, but irrespective of them, and, often, in spite of them.


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