Playing Golf and Learning to Paint [Quote - 496]

Feb 6, 2014

Some of the "better" Muslims I know are playing golf. Allah bless them.

Yes, there is such a thing, I suspect, as "better" and, possibly, "worse" Muslims. I will be vastly surprised if there isn't.

And that is good. I mean playing golf.

Some other "better" Muslims are taking painting lessons from some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

And that is good too. I mean taking painting classes from good and great universities in the world.

If you ask me, for Muslims -- or for anyone -- just to breathe the air on a good university campus is a good thing in and of itself.

And so is clocking a few hours, being out in the open and walking the lush lawns of a nicely manicured golf course.

Knowledge is from God in heaven. And universities are temples erected in the pursuit of knowledge on earth.

If you wish, call them Sawaami'u wa Biya-un Yudhkaru Feehasmullah, and you may not be too far off the mark.

Islam says seek knowledge, for, it is your duty to do so.

Universities say come to us, we will give you knowledge. We will teach you how to go looking for knowledge.

So universities are good. And looking into the courses they offer is good.

Obviously, these "better" Muslims are doing these things because Allah has given them "better" means than many, if not most, other ordinary and regular Muslims around the world.

So playing golf is good. And taking painting classes at universities is good.

But a question that continually tugs at my heart and wouldn't let go is this:

What about that other little detail in our life -- that tiny little job that all of us have been given by God of taking the Qur'an to every home and heart that needs it -- and which one does not?

Who is minding that store when these "better" Muslims are playing golf and pursuing their God-given passion for painting, following the powerful Sunnat of the likes of Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin?

Who have they deputed or commissioned to watch that store while they are out golfing, or painting -- or fishing?


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