Please Thank the Muslims!

Aug 9, 2017


Please Thank the Muslims!

Dr. Pasha

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Giving thanks is at the core of the life Islam builds on this earth. And at the top of the list of things that we can say to express our gratitude and thanks and praise is what the Qur'an itself teaches us: 

Al-Hamdu Lillah!

And of course this praise, and this sense and level of gratitude, is reserved for the maker and master of the worlds, whose book the Qur'an is.

Wa Qulil Hamdu Lillah!

"Just say Al-hamdu Lillah!"

Innal Hamda Lillah!

But the Hadith teaches us that we should not forget to thank people too. For, those who don't thank people, and don't show gratitude to human beings, would not really know how to thank Allah.

So, in Islam, one way to thank Allah is to thank people for any and all good things, small and big, people may do to and for us.

But we have a very special reason to thank Muslims. And here is how it works.

Some of us invite Muslims to the Qur'an. To read it; to try to understand it; and to do their best to put it into practice in the most complete and comprehensive manner.

Both in their personal lives as well as in the societies in which they live -- and the whole world.

And we have not even started telling the Muslims about the Sunnah and the Hadith and the life of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

We give what may amount to speeches; we write what we think will pass for articles and books; we organize Qur'an Camps and Qur'an Readings. And we wander the earth distributing our literature -- free of cost -- to people.

That literature is produced due to the good sense and generosity of individuals and families who see this job as their life's work and pour their personal and financial resources into supporting it.

May Allah bless and reward these wonderful people. And give them health, happiness and long life. And may Allah give them more than what they spend.

These people should know that their money is safe with Allah -- and it is growing. That is Allah's promise in the Qur'an. 

And Allah doubles their investment and multiplies it several fold as he pleases.

Wallahu Yudaa-ifu Liman Yashaa-u!

That is because Allah's treasures are vast and his love and mercy and generosity are limitless. And Allah knows and takes into account every good thing that anyone does for him.

Wallahu Waasi-un Aleem!

And there are those who spend their sweat and toil into the production of the literature we provide to the world. Their physical and mental effort is no less valuable than the capital investment of those with financial resources.

Their reward with Allah will be enormous.

And then each and everyone of us, male as well as female, child as well as adult, who wander the earth, seeking out members of our communities and societies, both Muslim and non-Muslim, trying to give our literature to them -- and engage them in conversation about God; about the Qur'an; about Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam; and about Islam in general.

And about the world.

What great troopers they are! They want nothing; and they ask for nothing in return. And yet they offer the benefits of both worlds to people -- free of cost!

Think about all the hundreds of dollars an hour psychologists and psychiatrists and social workers and others charge to provide advice and counseling to people. And then think about these people, -- these Workers for Allah -- giving all that away without charging anyone a penny for their time; for their knowledge and expertise; and for their caring and counseling.

And how do people react to these efforts? They react as people always have done -- and as people always will do: with indifference; with an attitude of hauteur and superiority; and with snickers and smirks.

Some act as if they are doing us a favor by stopping to talk to us; and by accepting the free literature that we give them. And they couldn't care less. And so on and so forth.

My advice to those Working for Allah, whether it is just one person or two, is simple: Act as if your life depended on it. Be on your best conduct and behavior. 

Be nice and kind and respectful.

And be grateful, very, very grateful.

For, all those slights that you encounter in the path of Allah, not the least from Muslims, will be your passport to Paradise.

Thank the Muslims for every insult they throw at you. For, those will turn into flowers that will deck your homes on earth and in heaven.

Sometimes, these are nothing but excuses Allah uses -- as if Allah needs an excuse for anything he does -- to wipe out your sins and shower all kinds of rewards and blessings upon you.

So, onward, people. For, Allah's Work beckons.

And the world is in dire need of the Qur'an; the Hadith; and Islam.

Not the least Muslims themselves!

And there is no better gift you can give anyone, anywhere, anytime.


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