Prayers that God Himself Taught the World!

Sep 23, 2019


Prayers that God Himself Taught the World!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It —
And which One Does Not?)

To those who truly believe in God, regardless of what so-called “religion” they may follow, it should be obvious that everything they have in their life is given to them by God Almighty. 

For, they live in a world which is solely, completely and exclusively designed and created by God, and which is run and managed by God in every detail.

There is not one individual or force or agency of any kind, other than God Almighty, that can in any way participate or interfere in that arrangement.

And yet there is one simple thing people generally seem not to appreciate. I am saying “simple” because it is really so incredibly self-evident and immediate. Nobody can miss it if they only opened their eyes and looked.

Anyone, if they only take a minute or two to think about it, can readily understand and appreciate what an amazing gift it is: Bestowed upon them, directly and personally, from their Lord God, the Almighty. 

And it is right there in front of everybody’s eyes to see.

I am talking about all the various Du’as — Prayers and Supplications — that God Almighty himself personally taught the world: In His Own Words!

Let me repeat, for, I am not sure the readers get it: In His Own Words!

Please note that I am saying “Taught the world,” and not “Taught the Muslims.” That is because everything about Islam is for the whole world. In fact, for all the worlds, whatever and wherever those worlds are. 

And Muslims simply are people who have decided to accept and embrace that Message of Islam — that Great Blessing that their God sent their way.

And that Message of Islam includes all the most wonderful, amazing, comprehensive and universal prayers and supplications that are contained in the Qur’an.

Prayers and Supplications that are for all occasions. And for everyone. 

Prayers and Supplications that are guaranteed to work: by God Almighty himself.

While nothing else in this world comes with that Guarantee.

And while all the other people in the world — the Non-Muslims that is — are either ignorant of it, or indifferent to it. 

With some others who either through their ignorance, or on account of their arrogance, and self-interest, malign it, fight it and are hostile to it. 

The Message of Islam I mean.

So, Muslims are those people who have said “Yes!” to God’s Call and decided to accept God’s gifts. 

Whereas all the others in the world either do not know about the existence of these gifts from their God, or they choose to ignore, reject or fight them for one reason or another.

But here is something that is common to all human beings on earth: It is an innate, and inescapable, human tendency to cry out for help in pain and in moments of distress and need and suffering. No human being is exempt from this situation. 

The only question is how do we do it right and how do we do it best? 

That means is there a Best and a Most Effective Way of doing it? Of crying out in pain and distress, and in moments of need, and asking for help?

A way that is most likely — or even guaranteed — to work, to be effective and to produce the best results.

Islam tells us there is. 

And that is the Way of Islam, as contained in God’s Own Words in the pages of the Qur’an.

And that best and most effective way of crying out in pain and sorrow, and asking for Divine help and relief, is right there in the Qur’an, which is the word of Almighty God that he placed in the hands of All of Us Human Beings for as long as this world would last.

Hindu and Muslim. Jew and Christian. Believer and Unbeliever.

And that way is to use God Almighty’s own words to ask him and beg him for help and for whatever we need. 

It is commonsense, is it not? It is self-evident, is it not? How can we go wrong by begging God to have mercy on us? And do so using his own words?

And how can we do better than by pleading with God Almighty to grant us whatever it is that we are in desperate need of, and do so using his own words and language?

And here is a critical question: 

“Are there really such prayer and supplication words, and phrases, and special prayer and supplication formats, and formulas, in existence, that God Almighty himself designed and gave us for our benefit?”

“And if so, where are they?”

“And are they within the reach of each and everyone of us, ordinary human beings?”

“Or, do we need the help of all kinds of Mullahs, Shaikhs, Pundits, Priests and Rabbis and others to be able to get them, read them, understand and interpret them, and use them?”

“So, where exactly are they and how do we get them?”

The answer is: 

“Yes, there indeed are such divine words, phrases, formulas and formats in existence.”

“And they are all within easy reach of every human being of every kind, race, religion, background and status, male or female, adult or child!”

“And they are all right there in plain sight, in the pages of the Qur’an, for all human beings to read, to access and to use.”

“So, all anybody has to do is to open the Qur’an and read.”

And that is what the Qur’an is all about. Along with everything that the Qur’an is, it is the ultimate, and most amazing, and most comprehensive, and most powerful book of prayers and supplications.

Prayers and supplications meticulously designed and suited for every worldly and other-worldly need and situation that any human being can ever face.

I just don’t get it. 

How can the world be ignorant of, or indifferent to, the existence of such an unfailing and inexhaustible source of blessings and mercy that fulfills all their legitimate needs and wishes?

You want to know what I wish? 

Of course, I have a billion wishes and needs and requirements every moment of my life. But there is one wish that hovers very close to the top of the list and it has forever: I wish I could share with everyone of my human brothers and sisters on this planet this gift of Divine Prayers in the Qur’an, regardless of whether they are Muslim or not, and irrespective of even if they are so-called good or bad people.

And teach them, if I may say so, and if I could, what and where these Divine Du’as or Prayers and Supplications are in the Qur’an: For, that is where these Du’as are hiding in plain sight of the whole of world.

In the pages of God’s Book the Qur’an.

And show the world what the exact wording of these prayers is in the Qur’an.

And, maybe, respectfully invite the people of the world to think if they could ever find an alternative even remotely approaching them. 

And how they could afford to pass up on them when they all seem to need them so desperately in every single moment of their lives.


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