President-Elect Trump:
How the CIA Director Blew It!

Jan 16, 2017


President-Elect Trump:
How the CIA Director Blew It!

Dr. Pasha

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John Brennan, the outgoing CIA Director, blew it.

He said on television, during an interview, a couple of days ago, that he took “umbrage” at what the incoming President, Donald Trump was saying.

Something the President-Elect said about the Intelligence Agencies acting as if this was Nazi Germany. Extreme words, not a doubt. Sure to shock.

But John, it is not yours to take public “umbrage” at what your would-be boss says, even knowing that you have one foot already out the door, and the new president barely has even one foot on the grounds of the White House as of the time of your ill-timed TV outburst.

To be sure, it may have offended and outraged you, what Mr. Trump said. And it may have gotten your blood boiling, not a doubt about it. And it may have taken your professional pride and poise from bristling to bursting point.

But still, not your place, John, to go before a national audience on television and blast the President-Elect in public knowing full well that, in less than four days, this man was going to be the commander-in-chief of all the armed forces of the United States, including the Intelligence Wing, which naturally subsumes the CIA.

The right way to express your feelings in a situation like this would have been to seek a private meeting with the President-Elect and then to let the “boss” know how you felt. A consummate professional, with your long-standing and distinguished service to this nation, owed that much to the nation, to the new president and, not the least, to yourself.

And there is another way to look at it too.

How much “umbrage” do you think Trump should be permitted to take given the fact that just days before his inauguration a document full of unsubstantiated sleaze found its way from the secure custody of the intelligence agencies into the hands of the public?

What was Trump supposed to make of this? And wasn’t it your job John, and the job of all other folks in Intelligence, to turn the entire world upside down trying to find out how this so-called “leak” happened, and trying to nail the culprit who did it?

I do not question the right — and even the imperative — of the CIA and the FBI and others of their ilk to take that nefarious Compromiser Spy Dossier seriously and investigate every salacious aspect of its contents with utmost alacrity and diligence.

But pending some kind of a considered judgement on the part of your best professionals, you and your fellow-spooks should have held on to that dossier with a death-grip, making sure that not even the birds of the sky got wind of what really was in it.

The nation expects nothing less from the best of the best of its defense and intelligence agencies.

And Brennan did something else. Also on TV, Brennan told the nation how the President-Elect did not “understand” Russia. Excuse me?

Trump may not be able to write a full book off the cuff on all that Russia does or does not do, good or bad, but to gripe before the entire nation that the man is such an idiot that he does not know what the hell he is talking about? Now, that is a bit of a stretch.

Besides, that is what everybody had been saying about him anyway from Day One — the day he announced his candidacy: that he is an idiot who does not know or understand anything. They said it in all kinds of different ways. But they all meant the same thing: Clueless.

But that was the gist of what they all said: idiot; clown; entertainer; Reality TV; and words to that effect. And all those different words meant one common thing: The Man Has No Clue.

But that was then. In the beginning.

Trump then set about showing them all who had the better understanding of the world. And who had a more solid grasp of the issues of the day.

And who had a sharper and more unerring instinct when it came to reading the pulse and mood of the American People.

So, yes, what Trump is saying about Russia is not what our leaders have been saying about Russia — and about much of the world — for a long time. And that includes our Intelligence People.

But maybe that is why God makes civilians. And also maybe that is why our nation had the good sense to place the armed forces of the country under the command of our civilian leadership.

And as Trump so elegantly put it himself the idea of America getting along with Russia, and of Trump getting along with Putin, is not such a bad one after all, is it?

And how quickly we all seem to have forgotten the Reset Button vis-a-vis Russia. Was that the ghost of Trump that did it? Or was it the never-do-wrong Hillary Clinton?

When that silly, cheap and foolish-looking gimmick was resorted to in full glare of publicity, I do not recall a single murmur protesting and even the faintest snicker mocking the bizarre contraption and its public perpetration.

And now when all Trump has done is open his mouth and said:

“Hey, maybe Putin and I, and Russia and America,
can get along. How about we look into it?

Is it such an unpardonable crime, and such a preposterous idea, that a president-elect has to be publicly chastised and held to ridicule by those who should say to him:

“Respectfully Mr. President-Elect, maybe Sir, you are a bit too hasty in coming to that conclusion. Maybe, Sir, you should take a look at this dossier before you make any public pronouncement about Russia.”

That would be perfectly acceptable. Altogether the professional and proper thing to do.

But to waddle off to the nearest TV channel that will have you and blast the President-Elect publicly as a Blithering Idiot, that, it seems to me, is anything but. It is neither proper, nor professional nor acceptable.

As a citizen and voter, I am outraged. I protest. And I take “umbrage.”

As for the Media making much publicity hay in this dubious sunshine, well, the Media, the Media, and the Ides of March.

And it is almost like Caesar opening his dying eyes and blurting out: “Et tu, Brute!”

Or, in simple English: “You too, Brutus?”

Or, in the language of Captain Renault of Casablanca:

“I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”

And the Media are celebrating Trump’s public humiliation.

If someone were to ask why I am defending Trump, the answer is simple:

“Trump is right and Brennan is wrong.
And the way Trump is being treated is wrong, unfair and unjust.”

But what is it to me? And why should I come to Trump’s defense? The answer is even more simple:

“Because I am a Muslim.
And Islam tells me that my first and foremost duty is to speak up
against injustice wherever and whenever I run into it.”

Elementary, my dear Watson!


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