President Trump: Three Likely Scenarios!

Dec 23, 2016


President Trump: Three Likely Scenarios!

Dr. Pasha

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Donald J. Trump, 70-year-old billionaire businessman, Manhattan and global real estate developer, former playboy and gambling czar, and presently father to three seemingly most amazing and incredibly well-brought-up-looking American wonder-kids, Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric, and President-Elect, will be sworn in as President 45 on January 20, 2017.

President Barack Obama, 44, will, on that day, his legacy and all, leave the White House for the last time, never to return again as president. He will take his highly accomplished wife Michelle and two wonderful girls, Malia and Sasha, with him.

Between now, December 23, 2016, and January 20, 2017, the day of his leaving office of President of the United States of America, President Obama will also very quickly sign whatever legislation, and pass whatever executive orders, he can.

America’s first-ever Black President will thus pass into memory and history books.

The fact is Obama came into office with a super-heavy set of rose-tinted glasses. He seemed to believe all he had to do was kiss up to the Republicans, invoke the Mantra of Bipartisanship, and do more and more of it, nonstop, and the Republican Establishment will fold and embrace him and hold him to its soul with hoops of steel.

The scales took a long time falling.

And in the meantime the Republicans flipped every finger they could find in their collective hands. So, President Obama squandered considerable time, resources and rare political capital chasing ghosts and tilting at windmills.

And he was dealing with a double whammy to begin with. One, he was a Democrat faced with a Republican Leviathan, even though he had control of both the Senate and the Congress as he came in.

Two, he was Black in an office that, of all offices in America, was for all practical purposes reserved for Whites. Anyone departing from that model does so at his own risk. And Obama incurred the risk and paid the price.

So, at the end of the day, Obama is a man of mixed legacy at home and spotty contribution abroad. He is also a man of many missed opportunities and misplaced priorities.

But what does the future hold for President Trump?

Trump, like Obama, also has many firsts to his credit. But for very different reasons.

First, Trump is not a true native-born Republican, but a man, more or less, on the rebound from the disasters which the Democrats courted at every turn. Trump is a Republican by conversion, like his daughter Ivanka who converted, to marry her husband Jarred Kushner, from Lutheranism to Orthodox Judaism.

To what degree Trump holds secret liberal views on issues is anybody’s guess. But what few will dispute is that he is pragmatist to the core. A practical man to the nth degree, we should think, something his lifetime of successful real estate development business will require.

So, Trump is neither a friend nor a foe to this or that political party, or ideological strain. If he is to be taken on his word, he is an American patriot and nationalist, but not necessarily a nativist, who wants to see America recover some of its past mythical luster and muscle, both politically and economically.

So, barring race aside, Trump is as much an Obama-like First in the White House, considering that he is the first man that walked into the Oval Office directly from the cold of business wilderness. And he did so without genuflecting too much to the political niceties of the day, Republican or Democrat, making toe-stepping and shin-kicking something of a winning strategy.

Trump garnered another first in his corner. His campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, taking him all the way to the finish line, was the first woman in the history of American presidential elections to be able to do so.

Even though he does appear to hobnob with all kinds of important people along the way, there is little doubt that Trump is his own man. That means Trump pretty much does what he pleases, once something, whatever it is, gets into his head.

And that is a dangerous quality for any aspirant to the office of president to have, far less an incumbent. Such a man, if true and sincere, will drain the swamp in Washington, or the crocodiles and alligators in the swamp will eat him whole.

Such a man is a pain in all kinds of sensitive spots for all kinds of the most wily, wicked and powerful forces and interests, both inside and outside America.

So, what does the future hold for Trump – and for America and the world?

We foresee three distinct eventualities unfolding, assuming, of course, Mr. Trump can make it safe and sound to the start line of January 20.

We will not speculate which of the three scenarios is more likely. Right now, we would proceed with the assumption that all three outcomes are equally probable.

Number One:
A Trump Assassination

Mr. Trump will be assassinated. The likelihood of this happening is strong. And the culprit will be the convergence of the same dark forces that have been sucking America’s economic and political arteries dry for the past half century or more.

These are the very pockets of power that constructed and carried out the plot of 9-11, after hoodwinking every single one of America’s vaunted 16 intelligence agencies, as well as all the most sophisticated spy networks of much of the civilized world.

The result was hell on earth, with Muslims of the world bearing the brunt of the onslaught and much of the rest of the world condemned to live forever in fear, xenophobia and paranoia.

From Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia to Libya and Syria, Muslim country after Muslim country was turned to dust within the blinking of any eye; Egypt was soaked in a bloodbath of unarmed democracy-lovers; Turkey barely survived a traditional-type coup; and tens of millions of Muslim men, women and children were almost overnight driven out of their homes and turned into destitute wanderers and refugees in alien lands.

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