Problems and Their Solutions [Quote – 836]

Jul 10, 2017

The world is full of problems – some small, some big; some comparatively easy to solve and some that seem to defy easy solutions.

One solution to many of the problems we face – and certainly one way of coping with these problems – is to move forward with the work of Allah that we have chosen for ourselves. 

Those of us, that is, who have made that conscious decision and commitment in their lives.

The fact is that this is work that has been given to us by none other than God Almighty himself. He could have given this work to anyone anywhere. 

But, in his wisdom and mercy, he chose to place that burden on us, unworthy and weak and insignificant as we are.

And by this work I mean our production and distribution of literature; our outreach efforts aimed at both Muslims and non-Muslims; and our activities that seek to invite people to Allah and introduce them to the Qur’an.

And this work includes our meetings, discussions and Dhikr sessions; our time with the Qur’an; and everything else that we undertake along these lines.” 

What a glorious way to live!

And what easy solution to the problems we may face!

(Dr. Pasha)

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