Protection from Coronavirus — COVID19

Mar 14, 2020


Protection from Coronavirus — COVID19

Dr. Pasha

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We are Muslims and we firmly believe our lives are entirely in the hands of Allah. And that means life and death both come from Allah.

And that means we will die when Allah decides it is time for us to die. And we will live on for as long as Allah wants us to live.

This life-and-death protocol, for us, and for every living being on earth, alters not an hour, minute or micro- or nanosecond.

This decree was written and sealed before we were born. And before even the world came into existence.

But at the same time, as Muslims we also have been told by our beloved leader Rasulullah, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, part of being Muslim is to seek prompt and effective treatment when we fall ill. 

There is not a disease in this world, says a Hadith that I am paraphrasing here, for which Allah did not also create a remedy.

What an amazing system. What a Deen.

And when it comes to medication and treatment, there are two parts, prevention and cure. And Islam is strong on both fronts.

Also, both prevention and cure have a physical as well as what you may call a spiritual dimension. While medicines are mostly physical and chemical interventions in the human system, prayers and aayats of the Qur’an cover both fronts.

And they are also effective as both cure and prevention.

So, given the Coronavirus Pandemic that has the world in its grip right now, what can people do — I would say both Muslim and non-Muslim — to remain safe and healthy? 

Here is the protocol, simple and clear and direct:

  1. Make Wudu often.
  2. Every AM and every PM, recite the three Qul Surahs,three times each, blow in your hands, and rub your hands on all parts of your body.
  3. Also every AM and every PM, recite three times the following words coming from Sayyidina Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam:

Laa Yadurru Ma’asmihee Shayi-un,
Fil Ardi,
Wa Laa Fis-Samaa-i,
Wa Huwas Samee-ul Aleem.

And there are all kinds of other additional things we can talk about. And we will talk about them as God Almighty makes it possible for us to address them.


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