Purpose of Our Life in This World [Quote – 527]

Mar 29, 2014

“Ultimately,” as they say, the main purpose of the life of everyone of us on earth is to take the Deen of Allah to every inch of this earth.

In other words, to take the Qur’an to every home and heart in every corner of this world. 

That is why we were created by God. And that is why we exist.

Each and every one of us.

Male as well as female.

That is what each and everyone of us is supposed to do.

Each and everyone of us — male as well as female — is supposed to dedicate everything we have to the achievement of that purpose.

And it is for the fulfillment of this mission — this central obligation in our life — that God has given us whatever he has: education; job; business; family; health; wealth; everything.

If we refuse to do that — as most Muslims in this world have done and are continuing to do — that is, if we renege on our promise to God and on our duty to do everything in our power to take the Qur’an to every home and heart in this world, then whatever blessings God has given us will all be taken away from us: one thing at a time.

And that is precisely what is happening in the world today. Muslims are on the run and Muslims are losing everything.

Review world history. And study current affairs. You will see how Muslims are losing, one after another, the blessings Allah had conferred upon them.

They have lost their place of honor and dignity in the world.

They have lost their “empires,” if you can consider them a blessing.

They have lost their political power around the world.

They have lost major chunks of their lands. And they are fast losing whatever lands are still left in their possession.

They have become slaves in their own so-called “countries,” while others around them enjoy the fruits of freedom.

Many of these so-called “countries” were created for them, at the spur of the moment, by their Colonial Masters, many of whom continue to be their Ex-Colonial Mentors, Minders and Handlers.

While the earth is unlocking its treasures on Muslim lands, the main beneficiaries and exploiters of that wealth are the former Colonial Masters of Muslims who used to formally own and occupy Muslim lands.

In other Muslim lands, such as the so-called Middle East, vast hordes of Muslims from around the world live and work in Modern Slave Plantations.

Without rights; without dignity or honor; and without voice, recourse or justice.

If much of this applies to Muslims as a global community and as an Ummah, the fate of individuals will not be different if they turn their back on Allah and the promise they made to him.

Individual Muslims who renege on their individual personal duty to take the Qur’an to every home and heart that needs it, will suffer the same fate: blessings given to them by Allah will be taken away from them, one by one.

It may be slow in coming for many or some of them. But come it surely will.

For, that is Allah’s Law on Earth. And Allah’s Law does not change.


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