Quietly Waging a Tireless Struggle in the Path of Allah [Quote – 1056]

Islam is a non-stop and tireless struggle in the path of Allah. That is what Islam calls Jihad Fi Sabilillah.

And what war could be more serious than the war against your own personal weaknesses, psychological infirmities, social blind spots and spiritual maladies?

Your own Nafs, as Islam calls it.

And the war against all the injustices, lies and deceits that are so rampant in our societies and in our world today?

And do so with all your heart; with all the powers and tools of communication at your disposal; and with everything lawful, decent and moral that you can use to accomplish these purposes actively and practically?

And it all starts with the sincere effort to make contact with people: people we know and people we don’t know. But it could be scary and daunting to approach people you don’t know. 

You may get snubbed. You may face rejection. Or worse. And humans don’t often have social and psychological tools at their disposal to deal with these negative experiences.

But that is the nature of this Jihad. And it is the nature of Islam.

Islam is not going into social battles expecting approval and praise. It is the determination to reform individuals and society knowing full well that you will be subjected to snubs and insults.

But that is the nature of things. And that is also history. That is how all the Messengers and Prophets of Allah were treated by their people, at least in the beginning, and often for a very long time thereafter.

And they were all subjected to the most heartless and cruel persecution and torture and exile.

But they persisted. Because they were all doing this not as an Ego Trip, not expecting any personal gains or rewards, but purely for the pleasure of God Almighty.

So, those of you who set out to invite others to Allah’s Work, remember, none of these people may be your friend or relative or business partner. But simply people in whom you saw some good and decided to invest some effort to work with them and to groom and train and educate some of them if you can.

Some you win, maybe. Many you may lose. But that is how this game is played. The game of doing good to others, and to society, and to the world at large, expecting no personal gain but doing so purely for the sake of God Almighty.

And because you consider it your duty. The very reason for which God created you in the first place.