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Jan 17, 2020

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Last updated 18 April 2021

Remembering Allama Yusuf Ali [Quote – 1000]

Dr. Kamalodeen

Allama Yusuf Ali was a very special man. Allah bless him and give him Jannat. 

Personally I feel a sense of obligation to this man and I think all English- speaking Muslims should as well. 

His English translation of the Qur’an has been THE go-to translation used in the English-speaking world for however many decades until recently.

Other translations that appeared after him generally all built on the shoulders of Allama Yusuf Ali.

Last year, Alhamdulillah, we were able to get a Khatm Qur’an done in his name and make Du’a for him. 

Others who read this, maybe, also should do something like that: read Qur’an and make Du’a for him.

The Ummat as a whole owes this man a great debt.


From Coronavirus to Islam:
It Is a Short Journey [Quote – 999]

Just when we thought we were totally and completely invulnerable, and no one can tell us what to do or how to behave, God Almighty sent us the Coronavirus – COVID-19.

It came out of nowhere and got everybody’s attention.

And now no one really believes they are totally and completely unassailable. And everybody is telling everybody else to hunker down, to shelter in place, and to do this, that and something else.

Don’t you think God Almighty has his way of getting things done?

And, as God’s Plan for his world, God sent Islam into this world. To tell and show people what they should do and how they should behave.

And God put all that in a book called the Qur’an.

And God sent a man called Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, to precisely show everybody how to do the things that God wanted them to do.

And that man, Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, told and showed everybody how Cleanliness is really key to Godliness.

And he asked and showed everybody how to observe Personal Hygiene, for, without it they would not get to worship God or get close to God.

And this man Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, taught and showed the world that this routine, this regimen, this highly personalized protocol of Personal Hygiene, begins with washing your hands; and then washing and rinsing your mouth; and then washing and rinsing your nostrils; and then washing your entire face, including your eyes.

And this was 1400 years ago.

And the whole world has been practicing this Personal Hygiene Protocol, for all these 1400 years.

When I say “the whole world,” I means all those billions upon billions of people around the world, throughout these past 1400 years, who are called Muslims.

And the formal Islamic name for this Personal Hygiene Protocol is Wudu.

And Wudu that is required before performing every prayer, and before touching and handling the Qur’an, holds the key to keeping the world safe from the Modern Day Menace of the Coronavirus.

For, it is through hands, by touching that is, that the Coronavirus mainly spreads. And it is through your mouth, nose and eyes that the Coronavirus enters your system, the human body.

Islam showed us to protect ourselves by constantly washing our hands, mouth, nose and face. If we did not follow that practice so far, isn’t it time now, when the menace of the Coronavirus is upon us, to embrace at least that part of Islam that shows us how to protect ourselves by following the Personal Hygiene Protocol of Islam called Wudu?

From Coronavirus to Islam is not that far, is it?


When Typos Turn into Blessings and Rewards from God [Quote – 998]

Some time ago, we said typos are Haram. And of course they are. For, often they reflect a lackadaisical approach to work. And Islam is hostile to that.

Islam says, when you touch something, do a perfect job — as much as you can.

But good people, sincere people, work day and night, and leave no stone unturned as it were, they eat little and sleep even less, and worry and agonize about the quality and outcome of their work constantly, then Allah, God Almighty of course, throws open the gates of Paradise for them, right here in this world.

For such people, even their mistakes and errors are turned into virtues and rewards. So, when these amazing people do things right, the way they should, they chalk up double the reward.

But when they unavoidably make mistakes, after the most sincere and strenuous efforts, and after doing everything they could, then even their errors and mistakes count as blessings for them.

But, listen to this, only one reward per mistake.

And that includes typos.

This system of Islam is amazing or what?

There are situations when for a typo, you get one blessing and reward from God? How does that figure?

If you thought this system of Islam may not be a human invention after all, you may be right.


Protection from All and Every Bad Thing [Quote – 997]

Every AM and PM, recite three times the following words of Sayyidina Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam:

Laa Yadurru, 
Wa Laa Fis-Samaa-i, 
Wa Huwas-Samee’ul ‘Aleeem.

AFTER THAT, with or without Wudu, recite Qul A’oodhu Birabbil Falaq and Qul A’oodhu Birabbin-Naas, three times each, cup your hands, blow in them and rub your hands all over your body, whatever parts you can.

Those two Surahs, the last ones in the Qur’an, are called the Two Protectors.


When Epidemic Strikes:
Islam Says Stay Put! [Quote – 996]

The Hadith is simple and clear. And it is timeless.

The Hadith says, what I am paraphrasing here, when a certain place is known to be affected by an epidemic of some kind, no one should go in or out of that place.

This is quarantine, no matter how you spell it. 

And this was 1400 years ago.


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