Quote-Unquote - Book IV (301-400)

Oct 9, 2011


How People Got It Backwards

Allah made people to work for him.

Allah says to them: Work for me; that is why I made you; and I will take care of all your needs.

Most people seem to flip this proposition on its head. They seem to say: OK, I am going to spend all my time, and all my energy, and all my resources working for myself and my family.

And then, when I get a little bit of free time, once a week or once a year, maybe, or once in a lifetime, I will spend that time working for Allah.


And then everyone complains -- and that includes the Muslims -- that the
world is the way it is.


A Quote from a Concerned Human Being

It's been quite interesting times recently.

Subhanallah, this is Allah's world and we want to see it function from our own narrow perspectives. In doing so, we often seem to miss the point that he does what he wants, as and when and how he wants, and he is accountable to no one. 

But still we push and pull at things in a bid to change them, as, of course, we must. Because that is our role in this world as human beings.

It is extremely painful mentally, and depressing frankly, to function where some of us live these days. Maybe the tolerance level of some of us is wearing thin. Maybe some of us are oversensitive.

But the deceit, betrayal and hypocrisy from so many different ends seems to be getting worse and worse by the day.

The wastage and corruption are so overpowering and widespread that people seem to be in a drunken stupor. 

And those who complain and protest and march either want to be at the feeding troughs, or were just yesterday at the feeding troughs, lapping up the rewards of protest.

And meanwhile life withers away.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Eid.

(A Caring and Concerned Human Being)


Miracles in the Qur’an

The Aayat in Surah Twa-Haa, "Alladhee A'twaa Kulla Shay-in Khalqwahu Thumma Hadaa" rings in my ears nonstop.

Meaning: God is the one who gave everything its existence, then showed it what to do and how to act.

And that other aayah: "Wa Lituswna'a Ala 'Ayinee."

Meaning: So you will be shaped, formed, crafted – manufactured as it were – right before my eyes.

Allahu Akbar!

What a perfect factory for the production of a perfect human being, like one of his senior Rasuls and prophets, Musa, Alaihis Salam, Allah chose – the household of one of his most inveterate enemies: Pharaoh!

If this is not I'jaz, if this is not a miracle, what is?

And if this is not the entire story of Islam – in every age and place – then what is it?

This is how God’s ever-watchful eye guides, protects, shepherds and steers those who love him and whom he loves, in the most difficult and dire situations and circumstances.

What a powerful message of hope it is for all those who choose to work for Allah in any age or place!

We can spend the rest of our lives just chanting those two aayats.


Allah Makes Sense

This thing hit me like a ton of bricks. It always has. Except that I did not for some reason really pay any serious attention to it. Or connect with it.

If something -- anything -- is from Allah, the maker and master of the world, it has to make sense. At least to the extent our poor powers to comprehend can cope with it.

So, if it is from Allah, chances are it will make sense. Even with all the limitations that surround our life.

Is that why Allah uses the expression Bayyinah and plural Bayyinaat in relation to the things he presents and points to? Meaning Clear Signs and Plain Evidence?

Just ask yourself this: How can it be otherwise?

If it is from Allah, it has got to make sense. How different this is from the way much of the rest of the world understands these things!

That is why the conclusion is inescapable, Islam is from Allah, the maker and master of the world.


Islam & Public Relations

It should be clear to those who understand Islam as well as, at the same time, the real world in which we live, that Islam is Public Relations at its most sublime and best and that Public Relations, done right and done the way it ought to be done, is often little more than an application of Islamic teachings and principles in practice -- in real-life situations.

In more than one way, there is barely any daylight between the two.


Islam Is Doing Public Relations for Allah

Public Relations at its best is sharing with people -- all people -- the gift of truth, and nothing but the truth, so that they all can be the best that they can be and live the best and most wonderful life on earth that they can live.

Public Relations is telling the whole world how loving God is, and how wonderful God's creation is, and how everyone everywhere must reciprocate God's love and turn to him in obedience and humility and surrender.

And doing it all using the best and nicest possible means and methods. And the cleanest and purest possible motives and intentions.

That is what Public Relations is at its best.

In that sense, God sent some of the best people on earth to do Public Relations for him. And he called them his Anbiyaa' and Rusul -- prophets and messengers -- Alaihim Assalam.

After the Prophets and Messengers stopped coming, it is now the role and duty of Muslims in every place and generation to do Public Relations for Allah, which, again, means going and telling everyone everywhere how loving Allah is, and how wonderful his creation is, and how it is now time for them to turn to him.

In every age and place, that is what it means to be a Muslim: Allah's Public Relations Professionals on Earth.

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