Quote-Unquote – Book IV (301-400)

Oct 9, 2011

B) At the same time, it will also draw attack after attack from Shaitan — the Devil — who will leave no stone unturned to divide and distract us, and to arrest our progress, and dissipate and waste our resources and energies.

Among the most serious threats facing this work will be internal dissension, disharmony and division.

Nothing weakens or destroys Islam and Muslims at any given place or time as Muslims themselves working from within to destroy and weaken them.

And that is from the Qur’an and the Hadith.

Therefore, every time we see Islam and Muslims in peril, we can rest assured that more often than not it is a situation created from those inside.

That means as often as not it is an inside job.

Sometimes, danger comes in the form of naivete on the part of some; and sometimes it exists as outright charlatanism on the part of some others.

And some other times, some other people simply sell out to the enemy, whoever that maybe.

But, regardless, insiders are a source of constant danger to Islam and Muslims.

Therefore, to say, “Set a Muslim to Catch a Muslim,” may be neither wrong nor
an exaggeration.


 In Line For Good News?

For all those waiting, they think, in line for Allah’s blessings, to get acceptance of their Du’as from Allah, here is some good news:

Your prayers were heard when you made them.

Ujeebu da’watad-daa’i idhaa d’aanee!

Decisions were made before you were born.

Standing in a queue is the way of this world.

It is the democratic and civilized — Islamic — way of doing things.

More good news is that the lines are getting shorter, and the clock is ticking faster.

Just hang in there knowing that your prayers have been answered. The only question is what form the answers will take.

And when the postman will deliver the mail.

And here is a question for you to ask yourself:

What is the fair way, the right way, the smart way, for these things to happen?

Should Allah abide by your dictates and demands? And leave things in your hands?

Or should he run his affairs — and yours — the way he thinks best.

If it is any comfort to you — that is, if you have trained your heart to find comfort and joy in thinking about him, and in talking about him, and in submitting yourself to his decisions — you should not forget the obvious: His knowledge is infinity; yours is zero.

So, who would you rather trust?

The one who knows all — that is him?

Or the one who knows nothing — that is you?

You may derive further comfort from the fact that his love for you is more than your own mother’s love for you.

And that is assuming your mother is the best of all mothers.

And that his concern with your wellbeing is stronger than your own concern with your own wellbeing.

And there is even more good news for you.

In all things pertaining to Allah, and all things do, the greatest thing is not just to get to the end of the line, for, this is a line with no end, but just to get in the line, no matter at what point.

So, to those of you waiting in Allah’s line, congratulations!

Allah’s help is on the way.

It is nigh!

A-laa inna nasrallahi qareeb!


 Free Will: Solving the Puzzle

If human beings had all the knowledge in the world.

And, in addition to that, if they had all the power in the world.

And, furthermore, if they had all the specialized skills, tools and body parts in the world.

They will be able to fly like a bird, swim like a fish and zip around the universe like Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Casper, Superman and Spiderman.

But they don’t. So, they can’t and they don’t and won’t.

Now, at least they have the power to lift their hand and they have the knowledge where their head is.

So they can happily, or in monumental puzzlement, lift their hand to their head and scratch away!

And proclaim to themselves and the world: I can’t see past my nose; I can’t hear elephants and whales talk; and I will break my bones if I jumped from a cliff.

I am free to do that, but I choose – I repeat I choose – not to.

And I willfully and deliberately desist from doing that.

I am free to choose. And I am able to act.

Thank God Almighty I am free. And thank God Almighty I am able.

Even though there isn’t a thing I know or a thing I can do.

And, yet, thank God Almighty I have knowledge and I have power.

Even though I am a prisoner of the Law of Gravity and can control neither the winds nor the rains.

Nor can I stop the earth from rotating.

Or prevent the galaxies from hurtling or the seasons on earth from changing.

Nor do I have the slightest inkling of where and when and how I might call it a day in this world.

Will it be on the road in a rogue car?

Will it be in a bed for the ancient and the decrepit?

And yet I am free. And I have the power.

Both to scratch my head and not to jump off the cliff.

And, what is more, I also have, at the same time, the power and the will to question or deny I have the power and or the knowledge – to do this – or anything else!

How much simpler can it get?


 Islam Is All about Character and Integrity

What Muslims need to work on is character, integrity, education and excellence.

Everything else will follow.

That is how simple and easy it is to change the condition and destiny of


 Nothing but the Best

Islam simply means one thing: Doing the best in every thing you do.

If you ever want to figure out what went wrong with the Muslims, just
compare their lifestyles, choices and practices to this standard and you will

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