Quote-Unquote - Book IV (301-400)

Dr. Pasha on Islam, 
Muslims and the World

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time)


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Grafting Democracy onto Islam

There are those among Muslims who would like to graft Democracy onto Islam.

They say Islam is good and it is from God – from the East, they say.

And they say Democracy is from the West – and it is good, they say.

And then they say, wouldn’t it be nice if we married them off: Islam and Democracy together; Islam from the East and Democracy from the West.

What these Muslims – many of them good Muslims – don’t realize is that Islam is about People and their freedom and Democracy also is about People and their freedom.

That means both Islam and Democracy are Islam – together and inseparable.

And that which is about People and their rights is from God, no matter by what name you call it.

It is Islam.

Therefore, Muslims don’t need to marry one to the other. All they need to do is to understand their Islam properly and practice it fully.

For, that is Democracy.

And that is also Islam.


The Prophet Who Gave the World the Miracle of Education

Just imagine how much the educated world of today owes Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

And yet how ignorant and ill-informed and uncaring that world is about him.

Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, came into this world in early Seventh Century.

That was when reading and writing were generally forbidden for everyone except the members of the royal family, the rich landlords and the most privileged few.

Many people were put to the sword for daring to teach themselves or anyone else how to read and write.

In such a climate, Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, came and offered the world a “Book” – Al-Kitaab.

And he called that book The Reading – Al-Qur’an.

And he issued a common command to the whole world saying: “Read!

Then he said if any man or woman taught himself or herself one single passage of that BookAl-Kitaab, big or small, that would be more than 200 times better than worshipping God in other ways.

And he said that to Hazrat Abu Zarr, a companion of his, who was a most devout and God-fearing individual, given to worship a great deal.

He didn’t say “200 times better,” he said “More than 200 times better.”

Does the world of today know anything about this man -- Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam?

And does the educated world of today know anything about this most amazing of miracles that he gave the world: the miracle of education?

Do the Muslims know about this fact?

Do the non-Muslims know about this most miraculous fact?

What would it take for the Muslims to get out and share this fact with the
rest of the world?


Doling Out Democracy

The eventful year of 2011 is fading fast and the dawn of 2012 is about to break.

The world is abuzz with talk about Islam and Democracy. And people, good people, everywhere, are busy patching one to the other.

They seem to think that somehow the time has come to concoct a brew containing both ingredients: Islam as well as Democracy.

The allure is irresistible.

And the drums of Democracy are rolling around the world, including the Muslim world.

But Muslims have their own special way, as they often boast, of doing things. And doing Democracy is no exception.

But Muslims’ way of doing things is nothing if not remarkable, or, should we say interesting.

Mindboggling may not be too strong an expression.

And often, it has very little to do with reality, logic or common sense.

As for science, Muslims chased that Cinderella from their home and habitat a long time ago.

As a result, in Muslim culture, and in Muslim lands, it seems to be generally the foxes that guard the henhouses. 

And it is absolute Muslim monarchs, and other sundry tyrants and dictators, that dole out democracy to their subjects in ways and quantities – and as per the schedule and framework – they and their sycophantic and traitorous native advisers and former colonial foreign masters see fit.

And they have at their beck and call hosts of religious hirelings to put their seal of approval on these moves and keep the gullible and oppressed Muslim masses quiet and subdued.

But you cannot say Muslims do not have a sense of humor, or even a sense of irony. 

Muslims often seem to do things in ways that makes you want to burst out laughing.

That is when you have run out of tears to cry over the sorry plight of the poor, poor, poor Muslim men, women and children groaning under the yoke of some of the most barbaric and brutal oppression known to history.

Take Egypt for example, which is a country of roughly 83 million people today.

The tragic and benighted land of Egypt has been ground to dust under the heel of one repressive military dictatorship after another for nearly 60 years.

Today, the march to Democracy in Egypt will now be headed and supervised by a body that calls itself The Supreme Military Council, what else.

And that Supreme Military Council of Egypt is headed by a man who calls himself not just a General, but a “Field Marshal” – a title given to him by General Husni Mubarak who used to be the Military Dictator of Egypt for over 30 years before him.

Field Marshal Tantawi served the former Military Dictator Husni Mubarak for 20 years as his most loyal and faithful Defense Minister.

This is the man, and the other generals in cahoots with him in the Supreme Military Council, who will now preside over Egypt’s transition from 60 years of the most tyrannical military dictatorship to freedom and democracy!

As someone said: Go Figure!


Doing vs. Talking: Two Kinds of Living on God’s’ Earth

Two kinds of people live on God’s earth – among all the millions of other kinds that there are:

A) Those who get things done.
B) Those who talk about getting things done.

The first kind: Doers.

The second kind: Talkers.

While Islam cares about all kinds of people, including the talkers, Islam has a particular soft spot for the doing type.

Here may be a clue to the difference: between doing and talking about doing.

Doing tells us where people’s hearts really are.

And it tells us what people’s true priorities are.

Doing tells us what people really like to do.

Talking tells us what people like to talk about when they finished doing what they were out to do, what they really wanted to do.

Or when they have nothing really to do.

So, talkers talk, while doers do – they do what they really want to do.

Doing gets things done.

Talking fills time and makes us feel good. It also creates the illusion of doing.

Often, talking becomes a substitute for doing.

Islam, of course, values both types, even though, clearly, it is partial to
the doing type.


There Is Always a Way

Those who want to do something – anything – bad enough, they will always find a way for doing it.

This may be a good place for Muslims to ask: How badly do we want to do


The Hungry and Ailing Soul

Human beings are body and soul.

Body is what you see; soul is what is inside the body, invisible to the naked eye.

The body craves food, drink and medicine and must be fed and catered to with some regularity.

Pangs of hunger in humans are well known and acted upon with alacrity by those concerned.

But what most people don’t understand is that the soul too hungers and thirsts for nourishment.

And it has ailments that must be attended to.

But its cries are heard by few and responded to even less.

As a result, most human beings carry around in their often pampered and well-fed bodies souls that are emaciated, starved or diseased.

The results then show up in all kinds of unsavory ways – for individuals; for societies; and for the entire world.

Then all of those who never paid timely attention to the sick and dilapidated souls in and around them cry out in a chorus: Annaa Haadha?

That is Qur’an for:


Why is this happening to us?

And how did we get to be in this sorry state of affairs?”

Yaa hasratan 'alal 'ibaad, says God Almighty in the Qur’an, as if in reply.

What a pity, humans should have reached this terrible state!


 Islam Is Following a Predictable Routine!

Islam is doing what everyone of us must do -- or has undertaken to do: over and over and over.

It is part of our Focus -- which is one of the best definitions of Islam.

And of Iman.

Islam is Focus.

And Iman is Focus.

Haneefan and Hunafaa' are the expressions the Qur'an uses to capture the idea of Focus.

While Muslims must remind each other of our duties and responsibilities, the best and most powerful reminders are the ones that come from inside.

Often it is routine work.

But that is what Islam is -- for the most part.

Islam is routine work.

And as for reminding each other, that is what we are supposed to do.

Dhakkir, says the Qur'an: "Remind them!"

For, reminders will help the good guys.

They will help the believers.

As for those who do not believe, nothing helps them.


 Secret to Doing Islam

Consider Islam just another project, a personal project.

  • Just like going to school.
  • Finishing college.
  • Getting a job.
  • Building a business.
  • Finding a mate.
  • Acquiring a home.
  • Getting your kids married off, as they say.
  • Watching your favorite TV show or football or cricket or basketball game.

And then compare the way you do Islam with the way you do any of these other things. You will get all the answers you need.

You will then know why the world is the way it is and why you are the way you are.

You will then also know how one is a close correlate and associate of the other.


Islam Is Doing the Impossible 

Everyone will tell you why it is impossible for you to do this or that or something else.

I want you to know that life itself is just another name for doing all that seems impossible to do.

Such as walking on earth, most of the time upside down really, and not falling off into deep space.

Such as breathing raw air and turning it into life-giving oxygen.

Such as munching some berries and changing them into blood in your veins and flesh on your bones.

More of it later.

For now, just ponder over these few things and know that life is doing the impossible.

Islam is just another name for doing life the way it ought to be done.


 Islam Is Easy

God Almighty made Islam easy.

Easy to know, easy to learn, easy to understand and easy to practice.

He says so in the Qur'an -- over and over.

But Muslims make Islam difficult.

And they go to extraordinary lengths to do so.

And then Muslims wonder why they are the way they are and why the world is the way it is.

My advice to Muslims? Try Islam the nice, easy and practical way.

And see what happens.

To you and to the world.

Give yourself -- and give the world -- five years of easy Islam. 

And then call me if the world does not change by then.


This Eid: A New Dawn of Freedom!

To the Muslim World,

A 1432 Eid Greeting from Dr. Pasha

This Eid: A New Dawn of Freedom!

May this Eidul Adha -- 2011/1432 -- usher in to the Muslim World a new dawn of freedom.

Starting from today's Eid, may every Muslim government be a democratically elected one and may every Muslim people everywhere be a truly free and genuinely empowered people.

For, that is Islam.

And it is the quintessential spirit of what the world has recently taken to calling the Islamic Shari'ah.


This Baqr Eid, a Wish, a Prayer

This Baqr Eid, Qurban Bayram, Eidul Adha, call it what you will, I have a wish.

And I have a prayer.

I will not say it is from my heart.

For, my heart is broken to a million bits at what is happening in the world -- senseless violence; marauding injustice; rampaging lies.

So, I don't really have a heart to speak of.

Instead, there is a huge hole where my heart used to be.

And a lump of unspeakable anguish watching man's treachery to God.

And watching and living man's inhumanity to fellow-man.

But a wish -- and a prayer -- I do have.

And it is a very simple one.

It is that, beginning with this Eidul Adha, 1432, the Muslim World will be free of violence -- and lies.

That, Muslims will commit no violence and perpetrate no baseless lies against others.

And that, others will commit no violence and perpetrate no lies against Muslims.

And that no country in the world will use false and baseless propaganda to attack and invade another country and plunder its wealth and kill its people.

That is my simple wish for this whole new year starting with this new Baqr Eid 1432.

Eidul Adha 2011.

That is my prayer.

That is my wish.


Eid Sacrifice: Sheep for Slaughter

Muslims are slaughtering sheep as sacrifice to God to celebrate Eidul Adha in commemoration of Abraham's (God Bless Him) willingness to sacrifice his own begotten firstborn son to God.

Muslims, Christians and Jews all believe that story from the Bible and the Qur'an, even though Muslims say it was Ismaaeel, while others say, no, it was actually Isaac.

But do you know what I am thinking as I see all these sheep being led to the slaughterhouse?

As I see all these sheep huddle together and as I see Muslims pulling and dragging them by their horns and legs to kill them?

I am thinking of all those Muslim men, women and children that Muslims and their foreign puppeteers slaughtered over the years in the pursuit of wealth and power and land and possessions.

And in the pursuit of their petty little fiefdoms.

And, get this, yes, get this indeed: These so-called Muslims did a good bit of all that at the bidding of their foreign colonial masters and mentors.

That is how foreign colonial masters conquered, controlled and plundered much of Muslim lands and wealth: often using traitors and turncoats with Muslim names and Muslim garb to help them and to facilitate their work.

Not much has changed since the British conquered and colonized India by setting one so-called Muslim ruler and kingdom against another.

Today, individuals, organizations, countries and kingdoms with Muslim names and credentials do the same with equal glee.

Bulk of the Muslim masses lived in near-total ignorance then. They live in near-total ignorance now.

They were clueless then. They are clueless now.

They OD'ed on religion then as a substitute for real-life choices and action.

They OD on religion now as a substitute for real-life choices and action.

May God have mercy on those poor Muslims whom Muslim corruption, greed and naiveté slaughter like sheep to please their foreign colonial masters!

You may not have heard how the petty little Muslim kingdom of the Nizam of Hyderabad helped the British defeat another little Muslim Kingdom of the more nationalistic Tippu Sultan of Mysore.

That was the battle – the battle for Mysore at Srirangapatnam, India – that changed India’s destiny; sealed the fate of the Muslims in the subcontinent; and shaped the course of world history for the next two centuries.

Muslims get the credit for that one.

It was toward the end of the 18th Century, so there is no way you could have seen it.

But you saw with your own eyes, did you not, how Saddam of Iraq invaded Iran soon after a nationalist revolution broke out there and waged an eight-year-long war against that country, killing and maiming millions.

This was 1981-88. So, there is no way you could not have seen it.

You also saw what fate befell Saddam, right? And it happened right in front of your eyes: on television.

He was dragged like a rat from a hole and hanged like a thief from the gallows.

All that on TV!

So, on this Great Eid of Sacrifice, as Muslims slaughter their sheep, I think about how Muslim masses are led to the slaughterhouse by their leaders with Muslim names but with souls perhaps so dark that the Devil himself would envy.

If you don't believe me, watch Iran and watch it very carefully. For, that is where the action is over the next 10 years.

That is where you will see Muslims use their foreign friends to attack,
invade and destroy yet another independent Muslim country and slaughter hundreds
of thousands, perhaps millions of innocent Muslim men, women and children.


Hate and Prejudice

Some people will continue to harbor hate and spew venom and prejudice against Islam and Muslims, no matter who tells them what to the contrary.

Often, such people abhor and fear truth in general -- and about Islam and Muslims in particular.

Not that, in many cases, they don't know the facts.

It is just that they cannot handle the truth.


Hiding in Islam from Islam

I have, I am sure said this before, and I want to say it again: My friends "Good Muslims" hide in Islam from the harsh Muslim reality that surrounds them.

In other words, they hide in Islam from Islam.

Sometimes, they simply dive into the nearest Masjid and busy themselves in what they say is 'Ibaadah.

Little do they realize that the biggest 'Ibaadat in life is taking a good and searching look at the world of Allah as it envelops them from every side and then trying to do everything in their power to fix the mess in which that world finds itself.

That is Islam.

And there is no bigger Fard than that.

As for Farz Namaz, how long does it take an average "Good Muslim" to do their Farz Namaz?

The question is, what do "Good Muslims" do once the Farz Namaz is
over and done with.


Use and Abuse of Meetings and Committees

I am often skeptical about Meetings and Committees.

For obvious reasons.

They are often wasteful of time and resources.

At times, they are little more than a refuge for the indolent and the indifferent -- and the generally unproductive.

In some quarters, they end up being devices for distracting people and deferring action.

While I have all these reservations about Meetings and Committees, I want to leave no doubt that Meetings and Committees are important.

And often they are indispensable tools of democracy -- and Islam, which in many ways comes down to being the same thing. 

Meetings and Committees are generally the instruments through which a free people exercises Power and Participation in a Democratic Society.

In the language of Islam, it is called Shoora.

In Islam, Shoora means grass-roots democratic participation and involvement on the part of a Free People -- at all levels.

Without such broad-based participation, chanting the name of Islam is mere lipservice.

At worse, it is a way to hoodwink people and distract them from knowing, demanding and working to realize their basic human rights.

So, Committees and Meetings are an instrument of Shoora -- of Islam that is.

To be effective, Committees must be freely elected and fairly nominated.

And they must be efficiently run.

Members and Leadership of Committees must make the best and most efficient use of the time and resources available to them.

And they must be constantly aware of their accountability before God -- and before Society.

That is Islam.


Islam Above and Islam Below

God above, that is Islam.

People below, that is Islam.

God's government in heaven -- and everywhere else. That is Islam.

People's government on earth. That is Islam.

People's elected government, fair and honest and God-fearing, run based on God's immutable guidance in Scripture. That is God's Kingdom on Earth.


Education: The Missing Link of Islam and Muslims

Qur’an says Islam is all about Education.

Allah defines Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam’s, mission on earth as Education.

Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, said, all he was is an Educator.

Innamaa bu’ithtu mu’alliman is how he put it.

So, no matter how you look at it, Education is everything in and about Islam.

And Education also is the key to everything good and wonderful in this world.

And yet Education is Muslims’ Missing Link to reality, to Islam and to God.

And even now, after the passage of a millennium and a half to the arrival of Islam on earth, Muslims worry about everything except Education.

And they are among the least educated people in the world.

Who but Muslims can do something like that and get away with it?


Pushing the Envelope

Islam is getting out of one’s comfort zone and taking a good look at the world around.

It is pushing the envelope of one’s ideas and beliefs and critically examining the foundations in which those beliefs and ideas are rooted.

That is what the Qur’an came to teach people. And that is what Islam is.


Love and Tolerance

Islam is living in peace and amity with everyone and everything around you.

It is showing love and tolerance even toward those who will show you none and will give you no quarter.


Safe House

As a Muslim, your house should be the safest place on earth for the little babies of your worst enemies, even of those who may have raped your women and butchered your babies.

That is what Islam teaches and that is what Muslims demonstrated throughout their history.

No, such a system could not have been devised by mere mortals. Only God, the creator of all, the most compassionate and loving, the most compassionate and loving, as he refers to himself repeatedly, could have designed a system like this – for all human beings.

And he did.

That is why Islam spread like wild fire, when it first appeared in Arabia 1400 years ago.

And that is why it will do so again.


 Salah or Namaz: A Paragon of “Professional” Conduct

Amateurs do things however they please: randomly; haphazardly; by the seat of their pants, as they say.

Professionals do things the right way.

There is consistency and predictability in the work of professionals – because professionals follow routine and process.

Civilized societies are societies of laws, they say, and not of men.

That means the more a civilization progresses, the more bound and guided it becomes by laws, rules and procedures, and the less it runs based on the whim and convenience of individuals.

We as Muslims should aim at 100 percent professionalism. That means we must follow a certain process and set of procedures in everything we do.

Our work must always be consistent and predictable and perfect.

And it must always be the best that it can possibly be.

Of course, all this within the means, resources and skills God has given us.

But then, as Muslims, it is also our duty to do everything in our power to improve our skills and increase of our means and resources.

I can’t think of a more perfect example of consistency and predictability in Islam -- or anywhere else -- than Salah or Namaz.

That itself is proof, right there, that this Namaz or Salah is not of human design but purely and entirely of divine origin.

The same Takbir, the same recitation from the Qur’an, the same Rukoo’, the same Sajdah, the same Jalsah, the same Tashahhud, and so on and so on, in every Namaz or Salah.

But what makes it all the more of a miracle is not just how perfect it is in every way, but how it was born that way from Day One – 1400 years ago on this earth.

Nothing changed. Nothing morphed.

How do you explain something like that in purely human terms?

If people saw Muslims doing Salah or Namaz and they analyzed and tried to understand what Muslims were doing, that alone would be enough to make someone a Muslim, no matter what background they may come from.

That is how mind-bogglingly consistent, predictable and perfect the routine of the Salah or Namaz is in every respect – every time and everywhere.


Islam and Muslims Face Insider Threat

All of us must always bear in mind that if our work of wanting to take the Qur'an to every home and heart has any merit at all, two things will happen.

A) It will draw test after test from Allah, to which Allah will subject us, to find out who among us is telling the truth, when we claim to love Allah and serve his creation, and who is not.

That is directly from the Qur'an.

B) At the same time, it will also draw attack after attack from Shaitan -- the Devil -- who will leave no stone unturned to divide and distract us, and to arrest our progress, and dissipate and waste our resources and energies.

Among the most serious threats facing this work will be internal dissension, disharmony and division.

Nothing weakens or destroys Islam and Muslims at any given place or time as Muslims themselves working from within to destroy and weaken them.

And that is from the Qur'an and the Hadith.

Therefore, every time we see Islam and Muslims in peril, we can rest assured that more often than not it is a situation created from those inside.

That means as often as not it is an inside job.

Sometimes, danger comes in the form of naivete on the part of some; and sometimes it exists as outright charlatanism on the part of some others.

And some other times, some other people simply sell out to the enemy, whoever that maybe.

But, regardless, insiders are a source of constant danger to Islam and Muslims.

Therefore, to say, "Set a Muslim to Catch a Muslim," may be neither wrong nor
an exaggeration.


 In Line For Good News?

For all those waiting, they think, in line for Allah's blessings, to get acceptance of their Du'as from Allah, here is some good news:

Your prayers were heard when you made them.

Ujeebu da'watad-daa'i idhaa d'aanee!

Decisions were made before you were born.

Standing in a queue is the way of this world.

It is the democratic and civilized -- Islamic -- way of doing things.

More good news is that the lines are getting shorter, and the clock is ticking faster.

Just hang in there knowing that your prayers have been answered. The only question is what form the answers will take.

And when the postman will deliver the mail.

And here is a question for you to ask yourself:

What is the fair way, the right way, the smart way, for these things to happen?

Should Allah abide by your dictates and demands? And leave things in your hands?

Or should he run his affairs -- and yours -- the way he thinks best.

If it is any comfort to you -- that is, if you have trained your heart to find comfort and joy in thinking about him, and in talking about him, and in submitting yourself to his decisions -- you should not forget the obvious: His knowledge is infinity; yours is zero.

So, who would you rather trust?

The one who knows all -- that is him?

Or the one who knows nothing -- that is you?

You may derive further comfort from the fact that his love for you is more than your own mother's love for you.

And that is assuming your mother is the best of all mothers.

And that his concern with your wellbeing is stronger than your own concern with your own wellbeing.

And there is even more good news for you.

In all things pertaining to Allah, and all things do, the greatest thing is not just to get to the end of the line, for, this is a line with no end, but just to get in the line, no matter at what point.

So, to those of you waiting in Allah's line, congratulations!

Allah's help is on the way.

It is nigh!

A-laa inna nasrallahi qareeb!


 Free Will: Solving the Puzzle

If human beings had all the knowledge in the world.

And, in addition to that, if they had all the power in the world.

And, furthermore, if they had all the specialized skills, tools and body parts in the world.

They will be able to fly like a bird, swim like a fish and zip around the universe like Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Casper, Superman and Spiderman.

But they don’t. So, they can’t and they don’t and won’t.

Now, at least they have the power to lift their hand and they have the knowledge where their head is.

So they can happily, or in monumental puzzlement, lift their hand to their head and scratch away!

And proclaim to themselves and the world: I can't see past my nose; I can't hear elephants and whales talk; and I will break my bones if I jumped from a cliff.

I am free to do that, but I choose – I repeat I choose – not to.

And I willfully and deliberately desist from doing that.

I am free to choose. And I am able to act.

Thank God Almighty I am free. And thank God Almighty I am able.

Even though there isn't a thing I know or a thing I can do.

And, yet, thank God Almighty I have knowledge and I have power.

Even though I am a prisoner of the Law of Gravity and can control neither the winds nor the rains.

Nor can I stop the earth from rotating.

Or prevent the galaxies from hurtling or the seasons on earth from changing.

Nor do I have the slightest inkling of where and when and how I might call it a day in this world.

Will it be on the road in a rogue car?

Will it be in a bed for the ancient and the decrepit?

And yet I am free. And I have the power.

Both to scratch my head and not to jump off the cliff.

And, what is more, I also have, at the same time, the power and the will to question or deny I have the power and or the knowledge – to do this – or anything else!

How much simpler can it get?


 Islam Is All about Character and Integrity

What Muslims need to work on is character, integrity, education and excellence.

Everything else will follow.

That is how simple and easy it is to change the condition and destiny of


 Nothing but the Best

Islam simply means one thing: Doing the best in every thing you do.

If you ever want to figure out what went wrong with the Muslims, just
compare their lifestyles, choices and practices to this standard and you will


 Of Individuals, Nations and Societies

It is individuals who go on to spawn and become nations and societies.


 The Great Human and Muslim Puzzle

These are the days of the Internet. We live in a world without borders.

And we live in a world with limitless potential and possibilities.

In such a world, how is it possible for us as human beings just to stand around and watch all the wonderful things happening in the world and not burst out into spontaneous cheers and applause?

In the same way, how is it possible for us to watch all the terrible things happening right in front of our eyes on television or the worldwide web and not cry and condemn?

And how is it possible, for Muslims in particular, to have the limitless potential of the Internet at their disposal and yet make no all-out effort to reach every home and heart in our world with the most beautiful message of Islam?


Melding Our Will with Allah's

Here is a very nice Du'a from a very nice Muslim:

"I should train myself to want the things that Allah wants for me, and to be able to recognize what He wants from and for me," (Kern Ranjitsingh).

My comment:

"So should all of us!"


Education without End: Part of Muslim Job Description

Those of us who really love God, and care about his creation, we should all be always keenly aware of how to move all those we come in contact with from where we find them to a higher stage of sincerity and commitment to Allah, and to Allah's work, and to love and service to Allah's creation.

That is part of our Job Description as Muslims.

And it doesn't matter who these people are we are talking about: whether they are Jews or Christians; whether they are Hindus or Muslims; whether they are believers or unbelievers; whether they are rich or poor; and whether they are from this or that race or nation or society.

That is a sacred trust we hold in our hands from God as Muslims. And on the Day of Judgment we shall be required to render account for it before God.

Wa kaana 'ahdullahi mas-oolaa, says God Almighty in the Qur'an, which in paraphrase means: "And there shall be accountability before God concerning his covenant."


Seeking the Wellbeing of Others: That Is Islam

So many people say so many foolish, wicked and baseless things about Islam and Muslims.

Poor Muslims, most of them have neither the sophistication to know what is going on.

Nor do they possess the skills to address what is going on in any meaningful way and respond to it effectively.

If truth be told, as it always must be, here is a key element that goes, as it should, into shaping what you might call the Islamic character: Every Muslim must perpetually seek the wellbeing of this world and all its occupants – from human to non-human; and from Muslim to non-Muslim.

How much clearer can anyone make it?

Listen to this Hadith of Sayyidina (our leader and our master) Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and you will know:

Addeenu annaseehah, said the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

And in paraphrase it means: Deen (this Islamic faith business, if you will) is to work tirelessly, and forever, to enhance the wellbeing of others.

Now is it fair to ask: Who’s got what to match or trump it?


Islam Means Getting the Word Out

The responsibility to take Allah's word to every home and heart is not other people's. It is ours.

And that means yours and mine.

And it is also work that must be done today and cannot be left till tomorrow.

That is why God Almighty created us and placed us in this world -- all of us.

And that is also what it means to be a Muslim.

If only every one of us realized that, what a beautiful world this would be.


Islam Is Simple, Islam Is for All, and Islam Is All Good

Islam is simple, clear, uncomplicated. People, both Muslims and non-Muslims, make it sound hard, confusing and complicated.

Islam is from God and Islam is all good.

What is more, Islam is for all, and not just for Muslims.

What Muslims owe the world, and what the world owes itself, and which is a clear directive from God, is introduce the world to Islam – to make the world interface with Islam.

At one time, that was the mission of the messengers and Prophets that God sent into the world.

Now, in our own time, and forever, that remains the purpose and central focus of the life of Muslims in this world.


It Is Your Heart You Know!

You must try to keep your heart as clean and polished as possible all the time. For, a rusted mirror does not reflect the light (Nur) that God shines on it.


Reader Reaction to the Book Islam: New Frontiers

Dear Dr. Pasha: Thank you so much for this book. What an inspiring reading....

The book gave me so much reasons why I've chosen to embrace Islam as a way of life.

As a new convert, this book is an epiphany for me; you've absolutely encapsulated everything I do read from the meaning of the Koran, and the book epitomises Islam with tremendous sincerity, and this is what I believe Islam is all about.

Thanks again for this valuable work and Allah bless you for this good work.


 Author's Reaction to a Reader of the book Islam: New Frontiers

It was Allah's blessing to write it. It is Allah's blessing to have you read it. It is Allah's blessing that we were all guided to the Qur'an in one way or another. May Allah make his blessings last on us forever.

And may Allah bless you for reading and reacting to it in such a wonderful manner.

And may Allah bless all those who in any form or fashion helped with the editing, printing, promoting and distribution of this book.

May Allah grant it acceptance and open the hearts and minds of people for it and to his Haqq -- Truth -- through it.


Our Goal: Best of Everything for Everyone

What do we want? Simple!

We want every human being to have the best of everything – in this world as well as in the next world.

And we want that for all human beings, everywhere and for all time: Muslim as well as non-Muslim; male as well as female; old as well as young; White, Black as well as all other.

As a result, we want every human being to be the best human being they can be. And we want every human being to have the opportunity to know Islam, try Islam and be able to give Islam a chance in their life.

That is because Islam is all good; and because Islam is from God Almighty; and because Islam is not a concoction of human contriving, sacred or secular.

At the same time, we also want every Muslim – those who are already Muslim as well as those who from now on will become Muslim – to be the best human beings and the best Muslims they can be.

That is our most fervent wish; our most ardent prayer; and our most sincere and dedicated effort.

How can anyone possibly go wrong with something like that?


God Raises Up People to Do His Work

In every time and place, and all times and places are his, when God Almighty wants his work done, he raises up the people to do it.

And he provides those people the tools and resources to do his work with.

Blessed indeed are the people whom God's eye picks to do his work.

And how sad is the fate of those who try to get in the way of God and his work.

This is the point the life of Moses, may God bless him, illustrates.

And this is the detail about life, and about God’s plan for his world, that Pharaoh could not grasp.


Attacks on Islam & Presenting Islam to the World

I have devoted a lifetime to the study of attacks on Islam and Muslims.

And on the Qur'an and the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

After years of careful analysis, I have come to the following conclusions:

(1) Many of the attacks on Islam and Muslims are egregious, ill-intentioned and malicious.

(2) These attacks proceed from a diverse set of motives ranging from religious and political to economic, financial and personal.

(3) And the best way to deal with these attacks is for Muslims to present Islam to the world in an organized, vigorous, comprehensive and proactive manner.

(4) This is something Muslims largely failed to do in the past. And this is what Muslims must start doing at least now -- without losing more time.

(5) Such a positive and purposeful presentation of Islam to the world will automatically address, and effectively answer, many of the issues that are raised by those who attack Islam.

(6) It will give the lie to many of the false charges laid against Islam by those who hate Islam and Muslims for their own religious and political and other reasons.

(7) While a small hard core of Islam-haters will remain unaffected by this attempt on the part of Muslims to present Islam to the world, a large preponderance of people around the world will react positively to it.

(8) And once Muslims have done a fair amount of baseline presentation work, Allah will open the hearts and minds of the world to the beauty, truth and glory of his Deen of Islam.


The Islamic Way

This is what you must do, whenever you do things, especially when you embark on a campaign of some kind: Make things easy, not hard; bring joy and comfort, not stress and unhappiness.

This in a sense means do things for effect, not for show.

Derived from Hadith Sharif which says: Yassiroo wa laa tu'assiroo; bashshiroo, wa laa tunaffiroo!


Who Is To Blame

When things go wrong – and they often do – people look for someone to blame. Often, they find it easier to blame others than to hold themselves accountable.

Scapegoating” is an old idea. It is in the Bible – the Old Testament. Blaming someone else for what you did.

The Qur'an wants us to look in the mirror and see whose face is staring back at us.

"Who is responsible?" the Qur'an seems to teach us to ask. “Whose face is it that is staring back at us from inside that mirror?”

"Ours, of course!" the Qur'an seems to suggest.

But this does not mean others are not out to get us. A lot of times, they are. And there is a whole host of them.

All kinds of others, using all kinds of pretexts and excuses – and proceeding from all kinds of motivations and backgrounds.

And you should beware of them all.

And at all times you should take appropriate steps to protect yourself from their evil designs and machinations.

But then, at the same time, what is most important is that you take a searching look at yourself and ask: “What am I doing wrong and how can I fix it?”

"And how can I do things different and better?"

That is the Islamic Way. At least that is part of it.

And once you fix what is wrong at your end, other things, the Qur'an seems to suggest, will fall in place.

In other words, the Qur’an seems to say, the world will fix itself, if only you will go ahead and fix yourself.

That is because God Almighty is a part of this equation. And a very important part at that.

In fact, God is all of that equation. And of every other equation.

In everything, he is the beginning; the end; and everything that is in between.

And he is on your side, if you decide to be on his side.

That is, if you are serious and sincere in what you say you are doing – for him; for his people; and for his creation.

So, you go, change yourself, to the extent you can, and Allah will change his world for you.

To the extent you can – that is all he asks of you.

And God says so very clearly: Innallaha laa yughaiyyiru maa bi-qawumin hattaa yughaiyyiroo maa bi-anfusihim.

Paraphrase: Allah does not change the condition of an individual, a community, a people or a society, till they themselves set about changing themselves.

Nor does Allah place a burden on anyone more than they can carry. Hear the Qur'an say it: Laa yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus'ahaa.

That is the last word on changing the world so far as the Qur'an is concerned.

And, also, so far as the Qur'an is concerned, that is also the extent of our
own responsibility in that regard.


Weakness of Iman

It shows how weak or strong our Iman -- our faith and trust in God -- really is when we depend on people for support more than we depend on God -- all kinds of support: moral, material, other kind.


God Is One!

God is one. Everyone knows that. Or, at least, they should.

So, the Qur’an says: “Say, God is One!”

Qul Huwallahu Ahad (112:1).

And then of course, if God is God, then he does not, should not, owe anything to anyone. He should not be beholden to or dependent on any one.

And the Qur’an says that too: Allahus Swamad (112:2).

So, that is who God is, our lord and master: Dhaalikumullahu Rabbukum (6:102; 10:3).

So, let us all join together in worshipping him – Fa’budoohu (6:102; 10:3).

A most beautiful message from the most beautiful Qur’an!


Our Way Is the Way of Truth

Allah is truth.

Not just any kind of truth, but clear and transparent truth.

That is what the Qur'an says.

Allah is Al-haqqul Mubin, says the Qur'an -- clear and manifest truth.

Working for Allah, therefore, is all about truth and integrity.

When those are compromised, or replaced by fraud and deceit to any degree, there is nothing left of working for Allah.

This includes what is called "Spin" by the media and political commentators.

And it also may end up including what people think is merely "Cutting Corners.


Knowing How to Pray

For a world that doesn’t seem to know even how to ask its own maker and master for what it wants and needs, here is a prayer taken directly out of the pages of the Qur’an.

It is from the very first chapter, the Opening Chapter if you will, of the Qur’an.

If this does not convince you that this Qur’an is from God, I don’t know what will.

So, here goes:

“Lead us on to the straight path!

The path of those you have blessed.

Not the path of those who displease you.”


Put Allah First

Those who think or say they work for Allah – which basically means all Muslims – they must train themselves to do one simple thing.

With regard to everything in their life, they must learn to put Allah first – and last – and second – and third – and fourth – and everywhere else.

That means they must learn to put Allah first and last and in the middle – and everywhere else in their life.

Otherwise, they should go and find something else to do for themselves.

That means they must find a new master – like so many people have.

And they must work for someone other than Allah – like so many other people do.

Hear the Qur’an say it:

Huwal Awwalu wal Aakhiru waz Zwaahiru wal Baatin.


Truth about Democracy

Democracy is Islam! No ifs, no buts, you want Islam, you must have democracy
first. And last.


 Democracy Is Islam! 

Democracy is Islam!

For those who understand both Islam and democracy, and the world in which we live, there is no doubt about the fact that democracy is Islam.

Do you think that is partly why the Qur'an mandated education – including a thorough knowledge and understanding of the world, for example – before people begin to even think or talk about Islam.

Leave alone boast and brag about it.

Why do you think God started his message to the world with the command: Read?


Do you think it is a subtle hint from the creator of the world that Islam was not going to be a playground for fools, nincompoops and ignoramuses?

That it was a declaration from God that Islam was not going to be a bonanza for sundry Snake-Oil Merchants?

And for the marketers of all kinds of Mumbo-Jumbo in the name of what the world so glibly calls “Religion”?

Take heed people, Islam is democracy. That means, no democracy, no Islam.”


 Consistency Is Key to Islam

(Dr. Firdaus Kamalodeen)

In practicing Islam, we should pace things consistent with our circumstances. Small things done continuously and consistently - are far better than bursts of energy followed by dormancy.


 Pseudo-Sheikhs and the Peril of Professionalizing Islam

Among the most serious challenges facing Islam and Muslims today is the professionalization of Islam and Muslims by career seekers who use Allah's Deen and its followers to make a buck.

Instead of going out and getting an education and a degree; finding a job; setting up an honest business; and making a living that way, some of these folks find it easier and more profitable to turn Islam and Muslims into a career path for themselves.

Many of them, many new converts to Islam among them, thus become preachers and teachers of Islam: to Muslims, mind you, not to Non-Muslims.

The result often is a disaster for Islam, Muslims and the world.

May Allah save his world from these pseudo sheikhs and traders in Islam and Muslims!


 Islam Is Doing Things Right

In Islam, you may do things big or small. It depends on your ability, circumstance and resources. In that respect, you have a choice in what you do.

But where you don't have a choice is in how you do things. That means regardless of what it is that you may be doing, you must do it right. In that you don't really have a choice.

For, Islam is all about doing things right.


 Eyes of Man, Eyes of God

Before you worry whether or not you are doing something right in the Eyes of God, you must worry about whether or not you are doing it right in the Eyes of Man -- as our Christian friends used to say until fairly recently.


Islam Is Doing Your Duty

Islam is the most simple and straightforward thing there is. How can it be otherwise when it is a system designed by the maker and master of the universe to help guide human life on earth?

In real life situations, Islam comes down to every one of us doing their duty at any given time and in any given situation. There is nothing more to it than that.

And in most cases, and in most situations, it is crystal clear for most normal and healthy people what it is that they need to do.

Now read the Hadith SharifAl-Halalu Bayyinun, Wal Haramu Bayyinun.


Keep Each Other Fired Up!

It is not enough for good people to do good things by and for themselves.

It is also important for them to keep each other motivated and fired up.


God in Heaven, Human Beings on Earth

Good people must try not only to love God in Heaven, they must also love human beings -- and all of God's creation -- on earth and seek to serve them the best way they know how.

That is Islam!


God Is Forever

God did NOT come into existence, at any particular point in time -- or place.

He is and shall be forever, and there is no point or place for his beginning -- origin -- or end.

That is God!

As the Qur'an says: Huwal Awwalu wal Aaakhir Waz-Zwahiru Wal Baatin!


He is the first and the last.

And the manifest and the hidden.

And then Qur'an sums it all up elsewhere by saying: Dhaalikumullahu Rabbukum!

That is your God!

That is who God is -- or should be.


Real Islam in a Capsule

Want to know what real Islam is? Here, let me give it to you in capsule form!

“Love God! Serve his world!"

That is Islam in a capsule. Or, call it a nutshell if you wish.

Want to improve on it? Let us see how you do it.


Work and Worship in Islam 

In Islam, work is worship.

So, you should do nothing in your work, which you will not do in your worship.

For, the same God is watching you in both places: your place of worship as well as your place of work.


Islam Is Education

If you are a Muslim – even if you are not – you must know this simple truth about Islam: In Islam, education is worship. And of the better and higher kind.

But don’t ask me why so many Muslims in so many places are so far away from the goal of education in their lives and in their societies.


What Muslims Do

Muslims often do these two things:

  1. When God gives them good leaders, they run and hide, or they play all kinds of games and tricks with them.
  2. And when Allah gives them bad leaders, they run and throw themselves over
    all kinds of cliffs in all kinds of fruitless pursuits.


Non-Muslim Tragedy

One of the saddest tragedies in the world is the fact that all too many non-Muslims use their troubled dynamics with the Muslims as an excuse for their ignorance about Islam.

It breaks one’s heart thinking that all too, too many non-Muslims turn their fight with Muslims, their fellow-human beings on this earth, for whatever reason, into a fight with their own creator, God Almighty in Heaven.


Children on the Playground

Human beings are like little children on a playground. They are too busy with their toys and too excited about playing.

It does not occur to them that at any moment their mother will call them and they will have to drop everything and run back home.

“From God we come and to God we shall return” (the Qur’an).


Interdependence of Deen and Dunya

I don’t know how many people will understand if I said, in Islam, Deen is Dunya.

Deen is all things that generally pass for “Religion.”

Deen also refers to the world after death, otherwise known as Aakhirah.

Dunya is this world – all the chores, worries and responsibilities that people deal with during their tenure on earth, while they live in this world.

And in Islam, there is no daylight, as they say these days, no separation or dichotomy, between the two: the Deen and the Dunya.

It is one continuum, two closely and inseparably intertwined dimensions, of the same basic reality of a life of total submission to God Almighty.

So, you take care of one, the other will automatically take care of itself.

You take care of the Dunya, Allah will take care of the Deen and Aakhirah.

To get a fuller perspective on this equation, read the declaration by Ibrahim, Alaihis Salam, in the Qur’an:

Inna Swalaatee Wa Nusukee Wa Mahyaaya Wa Mamaatee Lillahi Rabbil 'Aalameen.

And reflect on the Hadith Sharif:

Addunya Mazra’atul Aakhirah!


Islamic Culture

Islam came to teach us all a sublime and superior culture of perfect integrity, honesty, transparency and "Non-Manipulativeness."

Many Muslims have wandered off miles from that divine culture. We all need to retrace our steps and regroup and retool.

That way, we will be able to build a bright and blessed new future for all of us and for the rest of the world.

That is what Islam came into this world to teach us to do.


Winning Arguments vs. Winning People

(Dr. Firdaus)

In life, the most important thing is not winning arguments, which is what most people try to do, but winning people, which is what Allah does in the Qur'an. 


The Sun and the Clouds

When it comes to Islam – and the Qur'an – just consider this: The sun has gone behind the clouds, but the clouds will part and the sun will reappear.

For, that is the nature of the sun and the clouds.

It is part of the perpetual interplay of light and darkness in nature that there are times when the sun comes under a cloud cover. But the clouds must, and do, part, and the sun always reappears.

For, that is the nature of the clouds: to part, every time they cover the sun.

Short of Qiyaamat, or the Doom’s Day, this is the immutable law of nature – what the Qur’an calls Sunnatullah Allah’s Way.

How beautifully and powerfully and how clearly Allah states that idea in the Qur’an:

(a) Here is the Qur’an:

Fa-inna Ma’al 'Usri Yusran, Inna Ma’al 'Usri Yusraa!

“Surely, with hardship comes ease. Surely with hardship comes ease.”

(b) Here again is the Qur’an:

Jaa-al Haqqu wa Zahaqwal Baatwil, Innal Baatwila Kaana Zahooqwaa!

“Truth has arrived and falsehood has vanished.
For, that is the nature of falsehood: falsehood must always depart and vanish.”


Dr. Pasha to his students:

If you need it, we will find it; if it is broken, we will fix it.


Again, Dr. Pasha to his students:

For this year, we have fixed a new ceiling for all of us to aim at: just a trifle beyond the stars! No, the Sky is not, and never has been, the limit for those who call themselves my students."

(Dr. Pasha: Inspired by Iqbal’s Urdu Poetry: Sitaaron Say Aagay Jahaan Awur Bhi Hayin.)


A Question to All of Us

Has anyone ever tried to calculate and tabulate the trillions upon trillions upon trillions of ways in which Allah's blessings and Rahmat come into this world and in our own lives?

Wa In Ta'uddoo Ni'amatallahi Laa Tuhswoohaa!"


Allah's Help Is Always Around

When you are working for Allah, you are downstream from the Rahmat of Allah.

Allah's Rahmat, blessings, and support come in many ways and forms and surround those who work for Allah and provide them strength and sustenance.

A-laa Inna Naswrallahi Qwareeb, is how the Qur'an puts it. Allah's help is not far, says this Aayat Kareemah.


Aiming High and Dreaming Big

The important thing in life is not always just to think logically and act rationally. Sometimes, it is important also to aim high and dream big.

Humans need to learn to pour out all their heart's desires, and all their mind's wishes, to their master and maker, Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, and then let Allah's Rahmat and Allah's Law of Kun-Fa-Yakoon go to work on them.

Nothing is too small or too big to be submitted to Allah's Rahmat. The only thing that matters is that you ask Allah for nothing that is in any way wrong or bad.

And that whatever you ask, you ask with all the fervor and passion in your heart.

Once you do that, there is no stopping that train short of the door of Allah's Mercy and Grace.

And the door of Allah's Mercy opens every time it is knocked.

In fact, there is no time or place when that door is ever shut or locked.

That is why Allah calls himself not just Ar-Rahman but also Ar-Raheem!


Shaitan and Muslims

Shaitan has such a hold on so many of us Muslims that we lose all kinds of perspective on God, on Islam, on the Qur'an, on the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and on our role and place in this world.

As a result, we run around doing and saying things we should not, and at the same time not doing and not saying things that we should.

And when we do and say the things we are supposed to, we do that without much regard to how to do or say them right.

And then we complain that so many things are wrong with us.

May Allah have mercy on the Ummat of Sayyidina Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

Allahummarham Ummata Muhammadin, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.


Patriot Muslims

I have said this before, and I want to say it again, no matter what country or society you are looking at, you are not going to find a more loyal, true and devoted citizen and "patriot," in the best and most noble sense of that term, than a truly knowledgeable and God-fearing Muslim.


Two Ways to Elect Someone to Office

This is election season in America. Let me explain how elections work.

There are two ways in which you elect someone to office: by voting and by not voting.

You put people in office by voting for them. And by not voting for them, and voting for someone else.

There are always going to be those who don’t vote at all.

So, whether you vote for this candidate, or for that candidate, or not vote at all, you are still a participant in the process of putting people in office – an active participant I should say.

Because, in elections, every single vote counts: the one that is cast as well as the one that is not cast.

If that is how it is in the real world, then you may as well do everything in your power to help elect the best available candidates by voting for them.

That, in a word, is Islam.


Timeless! That Is What Islam Is!

It never ceases to amaze me. How Islam came into this world, from our point of view, 1400 years ago.

That too in the middle of a barren desert cut off from everywhere else in the world.

And on top of all that, it was delivered and modeled by a man who was a complete stranger to all formal training and education.

And yet, after the passage of 1400 years, Islam is as fresh today as tomorrow’s morning dew.

I look at Islam’s teachings and never cease to marvel how relevant they are to today’s complex and fast-paced world.

I ask myself, which one of these will I change or improve. My answer invariably is: Not one of them!

There is not a single thing I will change about Islam.

That is how perfect, complete and fresh Islam is even today, after the
passage of all these long centuries.


Working for Allah: A Simple Methodology

Here is a simple way to teach most people how to work for Allah: Tell them to work for Allah the way they would work for themselves. And to work for themselves the way they say they work for Allah.

Get it?

Just flip the two sides of the equation -- working for your own best interests and working for Allah.

And then see how things work. It may turn out you will end up doing both
things better.


How People Got It Backwards

Allah made people to work for him.

Allah says to them: Work for me; that is why I made you; and I will take care of all your needs.

Most people seem to flip this proposition on its head. They seem to say: OK, I am going to spend all my time, and all my energy, and all my resources working for myself and my family.

And then, when I get a little bit of free time, once a week or once a year, maybe, or once in a lifetime, I will spend that time working for Allah.


And then everyone complains -- and that includes the Muslims -- that the
world is the way it is.


A Quote from a Concerned Human Being

It's been quite interesting times recently.

Subhanallah, this is Allah's world and we want to see it function from our own narrow perspectives. In doing so, we often seem to miss the point that he does what he wants, as and when and how he wants, and he is accountable to no one. 

But still we push and pull at things in a bid to change them, as, of course, we must. Because that is our role in this world as human beings.

It is extremely painful mentally, and depressing frankly, to function where some of us live these days. Maybe the tolerance level of some of us is wearing thin. Maybe some of us are oversensitive.

But the deceit, betrayal and hypocrisy from so many different ends seems to be getting worse and worse by the day.

The wastage and corruption are so overpowering and widespread that people seem to be in a drunken stupor. 

And those who complain and protest and march either want to be at the feeding troughs, or were just yesterday at the feeding troughs, lapping up the rewards of protest.

And meanwhile life withers away.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Eid.

(A Caring and Concerned Human Being)


Miracles in the Qur’an

The Aayat in Surah Twa-Haa, "Alladhee A'twaa Kulla Shay-in Khalqwahu Thumma Hadaa" rings in my ears nonstop.

Meaning: God is the one who gave everything its existence, then showed it what to do and how to act.

And that other aayah: "Wa Lituswna'a Ala 'Ayinee."

Meaning: So you will be shaped, formed, crafted – manufactured as it were – right before my eyes.

Allahu Akbar!

What a perfect factory for the production of a perfect human being, like one of his senior Rasuls and prophets, Musa, Alaihis Salam, Allah chose – the household of one of his most inveterate enemies: Pharaoh!

If this is not I'jaz, if this is not a miracle, what is?

And if this is not the entire story of Islam – in every age and place – then what is it?

This is how God’s ever-watchful eye guides, protects, shepherds and steers those who love him and whom he loves, in the most difficult and dire situations and circumstances.

What a powerful message of hope it is for all those who choose to work for Allah in any age or place!

We can spend the rest of our lives just chanting those two aayats.


Allah Makes Sense

This thing hit me like a ton of bricks. It always has. Except that I did not for some reason really pay any serious attention to it. Or connect with it.

If something -- anything -- is from Allah, the maker and master of the world, it has to make sense. At least to the extent our poor powers to comprehend can cope with it.

So, if it is from Allah, chances are it will make sense. Even with all the limitations that surround our life.

Is that why Allah uses the expression Bayyinah and plural Bayyinaat in relation to the things he presents and points to? Meaning Clear Signs and Plain Evidence?

Just ask yourself this: How can it be otherwise?

If it is from Allah, it has got to make sense. How different this is from the way much of the rest of the world understands these things!

That is why the conclusion is inescapable, Islam is from Allah, the maker and master of the world.


Islam & Public Relations

It should be clear to those who understand Islam as well as, at the same time, the real world in which we live, that Islam is Public Relations at its most sublime and best and that Public Relations, done right and done the way it ought to be done, is often little more than an application of Islamic teachings and principles in practice -- in real-life situations.

In more than one way, there is barely any daylight between the two.


Islam Is Doing Public Relations for Allah

Public Relations at its best is sharing with people -- all people -- the gift of truth, and nothing but the truth, so that they all can be the best that they can be and live the best and most wonderful life on earth that they can live.

Public Relations is telling the whole world how loving God is, and how wonderful God's creation is, and how everyone everywhere must reciprocate God's love and turn to him in obedience and humility and surrender.

And doing it all using the best and nicest possible means and methods. And the cleanest and purest possible motives and intentions.

That is what Public Relations is at its best.

In that sense, God sent some of the best people on earth to do Public Relations for him. And he called them his Anbiyaa' and Rusul -- prophets and messengers -- Alaihim Assalam.

After the Prophets and Messengers stopped coming, it is now the role and duty of Muslims in every place and generation to do Public Relations for Allah, which, again, means going and telling everyone everywhere how loving Allah is, and how wonderful his creation is, and how it is now time for them to turn to him.

In every age and place, that is what it means to be a Muslim: Allah's Public Relations Professionals on Earth.


Remember Smile? Muslims Invented That Too!

Remember the fine art of smiling? Islam and Muslims invented that too!

And just like many other good things such as Democracy and Freedom that Islam and Muslims invented, that too has become more or less an American monopoly.

To paraphrase and extrapolate -- extend -- a Hadith: The least that should be expected of a Muslim is to smile when meeting a fellow-human being.

Wow, what an amazing system this Islam is. And, God Help Us, how far we Muslims have wandered off from it!


God Does Not Forget, Nor Is God's Decision Ever Late

God is God.

That means someone who is completely in command of every situation in creation. And that includes everything in everyone's life.

So, those who use expressions such as "Finally," when they are talking about something happening in this world, something that someone is doing, whether they themselves or someone else is doing it, what they are saying really is that God was late in doing things.

That God somehow forgot or missed his deadline.

God, however, is one who does not forget.

Nor does God ever delay anything.

Nor does God ever miss a deadline.

For, God is Time, and he is the maker and master of Time. God is not a creature of time like you and me and rest of the world.

So, next time you start saying glibly: "Finally," just beware!

I am not saying it is a mortal sin you are committing. Ask someone else about sins and stuff. All I am saying is, don't be surprised if the sky comes crashing down.

Be prepared for it, and if it happens then know who did it.  


Don't Let Muslims Drive You Away from Islam!

It may sound strange to many people, what I am saying here: Don't let Muslims drive you away from Islam!

But it is true.

What I am saying is: Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Muslims are basically people, like everyone else, whereas Islam is divine guidance for all.

As people, Muslims can often be flawed and imperfect. As a gift from God, Islam is perfect in every respect, as it must be.

Islam is what God gave the world to run the world by. It is, as it were, the world's Operating System at all levels.

Muslims are human beings just like all other human beings in this world.

As humans, Muslims have pretty much the same mix of characteristics and qualities as all others: good, bad and indifferent.

As a gift from God, Islam is humanity’s common heritage. Everyone has equal claim to its bounties and blessings.

As people, Muslims are contenders for God’s affections and for all the goodies this world has to offer.

Many of the special things the Muslims were taught by Islam fell by the wayside, even though many remain intact. Fourteen hundred years is a long time for anyone to wade through.

Many of the things Islam taught Muslims were so amazing and revolutionary that at least some of those things the rest of the world can’t even imagine or dream about.

But many of the other things are gone. And many others have atrophied and become attenuated – weak – with the passage of time.

So, for anyone, to judge Islam by looking at the present state of Muslims may be highly problematic, even though, for most people, it may be a perfectly natural thing to do.


Leadership in Islam

Leadership in Islam is part of prophethood.

As a result, leadership in Islam is somewhat different from leadership elsewhere.

In Islam, leadership is not sought or pursued. It is given or conferred freely by the People.

Key considerations are a person’s character, education, ability and skills, and not money, connections or power.

Qualified individuals are carefully sought out and then asked to accept the responsibility of leadership.

To make this work, Islam first builds an upright and honest society consisting of upright, honorable and intrepid citizens, who are driven more by a sense of duty and right and wrong and not by overarching personal ambition or greed.

Such sincere, honest and committed citizens then select the best individuals among them and offer them the role of leader. These selected individuals are then elected by the People in free, fair and transparent elections.

Once elected, these leaders are not beholden to party powerbrokers or to individuals and institutions with money and influence. They act freely, independently and fearlessly to do the right thing and to implement the will of the People in society and the world.

In this, they are heirs to God’s own chosen prophets, even though, unlike the prophets, they are chosen by the People in popular elections, and not directly appointed by God.

The four successors of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, were among such leaders. So was Umar bin Abdul Aziz, three decades or so later.

Such leaders walk in the path of the prophets. They often suffer greatly and make enormous personal sacrifices to serve the People, society and the entire human race, and, above all, God Almighty.

Islam came into the world to show humanity the path to this kind of noble, honest, incorruptible and selfless leadership.


Cutting Corners Is Not For Us

For those of us who say they work for Allah, cutting corners is not for us. For others it may or may not be, but for those of us working for Allah, it is not.

Therefore, every job we undertake, whether it is small or big, we must do it to the best of our ability. And with as much attention to detail as possible.

And with meticulous conformity to rules, to the extent we can.

We must not only do things right, we must, as much as possible, also appear to do things right. Because that is what Allah expects from us. And that is what the world would want from us.

We cannot afford to let down either one of them.

That is what we signed up for -- in Allah's book -- when we said we would work for Allah.


Refugee Islam

Sometimes, it is hard not to wonder poor Islam is a refugee from what all people.

For example, professional Mullahs whose main concern at times seems to be with guarding their own personal and professional interests than serving the true interests of Islam and Muslims.

And, for example, professional politicians, who seem to be more preoccupied with catering to their own professional ambition and personal greed than to advancing the cause of Islam and Muslims in society and in the world.

And, to mention a third example, new converts, some of whom refer to themselves as "reverts" and, having converted to Islam from their previous state of non-Islam, turn to professional preaching of Islam to gullible Muslims, rather than go out and preach to non-Muslims and invite them to come to Islam, just like they did.

And, to use yet another example, some Muslim rulers who use Islam as a means of distracting attention from their economic, social and political misdeeds and as a ruse to safeguard their own power, hereditary or otherwise.


Riding the Coattails

Those of us claiming to work for Allah, we cannot hope to get cheap publicity for our work by riding someone else's coattails.

Publicity for our work must come through our own hard work and through the expenditure of our own energy and resources.

If we want the world to know what we are doing, we must then do everything in our power to reach that world by knocking at every door and at every heart individually and by approaching every passerby personally.

And by sending out repeated e-mail messages to all those whose e-mail addresses we may have.

And by pressing into service such Social Media portals as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

And by crying before Allah at late night and in the early hours of morning for help and support.

How will our prayers be accepted if Allah finds us cheating and defrauding and taking other people's work from them without their permission?

As Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, says:

Fa-Annaa Yustajaabu Lahu?


"How do such people expect to have their prayers answered!"

The journey to Allah can be a long and arduous one. And it may require great sacrifices. Not the least our egos and pride.


The Right and Wrong Kind of Parties

When people invite people to a party with booze and boogey, people say yes with great alacrity: those you know and those you don't.

Or even for a simple community Cook-Out.

That is because there are all kinds of internal and external facilitators working to make that happen.

But when people invite people to come to a Qur'an Session, where God Almighty's word could be read and studied and understood, then many people tend to drag their feet. All of a sudden, all kinds of difficulties and excuses pop up along the way.

That is because there is a whole host of internal inhibitors and external pressures working to make things difficult for everyone involved, when the party pertains to God and his work.

The Devil and his multitudes, both human and Jinn, would rather you sleep the afternoon off than go and study the Qur'an with those who can help you to read and understand it better.

There is nothing the Devil and his minions want more than to stop you from ever getting close to God's Word on earth: the Noble Qur'an. 

However, the key to success in these situations is patience and perseverance. What the Qur'an calls Sabr.

As Allah says in the Qur'an: Success comes with patience.

Wa Tawaasau Bilhaqqi Wa Tawaasau Bis-Sabr, is how the Qur'an puts it.


Perils in the Path of Working for Allah

Even though we all live – hopefully – in free and democratic societies, and operate by democratic norms, Working for Allah means constantly dedicating and rededicating ourselves, with single-mindedness, to our Program, our Jama'at and our Leadership.

Failure or hesitation to do that is indicative of breakdown of mental discipline and spiritual commitment on the part of individuals.

And it is suggestive of lack of personal growth and progress in one’s journey to Allah.

They are all instances of problems, and possibly ongoing struggles, inside people, many of which could be summed up under the rubric of Nafs – selfishness and self-centeredness.

Such individuals generally have a tendency to be focused on themselves rather than on the Jama'at, the Program and the Leadership with which they are supposed to be working.

At that level, it is generally a problem of what is called Ikhlas and Iman.

Left unaddressed, these issues will come to the fore sooner or later, as the Jama’at continues to plod along in the pursuit of its goals.

And these individuals, unless they correct their attitudes in time, may turn out to be a problem to the Jama’at and the work down the road.


Qualifications for Doing Tafsir of Qur’an

Muslim or not, everyone is required to read and understand the Qur’an. But who should or should not explain the Qur’an to other people – do a Tafsir of the Qur’an, as it were – that is not open to everyone.

The only people who should embark on that most arduous and potentially treacherous journey are those who possess at least the following qualifications:

  1. Unimpeachable sincerity of purpose – Iman and Ikhlas.
  2. Deep and strong fear of Allah – Taqwa.
  3. Strong command of Arabic language.
  4. Strong grasp of Hadith literature.
  5. Sound knowledge of Tafsir literature.

The first two qualifications – Iman/Ikhlas and Taqwa – are open to anyone.

The last three – Arabic Language; Tafsir Literature; and Hadith Literature – are almost an exclusive prerogative of those who have been blessed with that kind of training, background and expertise.

All others simply must quote their sources as they do their talking and explaining – such as this or that book of Tafsir or Hadith or their own teachers and Shaikhs – whenever they undertake to offer Tafsir of any part of the Qur’an.

My own view is that no one should be told not to think their own thoughts; or to ask their own questions; or to express their own views, with regard anything in the Qur’an – an Aayat or something – even though the Salaf (our early leaders in the field such as Sahabah and later experts and great scholars of yore) had serious reservations on that score.

So, all would-be Tafsir-Doers in any part of the world, not the least in an enterprising place like the Caribbean, should think long and hard about what they do, and tread only gingerly and very, very thoughtfully on the path of doing Tafsir of the Qur’an.


One Thing that Should Make Everybody a Muslim:
Du'a – Asking Allah for Help and for What You Want and Need

Here is a simple fact: No one does it like the Muslims.

Don't believe me? Go, check it out.

I mean making Du'a the way the Muslims do. That is, asking God for help and for what one wants and needs.

How can the rest of the world compete with the Muslims on this front when the Muslims have a whole set of powerful choices and incentives going for them?

All given to them by God Almighty himself.

What options others do or do not have is up to them to tell us. But what the Muslims have open to them is clear as daylight.

And it is powerful stuff. Enough to put anyone over the edge to become Muslim.

I am providing below some of the options and incentives the Muslims have available to them.

If I were not a Muslim already, this alone will be a powerful enough argument for me to take a careful look at Islam as a life-choice for me.

Muslims, of course, are perhaps the worst people on earth in sharing some of these things with the rest of the world, even though they have been enjoined – ordered – by God to go tell everyone everywhere about Islam and about God.

  1. The divinely ordained and mandated five-times-a-day “Prayers” are just that – more than anything else: they are prayers and supplications.

    I don’t know who else has anything like that.

  2. Other than that, God commands all human beings in the Qur’an to make Du’a to him. Ud’oonee, he says, meaning “Call Me!”

    I don’t know who else has anything like that either.

  3. And then God says in the Qur’an that when people put through a call to him, he answers back; he responds; and he gives them of what they want.

    If others have things quite like that, at that level, I am not familiar with them.

  4. And then God says in the Qur’an that he is so close to everyone that he can hear and respond to the call and prayer of anyone who calls him, when and as they call him and pray to him.

    I don’t know who else has those kinds of assurances given to them.

  5. And then the Qur’an, using actual words of its own, teaches us what to ask God and how to do it – using what specific words.

  6. And I don’t think – to the best of my very limited knowledge of course – there is any other collection of Du’as (prayers) in the world like what the Qur’an offers, either in terms of quality or quantity.

    That is why I say this alone should push me to become a Muslim if I were not already one.

  7. And then there is the Hadith – the Du’as and supplications and prayers of the Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

    There is really nothing quite like them anywhere else in the world, either in quality or quantity.

  8. And then there are all the unlimited options that are open to individuals to pour out their hearts to their creator, without anyone else getting in the way, between them and him.

    How do you beat that?

That is why I say, if I knew nothing about Islam other than its amazing architecture of Du’as, prayers and supplications that is, that alone would drive me “post-haste” to check out Islam and embrace Islam.

Regardless of what else may be stopping or holding me back.


Making Du’a – Asking Allah for help and for what one wants and needs

Muslims, whenever they are making Du’a – asking Allah for help and for what they want and need – must, as much as possible, include in the list of the beneficiaries of their Du’a the following categories:

  1. All Muslim men and women.
  2. All Believing men and women.
  3. Their own communities and societies.
  4. Their leadership at all levels.

They must also ask constantly Allah to give them the best communities, the best societies and the best leadership in every way and at every level.


Give Them a Halal Alternative, If You Can!

People like singing and dancing and making music. Whether or not it is part of the human DNA I do not know.

But I am sure there are people in this world – those who specialize in research into the human genome – who may have some relevant insights in the matter.

What is also clear is that some people, in some parts of the world at least, are more deeply into these things than some others. People of some parts of South America, Africa and the Caribbean, for example, come to mind.

Drive through Europe and you cannot miss all the dances, music, feasts and festivities. And all the colorful costumes, and all the pageantry, that greet you at every turn.

Nor is China or India immune.

Throw in alcohol and sex into the mix and things very quickly get out of hand, as they do when the annual Carnival hits Brazil in South America or Trinidad in the West Indies.

So, those who say they are working for Allah cannot go through life saying “No! No! No!” all the time and to everything. They may need to start thinking in terms of alternatives.

They need to practice saying “Yes!” a few times.

They need to ask: What can we provide to people that will somehow touch their inner craving – if there indeed is such a craving deep down in people’s hearts and minds – for some rhythm and movement and joy – and, quite possibly, some exuberant abandon from time to time?

Post Second- and Third-Generation Muslims addressed those issues in all sorts of creative ways. They made music. They wrote devotional songs that sent people into ecstatic raptures and sent some, like Jelaluddin Rumi, literally dancing and prancing into the streets.

They drew and painted. And they created Calligraphy that dazzles beholders to this day.

Who do you think is making all those spectacular “Persian Carpets” all over the world to this day, with their explosive color combinations and breathtaking patterns?

Muslims of yore generated priceless and matchless colors and designs. All you need to do is to look at what is left of their marvelous color sense and creativity inside what the Christians will call the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Grand Mosque in Cordoba.

By the way, why doesn’t anyone call the Millennial Mosque in Cordoba the Grand Mosque? Muslims have no shortage of this and that “Grand” stuff – such as, for example, a Grand Mufti, just for starters.

But the point is this: Those who claim they are working for Allah, how are they going to approach this issue? The issue of people wanting a bit more excitement out of life than they are generally doled out by Card-Carrying Muslim preachers?

They should of course be careful not to do what the Christian Church has been doing fairly consistently: Trying to humor and accommodate people’s increasingly wilding and wandering tastes by diluting their own core beliefs, behavior and teachings.

Whether or not those teaching could withstand the test of changing times is a very different matter altogether. But their rush to mould the church and its teachings to fit the kaleidoscope of people’s rapidly changing demands – and at times aberrations and deviations – actually helped neither the people nor the Church.

So, Muslim preachers of God’s word – those who say they are working for Allah – must beware of these road hazards and they must learn to negotiate them very, very carefully.

I know how people like the Jama’at Islami, especially in a place like India, have forever dismissed the role of emotions in human life. To this day, if you listen carefully, you may be able to catch their leaders and would-be leaders muttering, with a knowing smile, things like: “Come, come, let us not be emotional now!”

And things to that effect.

But it is neither science nor Islam, to dismiss the world of human emotions in that summary and cavalier manner. We are not rabid behaviorists to whom “emotions and feelings” may be dirty words.

Ask any Advertising Executive – or just keep your eyes and ears open – and you would know what important role feelings and emotions play in human life. And in human decision making in general.

While I am still a believer in some kind of a modified Rational Man Theory, to me it is sheer madness to turn our back on the world of human emotions. It is, if you ask me, idiocy, not Islam.

It cannot be Islam, for, Islam fits human nature – every aspect of it – like a glove fits a hand.

And, from that point of view, emotions have no role in human life? What planet do you live on? And what human beings are you talking about?

Besides, Allah did not dismiss human cravings for beauty and joy in life as pathways to perdition. Instead, he reprimanded those who would want to impose that kind of dry and dead life on anyone.

Zeenatallah, the Glorious Qur’an calls it: Allah’s beauty.

So, my common call to all concerned is this: Without compromising your principles and practices, and without turning Haram into Halal, go find ways of providing people opportunities and avenues for fun, relaxation, entertainment – and just a tad bit of excitement.

And for experiencing and expressing joy and beauty.

I told Muslims of the Caribbean to claim Calypso – a highly creative and pungent form of local music, song and poetry – as their own and use it for Halal purposes.

I even discovered a very talented man once – on the road to Maracas Bay – and got him to demonstrate how that could be done.

No one took me up on that.

So, Muslims! Have some good, clean Halal fun and let your fellow-Muslims have some good, clean, Halal fun too.

For, that is what Islam is all about. It is about having good, clean Halal fun, right here in this world, and then thereafter, in the next world.

To me, it is all part of Fiddunya Hasanatan wa Fil-Aakhirati Hasanatan.

Fun in this world and fun in the next world.

Go check out the expression in the Most Glorious Qur’an: Wa Saqwaahum Rabbuhum Sharaaban Twahoora!

So, Twahoor is the critical element, people, not fun or “Sharab.”

So, go find some Twahoor, people, and dance to its tune.


Why Can't Muslims, Plain and Simple, Just Teach the World the Qur'an?

Just now, I finished looking at the report of a "Seminar" some Muslims did somewhere. It was a "Seminar" on the Qur'an -- with 250 people attending.

My thoughts were: Why can't Muslims leave their fancy seminars and such on the Qur'an alone for say the next 100 years?

And just concentrate, instead, on teaching everyone everywhere to read and understand the Qur'an.

How wonderful it will be if Muslims did just that one simple thing for the rest of their life!

And how beneficial it will be for them and for the rest of the world. 

(Dr. Firdaus)


Doing Damage to the Qur'an from Within

Those without Taharah -- being technically clean -- are not allowed to enter the Qur'an. Pure and simple.

That is God's law.

Laa Yamassuhoo Illal Mutahharoon.

No one shall touch the Qur'an except the ones who have been thoroughly cleansed.

Implication: No one shall be allowed to get inside the sanctuary of the Qur'an except those who meet the condition of complete cleanliness.

Tat-heer is the word. It means being subjected to thorough purification.

In today's world -- and by most standards -- Muslims are the ones who meet that requirement. They undertake formal ablution, what Muslims may call "Ritual Ablution" -- (Washing Up and also Bathing as required) before they approach the Qur'an.

So, Muslims are the ones with the clearance and the wherewithal to get inside the Qur'an.

It is anyone's guess what they will do to or with the Qur'an once they are inside.

And here is something all of us must remember. And make no mistake about it: What anyone attempts to do to and with the Qur'an is exactly what the Qur'an will do to and with that person -- multiplied by infinity.

My hands are shaking at the enormity of this thought as I try to write it down.

(Dr. Pasha: Inspired by a comment by Dr. Firdaus)


Finding a Pathway to God: Just What Are You Waiting For?

Allahu Akbar! What a glorious Deen this is. Everything about it proclaims, in the loudest and clearest terms, that it is not a human concoction, but it is entirely, and in every detail, of Divine Making.

Don’t demean and distort this Divine Gift in your hands by calling it a “Religion,” as practically every non-Muslim does, and as most English-speaking Muslims do – no matter how much anyone tells them not to do so.

This Deen of Islam is an entire Way of Life – for lack of a better expression or word combination –and Operating System that God Almighty fashioned to run his entire Creation by.

It is what you may call the manifestation and realization of God Almighty’s Will in the Universe.

That is what Islam is.

God proclaimed, loud and clear, that so far as he was concerned, there was only one Valid Way, of being and of doing things right and properly for all his Creation, and that was Islam.

He said in the Most Glorious Qur’an:

Innaddeena 'Indallahil Islam!

God Almighty, then, sent that Divine Way of Life down to earth to help human beings to teach and help them to shape and run their own earthly life.

And he sent that Divine Way of Life at the hands of his chosen prophets and messengers, may God bless them all, whom he sent to different People at different times and places.

These blessed divine prophets and messengers then preached, taught, practiced and modeled that Divine Way of Life for their followers and all others.

In every age and place, these blessed prophets and messengers of God showed their people – and the world at that time – how to practice and implement that Divine Way of Life in their own lives and in their societies and communities.

God Almighty, thereafter, sent down that same timeless and ageless Deen, in its most perfect and completed form, to the entire world, for all times to come, at the hands of his most beloved Final Prophet and Last Messenger, Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

“Today have I perfected for you your Deen,” he said. “And today have I completed my gifts and blessings upon you.”

His immortal words in the Most Glorious Qur’an read as follows:

Al-Youma Akmaltu Lakum Deenakaum,
Wa Atmamtu 'Alaikum Ni’amatee.

And, he said:

“And well-pleased am I today to proclaim Islam to be your Deen and your chosen Pathway of Life.”

His words in the Most Glorious Qur’an are:

Wa Radiytu Lakumul Islama Deena!

And the following words and expressions are an indelible part of that Islam – and that Qur’an – that God Almighty gave to the world:

Al-Muslimeena Wal Mislimaat Wal Mu'mineena Mu'minaat.

For anyone with an open mind and a true heart, these words alone should make them a Muslim. They should drag them, Willy-Nilly, to the doorstop of the Qur’an and into the embrace of Islam.

Let me, therefore, pose this very serious and straight question to those non-Muslims – and others – hunting for Heaven and for Truth in their hundred different ways:

“Are you even serious?

Or is this some kind of a game you seem to be playing?”

“Is this an Ego-Trip of some kind or is it a genuine, take-no-prisoners type of, search-to-the-finish for God and for God’s Truth and Guidance in your life and in the world?”

“Fourteen hundred years – fourteen long centuries – before the rest of the world woke up to any of it, here is a man, without any education or training of any kind, proclaiming in the loudest and clearest voice a most magnificent truth about not only “Those Men who submit to God,” but also about “Those Women who submit to God.”

“And that leaves you cold? And causes no stir in your breast or storm in your brain? I find it hard to believe?”

“And you say You Are Serious?”

“And then the same uneducated man, still sitting in the middle of that same most forbidding desert, far away from any of the known seats of civilization such as Rome, Persia, China or India, goes on to proclaim the same glorious truth, once again, about not only 'Believing Men’ but also about 'Believing Women?’”

“All in the same breath?”

“And that does nothing for you? And that means nothing to you?

I am sorry, but I just cannot believe it.”

Because, no matter how you look at it, for anyone who may be genuinely and seriously and sincerely looking for a Pathway to God Almighty, the following words alone should be enough to tell them where to go, and what to look for, and what pathway to follow:

"Al-Muslimeena Wal Muslimaat, Wal Mu'mineena Wal Mu'minaat."

Let me remind you:

These words are at least 1400 years old on the face of this earth. They are now – and forever shall remain – exactly as they came out of the blessed mouth of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, 14 centuries ago. 

Before that, these words were and are part of God Almighty's divine and most blessed speech in the timeless and eternal Qur'an.

So, maybe, it is time, and it is an added impetus, for all those looking for a Pathway to God and to Truth to do some serious soul searching and ask:

“How can I allow this to happen? How can I allow this most amazing miracle, and this greatest wonder of all wonders, to pass by me without taking a closer look at it?”

Says the Most Glorious Qur’an:

“God Almighty guides those who turn to him seriously and earnestly.”

Wa Yahdee Ilaihi Man Yuneeb!

And while you are at it, also please check out that entire Aayat: the rest of that most miraculous passage of the Qur’an. For, that is what an Aayat means: a Most Miraculous Thing.

And if even that does nothing for you, and if you cannot see how that Aayat is a living miracle in your own hands, then, may God have mercy on you.

And on all of us.



The List Is Already Up There on the Wall

Those who will come to God, as well as those who will run from him. Those who will go to Heaven as well as those who will rot in Hell. That List is already up there on the Wall of God's Universe.

Everyone reads it, every second, except human beings, from whose eyes it is shielded for the time being.

The hopeful thing is that God Almighty who prepared that List and put it up there has not yet closed the Book on those of us who are still living.

That means we still have a chance. And we still have a choice to make.

We still can run to him, rather than from him.

And, just as he says in the Qur'an, he also retains in his most powerful and benevolent hands the right and ability to erase from that list what he wants and to add to it what he wants.

As he says in the Qur'an:

Wa Yamhullahu Maa Yashaa-u Wa Yuthbit, Wa 'Indahu Ummul Kitab!

And that is what makes him God.

And who would want it any other way?


Draft Document

© 2013 Syed Husain Pasha

Dr. Pasha is an educator and scholar of exceptional 
talent, training and experience. He can be reached at DrSyedPasha [at] 
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