Quote-Unquote - Book V (401-500)

Mar 19, 2013


Allah and His Creation

Maybe this is how some Muslims earn their "Kafir" credentials. But what needs to be said must be said, regardless of how someone takes it.

The fact is that the Universe is lit up with Allah's light. Creation is the mirror in which Allah reflects himself.

So, those who hanker to see Allah in this world must look intently at the Universe that Allah created, and which then he caused to radiate with his own light.

Allahu Noorus Samaawaati wal Ard.

No, Allah does not incarnate. That is the error in which Christians and Hindus and others allowed themselves to be trapped.

Nor is any part or aspect of the universe an incarnation of God Almighty in any shape or form.

Instead, what the Universe does is mirror the most glorious attributes of Allah, in every detail, each and every one of them.

Consequently, those who investigate and study any aspect or part of the Universe will inevitably find God's face looking at them, no matter where they turn, provided they take into their search bodies, minds, hearts and souls that are pure, humble, honest, true and meticulously cleansed.


Qur'an and Hadith Is All You Have in This World

You do not, you cannot, see God in this world. But you see the Qur'an.

The Qur'an is all you have in your hands in this world. And the Qur'an is all you will ever see in this world.

Not God.

In other words, let me put it to you straight: The Qur'an is the closest you will ever come to seeing God in this world.

And that opportunity and that common blessing and Rahmat – to see the Qur'an; to hold the Qur'an in your hands; and to read and understand the Qur'an – is given to all in this world. People are limited or excluded only by their own will, ability and inclination.

So also, the Hadith is all you have in your hands. It is all you can see.

The Hadith is the closest you will ever come to seeing Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, in this world. Except of course in dreams, a boon and a privilege that is not granted to everyone.

Only very, very special people get to see Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, in their dreams.

But the Hadith is for all: to see; to hold in their hands; and to study and understand.

So, for everyone everywhere, while you cannot see God in this world, you see his speech in Qur’an, and everyone has been given full and direct access to it.

Just as we can no longer see Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, in flesh and blood in this world, everyone everywhere, has been given full and direct access to his life and legacy – his actual words and the most direct and unadulterated record of his actions – in the form of Hadith in a way that simply cannot be matched or paralleled.

So, you do not see God, but you see the Qur’an. And you do not see Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, but you see the Hadith.

Do we even begin to understand any of this? And do you think this entire thing has any equal anywhere?

And do you think any of this is a mere accident or coincidence?

And does all this not make Islam most self-evident?

And does all this not make Qur’an and Hadith the most compelling arguments for God?

And for Islam?


Islam Builds a Better World for All

Allah is Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem: the most loving, compassionate and merciful.

That is God’s first introduction of himself in the Qur’an: 1:2. That is Surah 1, Aayat 2.

Have you heard of a One-Two Punch? This is it. Left followed by Right, like lightening follows thunder, except that in this case – coming from Allah and involving Allah – both are Right.

Kiltaa Yadaahu Yameenataani.

A divine one-two punch for love – and mercy and compassion – from the maker of the world to the world he made.

Sent down at the hands of a man, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, whom he calls love and mercy: Rahmat.

For, when the Muslims – I am sorry I have to say "True" and “Real” Muslims – are done building a Better World, it will be, God Willing, a world that is the best for everyone.

And by that I mean every Jew, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, believer, nonbeliever, man, woman, child, bird, beast, plant and everything else on this earth.

For, it will reflect the kindness and compassion of a Rabb that is Rahmaanur Raheem and a Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, that is Rahmat.

The time has come for the world to feast on that Manna of Rahmat from Heaven – once again.

And that time is now.

And we, Bi-Idhnillahi, are the people to do it.

Waffaqanallahu Lima Yyuhibbu Wa Yardwa.

May Allah guide and help us to do and say what is right and true and good – for all of God’s creation.


Dr. Pasha to His Students

Here is a bit of general advice to you all. Not that you have to take it; or read it in the first place; or pay any attention to it once you read it.

Yet, all those caveats notwithstanding, here is the advice:

“Don’t obsess. Don’t let it go to your head. But, with regard to anything, if it is not the best, don’t touch it. Even though there is some merit to saying take whatever is out there and use it as basis to work your way forward.”


To Student Athletes in My Classes

Ladies & Gentlemen:

I see no difference between a classroom and a baseball field, or tennis or basketball court or a swimming pool.

Do you? I don’t. To me, they are all the same: places for toiling mightily – and excelling and winning.

If life is a sport, excellence is the name of the game.

And to me excellence is not an abstract idea, it is a concrete plan. It is about winning games and delivering results. It is about beating the odds.

Odds are the “enemy.” Beating them is what life – any sport – is all about.

Beating odds is what you go to college to prepare and get the training and skills for.

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