Quote-Unquote - Book VI (501-600)

Feb 12, 2014

This is a whole new methodology of public communication we believe we have developed and we are using for our purpose.

And that purpose is simple: To convey to people some precise points and make people think. 

And ask some meaningful questions.

Of course, on the broad and most inclusive subject -- what else? -- of Islam, Muslims and the World.


Qur'an Is Not an Excuse for Running Away from Working for Allah

Qur'an is the most valuable gift the world has been given by God Almighty.

Qur'an certainly is the most valuable possession Muslims have.

And the Hadith Sharif makes it clear that there is no better activity than learning and teaching the Qur'an.

And yet the Qur'an is not an excuse for running away and hiding from real life and its challenges and problems. 

And from Working for Allah.

Look at the life of Sayyidina Muhammad, Sallallahu Alahi wa Sallam.

His life was all action. Nonstop action.

And yet, was there then or ever, or is there now, anyone who read the Qur'an more? 

Or taught the Qur'an more?

So, those who are turning to the Qur'an and coming forward to read it, and it is a great blessing that they are doing so, they should not forget that reading the Qur'an is not a substitute for doing their daily and hourly duty of taking the Qur'an to every home and heart that needs it -- and which one does not?

And that is how Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alahi wa Sallam, spent his entire life:

Working all the time, and in every conceivable way, to take the Qur'an to every home and heart everywhere.

His workstation was the entire universe. Ask yourself what is yours.

Do not use Allah's book to hide from working nonstop to bring everyone else in Allah's world to Allah's book that Allah, out of his Rahmat and Mercy and Grace, has now placed in your hands.

Try and work to be worthy of that book.

And of that trust.

Read the Qur'an and you will know!


To Muslims, a Frank Question:
Are We Men Enough -- And Women Enough?

The question is this: 

This Eid

Eidul Fitr, 1435.

Are we men enough to do it?

And women enough?

To do what?

Get out on the Mall?

On the Day of Eid, and not a day or two later. 

And not after a week or two.

But on the very day of Eid.

And give out candy to the people you run into?

And tell them, as you do so, Eid Mubarak?

Are we men and women enough to do it?

I don't know what you would have done if you were a Muslim in Gaza?

Or in Egypt?

And I don't know why you are not there. But the fact is that you are not. 

You are somewhere else: safe, sound and secure.

In your air-conditioned comforts.

"Enjoying" Eid, as they say, with your families and friends.

Is that what people call "Fate"?

The fact that you are not on the Killing Fields of Gaza and the Torture Chambers of Egypt, but wherever you are -- safe and sound and comfortable.

Don't scientists and pseudo-scientists call this kind of thing "Chance"?

But being where we are, are we men enough and women enough to get out on the Mall on the Eid Day and give out candy and say Eid Mubarak to all the people we run into?

All the people who happen to walk into the Mall that day?

If this sounds to you as if I am challenging our Manhood -- and Womanhood -- and not our Deen or Iman, then you are right.

That is precisely what I am doing.

For, in the ultimate analysis, Islam is for Men and for Women who are real men and women. 

It is not for bums.


Eid On the Mall

For Eidul Fitr 1435, here is a suggestion for Muslims in America, Caribbean, Europe and around the world: This Eid, go out to the Malls and celebrate Eid in the Malls by giving out small gifts to whoever you meet, Muslim and non-Muslim.

And saying Eid Mubarak to them all.

Can you do that Muslims? Or do you have 15 excuses for not doing even that?


Certainly Not the Butler

Muslims -- many of them fairly good ones, at least so-called -- would like to take credit for what they speak, write and do. 

In general for all that they are and for all that they do. Many of them use important-sounding words like "accomplished" and "achieved" and "produced" and even "created" to produce and flaunt a list of all the things, events and activities they find themselves associated or identified with in this world. 

How little do they realize that this world has only one actor, only one doer of things, and it is not they! Pitiful, pathetic humans that they are -- the healthiest, strongest, toughest and the most resourceful ones among them.

And if there is praise to be claimed, or given, and there is plenty, that praise must be given, all of it, to the real actor, the real doer of things -- Fa'alul Limaa Yureed -- and not to all kinds of pretenders and wannabes.

And that praise must be free from the taint of Shirk

That is right, you may not know it, but there is Shirk in Alhamdulillah!

Like in so many other things that we say or do. Like in practically everything.

Your local Mullas can fight all they want over what is Little Shirk and what is Large Shirk. But to me Shirk is Shirk, period.

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