Quote-Unquote - Book VI (501-600)

Feb 12, 2014

Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, said:

"Go see a doctor, people!"

Or alternatively translated:

"Everybody: every time you get sick, go find a doctor and take medicine!"

His original words in his pure, pristine and inimitable Arabic are really not easy to translate in English. And here they are:

"Tadaawow Yaa 'Ibaadallah!"

And those words mean all that I said above -- and much, much more.

This is what I call the Ijaz of the Hadith Sharif -- the miraculous nature of the Hadith Sharif.

It is just like the Ijaz of the Qur'an.

Different in some important respects. Otherwise, it is part of the same continuum of miracles.


Following Lord's Law -- or Shari'ah -- in Sports and in Life

It is important for a sports team to realize the following, which is also exactly what every human being must realize:

Playing is about winning.

In Islam. And in life.

That is right. Always play to win. For, that is Islam.

I know, sports is supposed to be for fun; it is supposed to be in the name of sportsmanship; and, when it gets to the professional level, it is supposed to be all about money.

I am not denying any of that. In some ways, I have been a part of that all my life.

All I am doing is providing a perspective, if you will, that may help you to navigate the choppy channels of life with the light of Islam tightly strapped to your helmet.

It is God's promise that he will hand you a light that you will be able to use to walk on earth.

The Qur'an:

Wa Yaj'al Lakum Nooran Tamshoona Bihi!

So, keep in mind that playing is about winning. So, always, play to win.

And, of course, when you do that, you play to win I mean, you must always try to do it the right way.

That means following all the rules of Islam.

And, at the same time, respecting all the rules of honesty, integrity and good sportsmanship that human beings have pieced together over the years.

All that is part of what the Bible calls the Lord's Law.

And it is also what is known in Islam as the Shari'ah.


How Sick Can We All Get!

We are humans. Our specialty is we all get sick. 

Not that many of us are not sick to begin with: sick of mind; sick of soul; if not always sick of body parts.

But when God made an illness, he also created a cure. 

No matter what the ailment, there is always a remedy for it. It is just a matter of looking for it -- and finding it.

That is what the Hadith says. And what a beautiful Hadith it is -- like every Hadith that came out of the blessed mouth of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

And the worst and biggest disease of all? Alienation from God!

To live in God's house; to make use of God's things; and never even to bother to say "Thank You!" to God? No disease can be worse -- or more deadly -- than that!

And nothing catches up with you more quickly!


Islam Is Calling

The call of Islam is loud and clear and penetrating. It is God calling his flock to come home to him.

Everyone and everything hears it except the humans.

Humanity is lost and confused and helter skelter. 

And Muslims? Muslims couldn't care less. 

Muslims think they are going to Paradise. And they are busy building an earthly Paradise, right here in this world, converting this world into Paradise full of all the pleasures of the Next World. 

A practice run of sorts.

But the trouble is, they are not doing it for all. They are only doing it for themselves -- and what many of them call their children.

It is all about their children for them. Their own children -- and their own jobs and businesses and careers and homes. 

And the full of list is in the Qur'an.

Let everyone take care of his own. 

Muslims eat Halal Chicken and go to the mosque and do Islamic cookouts. And they are all happy doing that.

And the world of Allah, at the point of collapse? In utter confusion, chaos and "state of loss," as the Qur'an calls it? That is not their responsibility -- is it, really? 

And, frankly, they could not care less.

As for the Qur'an telling us that Muslims were created to save the world? 

Really? I never heard that before.

Does the Qur'an really say that?

Well, let me figure this out. I think I got it. How will I save the world if I cannot save myself and my own family? Huh? Did you ever think about that, Mr. Busybody?

As for me, that is what I am doing right now, get it? I am busy saving "myself and my family from the fire of Hell," as the Qur'an says. Doesn't the Qur'an say that?

Once I am done doing that, I am going to turn to other things and other people and start saving the world. How about that?

And all this time, Islam keeps calling. And the Qur'an keeps talking.

And God Almighty waits!


Islam Means This

Here is something simple and clear about Islam which most Muslims seem to miss: 

 "Islam means Working for Allah full time, period."

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