Quote-Unquote - Book VI (501-600)

Feb 12, 2014

And then recently we also pointed out -- the world never thought about it to the extent we know -- look, no matter how well you do your job, you are already 50 if not 100 years late.

Generations of people have died without ever hearing the name of God with their ears and without ever seeing a copy of the Qur'an with their eyes.

Who is responsible for that?

Naturally, most of us were not around then. But do we get the point I am making: We are playing catch-up with time. We are running after a fast-moving train to overtake it. How fast and how desperately do you think we must run?

So, our goal is education. 

And we are after waking up the whole world -- Muslim and non-Muslim parts of it -- to the terrible conditions in which we all live and calling on them to awake and change their condition. 

For, God Almighty will not change our condition unless we get up and decide to attend to it ourselves.

We are fortunate that Allah looks at our intentions and our efforts and not at the results, fruits and final outcomes of our actions. 

Otherwise our fish will really be fried. Or should I, out of deference to her majesty whose language everybody says English is, say our goose will truly be cooked?

So, that is who we are and that is what we are really after: Educating, waking up and changing the whole world. 

Nothing less.


Delay Has Consequences

Islam means one simple thing -- along with so many other things.

It means "Taking the Qur'an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It -- and Which One Does Not?"

And those who commit themselves to this goal may claim that they are "Working for Allah."

What these people need to do is to start appreciating the urgency -- if not immediacy -- of the situation they are in. 

That is, for every day, or hour, or minute they delay things and put off doing this -- I mean "Taking the Qur'an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It -- and Which One Does Not?" -- there is no telling how many of the roughly 8,000,000,000 (eight billion) people of the world they will be losing to their cause.

People, who, if these other people had gotten to them in time, that is a day or an hour or a minute earlier, might have leaped to their feet and said "Labbaik!" to their call and accepted and embraced the divine gift of the Qur'an that they were being offered.

But now, because of that delay of one day, one hour or one minute, who knows how many of them died without ever setting eyes on the Qur'an; without ever hearing the message of the Qur'an; and without ever being given the opportunity to say "Yes!" to their Creator.

And how many of them were plucked by Shaitan and locked up in his dungeons out of which they cannot escape.

This realization should give those "Working for Allah" a better appreciation of the absolute urgency that is involved 


Fifty Years Worth of Catching Up To Do

Those of us who think we are “Working for Allah” like to feel good. And every once in a while, every human being, rich or poor, good or bad, could do with a little bit of feeling good.

And from time to time we like to congratulate ourselves and say nice things about ourselves and about the work we do. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

We say, look how fast we are writing and producing Islamic Literature and how much of it in a fairly short time.

We even call ourselves “prolific” and would freely start throwing words like “gifted” around if modesty and a sense of shame did not leap to the rescue and stopped our tongue.

And we say look how fast we are printing and publishing and distributing Islamic Literature.

All these are wonderful things. May Allah accept them and grant them success.

Provided of course that what we are writing is first-rate material and not third-rate stuff.

And also hoping our printing, proofreading, editing, production and everything else of that kind is up to the best professional standards that we can manage.

That is because for one thing, writing and producing third-rate material is worse than not writing and printing anything.

But more importantly, Allah does not even look at stuff that is not the best of its kind. The Qur’an makes this perfectly clear.

And so does the Hadith.

And there is one more thing these good people – all those people who write and print and distribute Islamic Literature and undertake other related activities of that kind – may want to keep in mind.

This literature that they are writing and printing and distributing now should have been written and produced and made available to the world at least 50 if not 100 years earlier.

Allah of course does what he does, and he has own perfect timing for doing what he does. There is no denying or disputing that.

But at the same time, what is to tell that Muslims, by and large, by not making first-rate Islamic Literature in the English language available to the world 50 or even 100 years earlier may have lost several generations of potential Muslim converts – from both Muslim and non-Muslim backgrounds.

So, these wonderful folks have at least 50 years of catching up to do – if not a full 100 years worth.

That thought alone should keep them on their toes in case any of them thought of sitting down and taking some rest or lying down and resting their backs.

But still should they all feel good about what they do and about what they accomplish on a daily basis?

Absolutely! Not a doubt about it.

But the best way to feel good in a situation like this is to turn to Almighty Allah constantly; to break down and cry before him frequently; and to beg him to help us, and to bless and guide what we do, and to make it easy and enjoyable and fruitful for us – and for his world.

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