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Aug 11, 2016


Politics and Truth: Can the Twain Ever Meet?

November 9, 2016 AM. Wednesday.

The elections are over. What a night, Allahu Akbar!

And America won!


God Bless America!

And all your homes and lands too!

A voice that emerges out of the wilderness to verbalize the notions of Truth and Justice -- and mutters things about Restoring Honesty and Integrity to Government -- is referred to in the language of Islam as Haqq!

And Haqq -- Truth -- is God and an attribute of God.

And if more Muslim little boys stopped using Islam as a meal ticket, and if many more Muslims boldly leaped out of the pockets of their Priestly Pretenders, and learned to think for themselves, as Islam expects and wants them to do, they too will see this simple truth.

As simple as that.


Tension between Islam and Non-Islam

There is no balancing between Islam and Non-Islam.

In today's Digital World, if technology is made subordinate to Islam, and pressed into service as an instrument of Islam -- fully and entirely -- it is Islam. 

If, on the other hand, Islam is trimmed to fit the size and design of our own personal and preexisting technological bent, aptitude, needs, tools, desires and habits, it is Non-Islam.

It is that simple.

Now, let us all go and read that Hadith Sharif in Bukhari Sharif -- Hadith # 1:

Innamal A'maalu Binniyaat.


"It is really our intentions and motivations that 
drive, and determine the true worth and value of, our actions."


Why and What?

Our website -- I wish we could call it Allah's website -- is what it is. I am referring to www.Islamicsolutions.com.

There are a million ways of looking at it. But we look at it in one simple way. Every single word in that website is Haqq -- truth and nothing but the truth.

And there is another way as well. And that is, not just the facts or the data, but also the motivation behind every word in that website is also Haqq -- truth and nothing but the truth. 

Which in this case becomes "For Allah," and for no other reason, small or big.

Once this is clear in the minds of all concerned, it is no rocket science to figure out that our content trumps our form and style -- and appearance -- every time.

And that means, once certain barest minimum requirements of technology and form and appearance are met, our focus should entirely and always be on content.

On the "Islam" inside the pages and behind the technology of our website.

On learning it ourselves and teaching it to the rest of the world.

For, that is what we are after in this world: to teach ourselves, and to teach the rest of the world, Islam. And that is what we hope our website IslamicSolutions.Com is and becomes.

The world has all kinds of other great places to get its technology fix from. But it is Islam that we are most worried about.


Finding The Right Way to Greet Each Other -- and Also of Filling God's Earth with God's Blessings!

Humans greet each other in all kinds of ways. Even some animals seem to do it. Nose rubbing is one such way -- for both humans and animals.

And some ways humans use to greet each other are, naturally, more fancy -- should I say "cool" or should I say "awesome"? -- than some others.

The Brits, as usual, seem to have a lock on it. They proceed from an intricate matrix: Good Morning, Good Evening, Good Night, Good Day, Hello, and the rest.

And the Devil takes what is in between? Is that how it works?

But they don't tell you when one begins and the other ends, do they?

But the Qur'an does. And in all kinds of the fanciest ways -- and in some detail too. All you need to do is to read the Qur'an.

The Americans, so typical really, just say a sweeping "Hi" and move on -- at least in most cases.

But then research shows that Islam gave the world a fairly airtight and effective formula, not only to say Hi or Hello to each other, but also, at the same time, to fill each other's lives as well as Allah's earth with Allah's Blessings.

Correct me if I am wrong. But I suspect the going greeting formula among Sahaabah Kiraam was Assalamu Alaikum, and it was not Sabaah Noor or a variation thereof.

And this Divine Greeting has stood the test of time for a millennium and a half -- right here in this world. No matter how much Muslims and others may have tried to change it, and introduce all kinds of alternatives or shortcuts to it.

So, my question to modern-day Tech-Savvy Muslims is, hey People, is your Cell Phone or Hand-Held Gizmo the one that determines your ultimate speech patterns? 

So, depending on the APP you use, Allah will become "Al"?


Technology and Islam: The Twain Shall Never Part!

Human life is all about technology. And so is Islam.

It is all about learning to do what we do better -- and pressing into service the best tools for each task at hand.

But the difference in each situation, and on each occasion, is not Technology but Islam.

What won Badr, in the early stages of Islam, for a rag-tag band of 313 poorly armed and inadequately equipped Believers, against a formidable armed-to-the-teeth foe 1000 strong was not their Tech-Savvy and superior weaponry, but their Islam-Savvy and their superior commitment to Work for Allah.

And to sacrifice everything in their power and possession for that purpose, and for that cause.

Today, the story with our own IslamicSolutions.Com is no different. What we need, more than anything else, is Islam-Savvy and, maybe, just maybe, not so much Tech-Savvy.

And you get Islam-Savvy when Allah decides to give it to you. But one worldly sign of Allah's decision in Heaven is you moving heaven and earth, right here on earth, to work hard, and day and night, to acquire that Islam-Savvy.

When you put that goal before all else in your life, and Allah crowns your effort with his approval, then you acquire Islam-Savvy.

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