Quote-Unquote – Book XI (801-900)

Apr 14, 2017

Dr. Pasha on Islam, 
Muslims and the World

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time)



Seize the Moment,
And Move with Allah’s Light, Your Wonders to Perform [Quote – 900]

Every moment in your life is a wonder. If you did not get this simple fact, you never really lived.

And every breath you take is a miracle from God. If you don’t see that, you are really blind.

And your heart is constantly vibrating with the power of Allah to reflect his will in and through you. If you do not understand that, you may as well be a robot or a machine, and not really a human being.

And the light of Allah, while eternal and constant, strikes the prism of human hearts differently at different times. If you failed to catch that light in your heart, and let it illumine your life and the world around you, the clouds of darkness surrounding you and your world may never part.

And if you will not let Allah’s light bring clarity to your life, you may have virtually signed off on an eternity of stagnation and misery for yourself and for those over whom you may have influence.

In short, you may have chosen a life of hell on earth.

So, seize the moment, and move with Allah’s light and power, your wonders to perform.


Who, But a Most Merciful and Loving God? [Quote – 899]

Dr. Firdaus Kamalodeen

What an amazing concept it is: the concept of Working for Allah

More proof, as if we needed more proof, that this Islam could not have come from any human source whatsoever. 

I am very grateful to Allah for making me — and others — see and understand this over so many years. And for continuing to do so to this day. 

For my part, I believe I have been the chief beneficiary of this understanding. And life as we know it today makes so much more sense, as some would say, as a result of internalizing this concept. I shudder to think of the alternative. 

But knowing some thing and executing it are two very different things. 

And while deficiencies and limitations exist in my understanding, I am even more keenly aware of the deficiencies in my execution. I worry about this all the time.

But Allahu Akbar, how God Almighty helps us deal with this “obsession” too — an obsession that could be most debilitating if not addressed in a timely and effective manner. 

Allah bless Dr. Pasha for helping so many of us understand and deal with this very, very human weakness by repeatedly arguing that constantly lamenting our weaknesses and inaction does not take us anywhere. Nor was it really Islamic in essence and spirit.

Instead, Dr. Pasha never tired of arguing, we must learn to replace our sense of helplessness, and our inaction, with a positive spirit of enterprise, dispatch and action. And that means whatever action we are able to muster and manage at any point of time, in any particular place and with regard to any given situation. 

And that means each one of us just doing what we are able to do, such as we are. That is the critical construct: Such As We Are!

Again, that is a concept that could only come from a loving, kind, compassionate, merciful and most generous God!

Dr. Pasha draws our attention to a most amazing Aayat of the Qur’an — and which Aayat of the Qur’an is not most amazing? 

Faqra-oo Maa Tayassara Minal Qur’an. 

Dr. Pasha’s paraphrase of that Aayat Karimah:

“Just pick up a copy of the Qur’an and read whatever and 
however much you easily can.”

Who but Allah could offer a deal that generous to the human beings that he designed and created with so many weaknesses and infirmities.

So, now, rather than obsessing with things, and with my own deficiencies and failures, I try to channel whatever energy Allah gives me into doing what I can. 

Again, Allah bless Dr. Pasha for showing us these things.

But the truth is that doing Allah’s Work is indeed the remedy for all our problems and challenges. But perhaps chief among these problems and challenges is that either we don’t realize this or we forget it so often.


Working for Allah: 
A Working Definition – or Description! [Quote – 898]

When we say we all must be engaged in Working for Allah, here is some of what we mean:

It means our production and distribution of literature;
And our meetings and our Dhikr sessions;
And our service activities of all kinds;
And our aid and humanitarian projects;
And our time with the Qur’an;
And our time with the Hadith Sharif;
And our time and effort learning or teaching something;
And our outreach efforts;
And our activities to invite people to Allah;
And everything else that we do of that nature and type.


Worshiping Allah is Working for Allah. And Vice Versa! [Quote – 897]

What people call “Worshiping Allah” is pretty much the same thing that we call “Working for Allah.” 

And Vice Versa! That means “Working for Allah” is “Worshiping Allah.”

And that means they are both the same if you understand them. Even though they may be a bit different in some practical aspects and in some technicalities.


Reminding Us a Second Time:
Heavenly Virgins Come with a Sky-High Price [Quote – 896]

Jannat – what people call Paradise or Heaven – doesn’t come cheap or easy. There is a lot of toil, tears and heartache that goes into earning it.

All those virgins the mealy-mouths and the mercenaries in the media and elsewhere rave about in relation to Islam and Muslims, they come with an astronomical price tag: a clean mind; a pure heart; a chaste life; and a mouth that is not putrid with spewing hate, trash-talk and vile propaganda against those who cannot defend themselves.


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