When we invite people to join us, in what we call Working for Allah, in the West and around the world, this is why: Our work is forever. And it is from the Qur'an.

For, that is where the action is: the Qur'an!

Our work is not "Community-based." And it is not "Public Opinion-based."

Not because Community and Public Opinion are not important, but because Islam is even more important, as Islam both subsumes and transcends Community and Public Opinion.

That is because Islam is truth and it is reality based.

At the same time, Islam is rooted firmly in the Qur'an, just as Islam is also continually tested against the inevitable human and situational constraints that determine who we are and what we do in every age and place.

That is why our work so far has stood, Alhamdulillah, and it will forever, Inshallah, stand what is called the test of time.

For, that is the nature of Islam: It is above time and beyond space.