Qur’an: Key to World Peace

Jun 24, 2007


Qur’an: Key to World Peace

Dr. Pasha

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A Book Called Reading

How the world has changed!

Practically, everyone who is anyone in the world today is talking about that book – the book that we all know as the Qur’an.

The Qur’an is a book that holds in its divine words the key to world peace. It is a book that teaches human beings the eternal principles of mutual respect; honesty; and justice and equality, which are the required foundation for all peace and tranquility in the world.

It is a book that teaches – going back 14 centuries – that all human beings are created equal; that no one should abuse, exploit or oppress anyone; that all must fear God and love one another; that women have the same rights as men; and that tyranny and oppression in all forms and against anyone are the greatest crimes against humanity and the worst and most heinous sins against God.

Sins so terrible and wrongs so egregious that God does not even forgive them till they are first forgiven by those who were made the victims of abuse, aggression, oppression, exploitation, injustice and cruelty. 

This Qur’an is a book that warns the world against Zulm – a comprehensive concept that covers all forms of wrong, injustice, aggression, violence, cruelty and oppression perpetrated on anyone by anyone for any reason or using any pretext.

It is a book that promotes and promulgates the basic principles of “Islam,” a system of thought, belief and behavior whose very core is “Peace“: peace within yourself; peace with your fellow human beings; peace with God’s entire creation on earth; peace with God’s vast universe; and peace with God Almighty.

It is a book that teaches human beings to greet one another in the name of “Peace” and joy and felicity for all; that brings to them greetings of “Peace” and joy from God Almighty; that tells them that the very name of God is “Peace” – Assalaam; and that asks them to prepare for an eternal life in the next world whose essence is “Peace,” bliss, joy, felicity and everlasting contentment, pure and sublime.

Practical “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for Attaining Peace

This Qur’an is that book that shows human beings the actual “do’s” and “don’ts” for attaining peace and harmony in this world, saying people must say nice things to and about each other; avoid demonizing and maligning each other; eliminate mutual suspicion, prejudice and hate; and stay away from committing acts of aggression against one another, for, surely it is a recipe for violence and war.

It is a book that tells people to observe a sense of strict balance and proportionality even when they are defending themselves against aggression and violence committed by others. It is a book that tells its adherents not to abuse other people’s gods, and the things they hold dear and sacred, lest it should create conflict and provoke other people to abuse and insult God Almighty.

The Qur’an is a book that asks people to speak the truth at all times, for truth is a foundation for peace, at both micro and macro levels, while falsehood is a foundation for injustice, conflict and war among individuals, groups, nations and societies. It is a book that tells people to ward off evil with good, and stop meanness with kindness, for that may lead to better relations and mutual friendship among people.

It is a book that says that people must give others their due – whatever is owed to them; whatever is theirs by right; whatever is taken from them unfairly and unjustly; whatever they have been wrongfully deprived off and forced to give up through violence, fraud and deception – for that paves the road for mutual harmony, respect and coexistence. A book that defines good people as those who, when provoked by bad people, walk away from confrontations and conflict situations with a pronouncement of “Peace” on their lips.

Peace: The Default Option

This Qur’an is a book that makes peace the default option and preferred choice in all human affairs. A book that permits war, not to satisfy the runaway ambitions, the limitless greed and the insatiable lust for power and wealth of the princes, the potentates, the rich, the powerful, the corrupt, the crooked, the self-seeking politicians and the profiteers without conscience, but only as a means of last resort for purposes of legitimate self-defense and in the defense of the most moral and just causes and principles that affect the deepest well-being of all humanity.

It is a book that imposes, even in the heat of battle, the most stringent laws and requirements not to harm the women, the children, the aged, the infirm, the sick, the unarmed, the noncombatants, the civilians as well as the clerics, priests and the leaders of other religions and faiths.

All This Not Today or Yesterday, But 1400 Years Ago 

All this, not yesterday or today, or a mere hundred or two hundred years ago, but all of 1400 years ago!

In other words, this is the book that taught human beings the most civilized, just and fair laws of war before the rest of the world reluctantly and grudgingly woke up to them, more than 1000 years later, to enact the various Geneva Conventions, which it is only too willing to tear up and forget all about at the whimsiest of pretences.

So, where is the surprise if everyone everywhere today is talking about this book? For, every single one of the teachings and passages of this book has been a miracle for the past 14 centuries. And it is by following the teachings of this book that the world has found peace and by violating them that the world sinks into the abyss of war and violence.

That is why it is most timely and proper – and absolutely imperative – that at a time when violence and vitriol fill the world; when war drums roll down the horizons; when darkness and despair blanket the earth; and when poverty and hunger, dread and disease, confusion and chaos rule the lives of most of humanity, all of us need to take a few moments to read this book and become acquainted with its basic teachings.

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