Reacting to What We Read [Quote – 862]

Sep 17, 2017

Nobody can tell others what to think. Or how to react when they read one of our posts. But still, we all need to be educated and trained into how we should process information.

And how to react to the information we process.

As a result, when I write what I do, my expectation is people will read it. And then they will reflect on it. And then they will react to what they read.

And one way to react to what people read is to ask questions pertaining what they read. And to ask questions that arise from what they have just read.

And then, whenever possible, people should go and do further research into the topics addressed and the points raised in the posts that people read.

And thus they will be further educated and trained.

And that is why I write: to educate and train people.

Take an example: Recently, I wrote a note on three Indian Muslim Traitors who helped British Colonizers to conquer India from its Muslim rulers. 

Now, anyone who reads this note, and happens to be a Muslim, should be asking: Really? Goodness, me, I never knew that! Is that really what happened?

And then it would be perfectly natural for them to mutter to themselves: 

“That is sad. In fact, how shameful is that? I hope that sort of thing never happens again.”


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