Reading Qur'an around the World

Aug 24, 2012

Dr. Firdaus

It is not happening as yet, but one day Insha Allah, soon, very soon, there will be a continuum of reading of Allah's book, the Qur'an, across the world, a la Tawaaf around the Ka'abah, which only stops five times a day for Fard Salah.

But this unbroken reading of the Qur'an would be in every part of the inhabited world, Insha Allah, and not limited to any one particular geographic location.

The question is what are we all doing to make that happen?

Can we all start working on it right away, each person contributing their best to this most noble and urgent effort? The blessings for the individuals involved as well as for the entire world -- both Muslim and non-Muslim parts of it -- will be immeasurable.

(Dr. Firdaus)

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