Reading Qur’an for the Dead!

Oct 23, 2016

Reading Qur’an for the Dead!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It —
And which One Does Not?)

‘Alaa Mawutaakum!

“On your dead!”

“For your dead!”

These are the words of the Hadith Sharif. They are clear and self-evident.

But latter-day Muslims found room in those blessed and beautiful words for picking fights with one another.

The fact is, Muslims have a penchant for all kinds of futile and fruitless theological and jurisprudential disputes and fights. Just like the people before them.

The Jewish and Christian theologians of yore. 

But the issue is that Islam is not “theology” and, as a result, Islam does not need, and has no use, for “theologians.”

And those fights, many of them quite arcane, in turn gave rise to a self-perpetuating breed of pretenders to Islamic Priesthood and Punditry and Rabbanicism in a pure, prefect and self-evident system of Islam that has neither any need nor any room for priests of any kind or category.

Those fights and disputations aside, some of us, some years ago, set out, in this wilderness of the West, where Allah Almighty has given Muslims a new home, to teach each other the Qur’an.

And we did that with the focus on how to read the Qur’an in its original Arabic script, which is the only way the Qur’an should be read and recited.

And that means people should not try to read the Qur’an ‘in all kinds of non-Arabic — ‘Ajami — script such as Roman, Cyrillic, Devanagiri or something else.

And pretend it is Qur’an.

It is not and it can never be.

There is no earthly way you can read these non-Arabic – ‘Ajami – scripts and come anywhere close to reading the Qur’an. The pronunciations simply do not match.

And the resulting mispronunciations can work havoc with the sounds of words and their meaning.

So, the object for us was, at least in part, when the day comes for us to return to God and go back home, as it surely will come, there will be those among us, who will not only wash, bathe and bury us and read Janazah Salah on us, whether with the body present or in absentia, but will also read Allah’s Book, the Qur’an, on us – and for us.

On Us, For Us!

Make no mistake: That is the Hadith Sharif!

‘Alaa Mawutaakum!

And make collective and individual Du’a for our Maghfirah – for God Almighty to forgive our sins and to grant us reprieve.

How do we ever thank God Almighty enough for his blessing?

For, today, Alhamdulillah, that day seems to be upon us. 

That day is on us, not only in the sense that we are all on our return journey to God, and home, and our stations are fast approaching, one after the other, for every one of us, but also the unimaginable fact that God Almighty has now, through his boundless blessings and mercy and grace, produced among us a core group of individuals who, when the occasion calls, and the time arrives, are equipped to do precisely that: READ THE QUR’AN FOR AND OVER OUR DEAD!

And make individual and collective Du’a for our Maghfirat – forgiveness.

No one plans better for their departure from their present state of mortality to the coming state of immortality Allah has promised them and told them about.

No one buys a better or more comprehensive Death Insurance!

What else is there for anyone to say but: 

Al-Hamdu Lillahi Rabbil ‘Aalameen?

Allahumaj’al Haadhihil Kalimaatit Tayyibaatit Taahiraat Aakhira Da’waanaa Fee Haadihil Hayaatid Dunyaa wa Fil Aakhirah!

Wa Aakhiru Da’waahum Anil Hamdu Lillahi

Rabbil ‘Aalameen!


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