Real Business of the Muslim People

Jul 23, 2014

Real Business of the Muslim People

 Dr. Kamalodeen

What many Muslims often forget is that the real business of the Muslim People is making the world a better place: For All.

For all of God Almighty's creation, that is -- Muslim and non-Muslim; human and nonhuman; animate and inanimate!

Otherwise, when it comes to doing your Salaat -- performing "prayers," as Muslims and practically all others call it, that, according to the Hadith of Sayyidina Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, can be done almost anywhere in the world.

So, isn't it time Muslims started looking into their real business, rather than continue to put all their eggs, as it were, in the basket of raising funds and collecting money for yet another building for yet another new mosque?

Unless, of course, there is really a pressing and powerful need for such a new mosque -- yet another one.

And, also, isn't it time, Muslims also looked into what really goes on in the mosques they already have: daily; weekly; hourly; and all the other time?

What educational activities?

What social and cultural activities to teach and train the world -- Muslim and non-Muslim alike; young and old alike; male as well as female alike -- in true Islamic culture in the most wonderful lands of America, Canada, North, South and central America and around the world?

What activities to preach, present and project Islam, as it were, to all those -- Muslim as well as non-Muslim -- who are uninformed or misinformed or ill-informed about the most beautiful and pristine and perfect teachings of Islam?

So, think Muslims, as Dr. Pasha would say, think!


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