Red Wine and Heart Health! Proof, Proof, Proof, Even More Proof!

May 15, 2014

Red Wine and Heart Health!
Proof, Proof, Proof, Even More Proof!

Dr. Pasha

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Proof, proof, proof – more proof all the time! That is what we human beings crave. And that is basically who we are. Especially, the more educated and more enlightened ones among us.

We want proof. And more proof. Till we drop dead.

I have been there all my life. And what a miserable, painful life it has been from that point of view: Not knowing; and, at the same time, not being happy not knowing. 

Wanting, craving to know, and not being able to! What a life.

But then that is precisely what the Qur'an predicts – foretells?

Prophesizes, if you wish?

For, the Qur'an is full of prophesies, on practically everything. It is a book as much about the future as it is about the present and the past.

Because the Qur'an is THAT book, remember? It is Dhaalikal Kitaab – a book unlike any other book.

Other books are of human vintage. And, as a result, they are all creatures of space and time.

But this book – THAT book I mean – the Qur'an, now, THAT book is a very different story.

It is the speech of Rabbul Aalameen – this Qur’an. And as such it is free from any shackles or specificities of space or time.

And how can it be otherwise when it is Qawul of the creator and owner of space and time and not their slave like the rest of us – humans and other creations of God?

So, where is the surprise if the Qur'an is full of news from the past? And, at the same time, it is also full of information, analysis and insight on the present?

And, further, it is, at the same time, full of all kinds of prediction and ground preparation for the future?

Being what it is, divine speech, how could it be otherwise?

So, the Qur'an says that those who turn away from Allah's Dhikr – thinking of him, remembering him, talking about him, and working for him – those folks are going to have a "Miserable Life."

Hello! I know it – because I have been there!

We all need proof and we all want proof. That is what makes us human – especially the more enlightened ones among us – the so-called more skeptical, the more inquisitive and questioning type.

Or, if you ask me, in fulfillment of the prophesy of the Qur'an, the folks, like I have been for the longest time, who have a secret and inner miserable life, because they are in a mad dash in any direction other than God.

Instead of running TO God, as they may think, they have been in reality busy running AWAY from God.

So, the Qur'an's prophesy comes true with regard to them and they end up having a Miserable Life!

I love the words of the Qur'an and I love their translation: 

Ma'eeshatan Dankaa!

"A Miserable Life!"

What about the News Item now that says that Red Wine – Red Wine people, in the most beautiful bottles and goblets, Jannat preview would you say? – may not be all that heart-healthy, as touted before?

My question? What about it?

What about it indeed? What difference does it make?

Any more than the first discovery or finding – the positive one – made?

The Qur'an told us that and the other one both – didn't it? – right from Day One?

Didn't the Qur'an say that it was a very different kind of book? That it was THAT book, a book that was error-proof, and not THIS kind of book, a book of human crafting and concoction one of whose primary attributes is error and doubt and at times being little more than time-and-space-bound gobbledygook.

But the beautiful thing – unknown to most – is that the Qur'an is its own proof. That the Qur'an stands on its own authority and credibility. And it does not derive any legitimacy or weight on the basis of anyone’s Say-So.

That means God’s own testimony – his Shahaadat – in this matter, as in all matters, stands tall and irrefutable.

Shahidallah! says the Qur’an. Argument over, case closed.

Allah testifies” is, maybe, how you can translate it in English.

And then the Qur’an turns around and declares: “That should be enough of a testimony!

Wa Kafaa Billahi Shaheeda, says the Qur’an.

And then Allah asks: What do you all think? Isn’t Allah enough for you? Do you desire more?

And for those of you Educated and Civilized Folks, especially the University Type, coming from an ignoramus and country bumpkin like me, what do you think of this “Translation,” or, if you will, “explanation”?

“Isn’t that enough of a 'Sufficient Cause’ for my slaves?”

Does that mean Allah is the Necessary and Sufficient Cause of all things and of causes of all kinds and categories – and “proofs”? Don’t ask me, ask someone really educated.

I am so tempted to say ask Professor Dr. Richard Dawkins of Oxford, for example, who calls God a Blind Watchmaker, I think, right, but what do I know?

But I will not say that. The other bumbling, blundering, big-mouth wannabe junior Atheist, Christopher Hitchens is now dead, poor fellow.

So, ask the arch-atheist of our time Dawkins and his ilk who are still standing. Or, should I say, still kept alive by God?

What an irony that is! God-Deniers of all kind nourished, sustained and kept alive by God whose very existence they doubt and question!

So, people, the Qur’an is its own most irrefutable and time-and-space-conquering best proof.

What about Red Wine then?

Oh, the Qur’an said it – before there was time or space or people – as only the Qur’an can and does, and it said in two distinct parts.

Number one, the Qur’an said, sure, Feehimaa Manaafi’u Linnaas.

Meaning, yes, “There are some benefits in them for people.”

Number two, the Qur’an also said: Wa Ithmuhumaa Akbaru Min Naf’ihimaa

Meaning, their “sin” or negative outcome may overshadow any benefit that may flow from them.

Them”? The reference is to wine and its close cousin gambling. They both have some obvious benefits, but the harm flowing out of both of them, that is a very different story altogether.

So, when flawed human beings, wedded to science – and at times practicing pseudo-science and moved by little more than the profit motive – came up with studies saying: “Guess What, Red Wine Is Good for You, Your Heart That Is,” all they were doing, it would appear, was confirming this part of what the Qur’an had said all along: That Red Wine does have some benefits.

To them it was a mere hypothesis in need of testing and validation. But coming from God, it was already immutable reality. It was an incontrovertible fact.

And then now that some other studies seem to be out saying: “Guess What, Our Earlier Studies Were Just Another False Alarm,” and Red Wine may not be all that we thought it was, and it may not be all that good for you,” they are simply confirming the other part of that same Aayah that says:

Wa Ithmuhumaa Akbaru Min Naf’ihimaa – “Their sin outweighs their benefit.”

Is anyone listening?

People, you want more “proof”?


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