Reflecting on Coronavirus Rampage in India -- 
And Other Places [Quote – 1088]

May 3, 2021

These are tough times for the world. Practically every place is reeling under the impact of Coronavirus

But some places are hit harder than some others. What is needed is a proper and thorough professional and scientific analysis of the causes, the course, the solutions and outcomes with regard to each situation.

That is Islam 101.

After that, the application of relevant Aayaat -- and which Aayat is not relevant -- and Ahaadeeth is called for.

Judgments must also be made considering a range of correlations and questions. 

For example, is this whole Coronavirus Situation a punishment from Allah? The kind the Bible says, and the Qur'an confirms, Allah visited upon Pharaoh and his people.

Has this thing got any relationship with what some Western Nations did to Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan and other Muslim lands, over the past some years?

And does India's Particularly Dire Corona Situation have anything to do with the way the Fascist Janata Party of Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah locked up 10 million Muslims of Kashmir using an overwhelming and brutal military force of nearly one million for over a year?

There are no Yes-No Answers to these questions. But these questions are worth thinking and talking about. 

And Thinking is the first requirement that Islam imposes on people. 

Because it is through thinking that Life and Liberty advance in this world. 

And it is through Thinking, as Ibrahim, Alaihissalam, shows, that a human being is put on the Road to Finding God.

And where Thinking does not exist, Bondage and Backwardness overtake human life, and Superstition, Hearsay, Empty Gossip and Make-Believe become the norm.

And humans seriously limit their chances and opportunities of discovering God in their lives.


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