Respect Is Not What It Is All About:
It Is about Just You Doing What You Are Supposed To do! [Quote – 1077]

Dec 24, 2020

First of all, during these tough times brought on by the Plague of Coronavirus, sleep and rest are as important as ever, if not more so.

For servicing the basic HealthRestoration, Rehabilitation, and Rebuilding Needs of the Human Body.

So, if you wish, consider Sleep and Rest all forms of Ibaadah, if you understand them in proper context.

As for this strange concept "Respect," this is perhaps mostly an Ajami concept. And the Real Arabs -- Quraish, for example -- had no idea about it.

It basically boils down to Submission and Subservience of Self to Others. Either from the Heart

Or outwardly through Speech and Action.

No wonder the Qur'an doesn't seem to talk about it. Nor, to the extent I know, does the Hadith.

What the Qur'an and Hadith -- and Islam -- require is for every individual to:

(a) First, Understand what is going on.

(b) Second, Accept Individual and Personal Role and Responsibility in relation to what is going.

(c) Third, Decide on a Course of Action about what you can and want to do, embrace it, and stick with it. 

(d) Fourth, Make sure your Niyyat and your Intentions and Motivations are as Pure and perfect as possible. 

Which may come down waging a running battle with your Nafs every moment of your life, as someone recently put it.

Those are the things Islam seems to want. 

And those also seem to be the things Qur'an and Hadith talk about.

And that is also how Human Life on Earth moves forward. And does not get frozen in its tracks, which seems to be the broad function of this Ajami Thing Called "Respect."


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