Riding the Coattails [Quote - 390]

Those of us claiming to work for Allah, we cannot hope to get cheap publicity for our work by riding someone else's coattails.

Publicity for our work must come through our own hard work and through the expenditure of our own energy and resources.

If we want the world to know what we are doing, we must then do everything in our power to reach that world by knocking at every door and at every heart individually and by approaching every passerby personally.

And by sending out repeated e-mail messages to all those whose e-mail addresses we may have.

And by pressing into service such Social Media portals as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

And by crying before Allah at late night and in the early hours of morning for help and support.

How will our prayers be accepted if Allah finds us cheating and defrauding and taking other people's work from them without their permission?

As Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, says:

Fa-Annaa Yustajaabu Lahu?


"How do such people expect to have their prayers answered!"

The journey to Allah can be a long and arduous one. And it may require great sacrifices. Not the least our egos and pride.

(Dr. Pasha)