Running from God Even Now?
Will We Never Learn?

Mar 18, 2020


Running from God Even Now?
Will We Never Learn?

Hashim Mohammed

God is hardly mentioned in the discussion on the dreaded worldwide Coronavirus..

Normally, people, in times of distress, call on God for help and make all kinds of promises to change. While some do change, many revert back to their old behavior the moment they are out of trouble.

Human beings have made significant scientific progress. As a result, they feel safe and self-sufficient. Now, with this new virus pandemic, the world has capsized, and human beings seem helpless in coping with this situation.

A tiny virus, unseen by the naked eye, has caused the health and economic aspects of the world to be in chaos. Families are in grief due to deaths, and others are in fear as to what the future holds.

It is time for human beings to realize that they are not in control, but God is -- the Creator, the Sustainer and Master, who is the boss, and who is in total control of his creation all the time.

Muslims should use this opportunity to call their fellow human beings to the following:

- Acknowledge God Almighty, the one who is really in control now and always.

- Worship him and no one else, just like the Bible and the Qur'an both demand in the most clear and certain terms.

- Obey him over and above all others.

- Recognize Muhammad, upon whom be peace, as the final prophet of God.

- Recognize Islam as the true, final and the most complete way of God.

- Serve the rest of humanity with love and sincerity and devotion.

- Not be unjust to other groups, societies and nations, including those in Kashmir, Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, China and elsewhere.

- And finally know and understand that death is a sure thing, if not today then some other day in future, and that, once we are dead, we will be held accountable for all our actions, good as well as bad, in the hereafter.

May Allah help us to turn to him at least in this hour of great universal distress.

And may He also help us to be safe from this virus and from any and all other harmful things.


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