Running from God’s Bounty Hunters [Quote – 252]

Jan 12, 2011

“Here is what the Qur’an says. And it says it clearly and in multiple places.

God Almighty created human beings to serve him – to do his bidding: day and night; twenty-four seven, as they say. And he provided them with body, mind, health, wealth and resources of all kinds to enable them to do that. Wa lidhaalika khalaqahum, says God in the Qur’an: “That is why he created them.”

Now people – most people – have a tendency to turn that arrangement on its head. Many of the best of them operate as if the main purpose of their life is to make money and then to make merry. So they first serve themselves; their families; their jobs and employers; and everyone else. And then finally they try to find a few moments on a Sunday or a Friday or some other day to “Serve God,” as it were.

And then when things don’t go right, they run around asking everyone why things were not going right. It doesn’t occur to them they may be running from God’s Bounty Hunters.” (Dr. Pasha)

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