Saving a Rigged World [Quote - 916]

May 4, 2018

Hashim Mohammed

Anyone with eyes can see that this world is a rigged place. It is rigged by the few to the disadvantage of the many. 

As a result, many of the main aspects of our life in this world are also rigged: Education, Economics, Politics, Media and everything else, as the vast majority of human beings are fooled and lied to and manipulated to the advantage of a small group of privileged people.

The fact is that fairness, justice, equality, truth can all come in their true and full measure only from Allah -- God Almighty. And this world is becoming more and more alienated from Allah every day. The results are obvious in practically every aspect of our life.

Many of those who pass through this system, knowingly or unknowingly transfer this corrupt and rigged culture to the next generation. In politics, in economics, in education, in business, in life in general.

But as Muslims, especially as educators and as those Working for Allah, which basically means working for the welfare of all of humanity, we have a special responsibility on our shoulders. We have to try our best to make a difference and work ever harder to "Save this World and Make it a Better Place for All," as Dr. Pasha says.


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