Say the Right Thing [Quote - 455]

Jul 2, 2013

Maybe doing the right thing is not easy for all of us. But we must all make every effort we can to say the right thing at least.

To equate Morsi, Ikhwan and their opponents, and paint them all with the same brush, is certainly not the right thing to do.

Or the right thing to say.

In fact, it is a brazen and bald-faced lie.

To say Morsi was not open and inclusive in his government is a further extension of that black lie.

What is happening in Egypt right now is a vicious and orchestrated attempt, by enemies from both inside and outside the country, to squelch the Egyptian Revolution and nip the Islamic Initiative in the bud.

Not to know that simple fact is a monument to our naiveté. To ignore or whitewash it is to align ourselves with the enemies of Freedom and Islam everywhere.

What is going on in Egypt right now is the Uhud of our time. Due to some tragic errors in judgment, Muslims may have allowed the enemies of Islam and Freedom to break the noose around their neck. But the pendulum will undoubtedly swing back to Islam.

And as it does, Muslims may get bloodied, but Islam will emerge victorious.

As for the military, it belongs in one place, when it is not actually on the battlefield: in the barracks, awaiting further orders from the Civilian President, Dr. Morsi.

The present leadership of the military has already violated its oath of office by speaking out of turn and issuing an ultimatum to the legitimate Civilian Government of the Day.

As soon as the dust thins, the top echelons of the military, starting with General Abdal Fattah Sissi, should be replaced with a cadre more deeply trained in the mores of modern civilization, which requires unconditional subservience of the military to Civilian Rule.

Therefore, I ask all of us this: If we cannot dare do the right thing, either because we are too scared to do it, or because we do not understand what the right thing to do is, at least let us try and say the right thing – at least to the extent we think it is safe for us to do.


(Dr. Pasha)

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