Secret to Success in Islam: Zero-Error Rate [Quote – 605]

Sep 12, 2015

Whenever Muslims work to produce something, whatever it may be, they must endeavor to achieve an error rate that is as close to zero as possible.

Their work — in every field of human activity — must come as close to the standard set by Allah in the Qur’an — right at the outset: 

Laa Rayiba Feeh!


Zero Error!

Naturally, this applies to things that are directly from God: Like the Qur’an.

But what we errant and fallible human beings can and must do is to try to approximate that fine standard as closely as possible.

That is what makes Islam superior to everything else in the world. 

And that is also what will set human beings in general, and Muslims in particular, on a trajectory to excellence and success in the world — if they tried to follow it as best as they can.


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